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My mission  in Sierra Leone  was  very much  successful, I met  new  faces  and  again  learn  learn  several  things  in  life. In  fact  it’s  good  to  travel  and  learn  new technologies and  customs  of the  people . One of the contentions matters which became the center of my focus happened in the plantation of palm oil. It’s  been  a real struggle  in developing the  seeds  of palm trees, in  fact it had  been from  their  experience  that  the  seed  takes  one  full  year before germinating , something  that  really  perplexed me a lot. I asked  them what  fertilizer they had  been  using in germinating  the  seed  and  they told  me  that  they  had  been  using  the organic ones. So I had to introduce them to the use of our orgonite and see if the outcome can be different.

Another thing which I got from them was another complains in the same crop the palm oil. Weather they prepare them to what degree but the production is still low. They just become big bush with less production. I had  to  advise  them  on  the  right  fertilizer and  that  is  the  orgonite.  Since  the  palm  tree can  take  up to twenty  to thirty years then  we  resolved  that  orgonite  is  the  ideal  for  it  takes  many  in the  soil when  still  active.

The  coco-yam is  also  one  of  their cash  crop but  the  way  they do that  farming  is  of  a  low quality  and  my time  with them  made them  to at least  have a new  technique  that  will enable  them  to succeeds  and  progress . it’s true  that  I never  count  my  stay with them  to be  a loss but it’s  a great  success  and  the  result  I believe  will be  of  a high  quality.

It’s  my  pleasure that the real work that I did will  bear the fruits  that will remain, and  the  production will be realized by almost the eastern part of  the country.

On the fishing industry it’s really cumbersome for they have small lakes and dams but they get minimal harvest. Some  do happen because  of  lack  of moderns fishing  facility and others  happened because  of the  poor technology and  the  fertilizer they  had  been  using for  their  production. I was  then  forced  to organize  seminars  where  I had  to  reach certain  number of  fish farmers,  and  from that  it’s  my double  trust  of  the  good  improving in terms  of  production. In  fact currently  they  are  producing  small  and  unhealthy fish because  of the  poor  sea and  lake  food  for the  fish. They  fertilizer  they  are  using  cannot  promote  the  growth  of  water  alger which  is  the  best  fish  food. I know by conducting and  distributing  the  orgonite  all  will  work well  with the  them.

The few days  which  I took with them really I experienced a bigger climatic change, despite  the  fact that it’s the beginning of  their long  rain, they had never seen rainfall. The place was  so  dry but to my  surprise after my arrival  on the  second  day , it torrent rained something  which surprises  many  of  them. in fact  when  I was  explaining  to them  the  impact  of the  orgonite on the weather change they all agreed. Now  despite  her poor  roads  the  people  I  meet will help to propagate the orgonite  to the  nearby mountains and the whole mission will  hit  the  mark.

Another  thing  which  draw  my attention  in  that  nation  is  that  , the  war  together  with the  deadly  disease known  as the  menace  Ebola drastically  made  the  nation to drug back  economically  and  for that  matter  the nation  with  a  need  is  none  other  than  that country. It’s  my  desire  and  request  that  could  it  be  that  one  need  to see them  grow  can  exchange  with  God  directly. Their currency is very low 1$ goes with 7800 Le this gives everyone the economic standard of that nation. All these really made me to sympathize with then a lot.  I was  forced to leave  because  my  ticketed dictated  that,  it’s  true  I still  had  a lot  of  work to undertake .

Economically this nation is not stable, they use old model of farming use the fertilizers which could not improve their production at all, and they grow mostly the cassava, palm trees which only benefit the few who are economically stable. But the major of the country is living from hand to mouth. So my view is that, the country needs  more  concern so as to at  least  increase in  production  even  by2%.

It’s my prayer that God willing I go back there  again to accomplish  all  the works Which  God had  started  with  me. Its  also  my  new  revelation  that it’s not  time  to sit down  and  rest  but it’s  time  to rise  up and  do the  work. through  all  that  I saw opened my  mind  to know  why Christine had to die. In fact changes which Christine caused and more in the West African regions could not allow her to live longer. In fact the late Christine never enjoys anything by remaining in this world after the demise of her late husband.

I have  come to realize through  experience  that  Christine’s effort  will  have to follow her,  even  after  her  demise , all  her  good  work will  follow  her  and  her  legacy  will  remain. Her children  who are  still  back in age  and  even  in  education wise the  good  achievement of  her  mother  am  sure  will  have  to pave  for  them  the  way. It’s true that a good legacy will not go unrewarded.

Its  true  beyond  any  reasonable  doubt  that these  west  African region are  areas with  cults, plus  other practices of  witchcraft of which dealing with them directly the same way  Christine did could result to what  we  now experience. As per now am thinking to take her part  and visits areas in the west  where she left unfinished projects ,  and  am  fully  convinced that  all  is  going  to  effectively work  without  fear not intimidation from  such  evil practices. As now  I have  built  relationship  with  the  Sierra Leones which  will  be my  landing zone. I know  nothing  is  too  hard  that  I may  not  manage through  have  a full trust  upon  the  Lord. A message  that  I  can  send  to our sponsors both in  our  regions  and  beyond, we still  have  a long  way to go. Yes we  can  raise money  through the  sales  as  we  had  done , but  still  the  work  is still  much  that  needs  a joint effort  for  the redemption  of  such  regions. To me  I know  my  potential  am  going to do my  best to see everything  move in collaboration  with my friends  whom  I have just  made but  major  support  are  still  essential.

I also got an opportunity to reach and gift the Siwa River where the mining of the copper mineral is being done. In  fact  somebody  might  ask  us  why we  gift such  river  and  more  so where mining is taking place. It’s true  that  rivers  with  mineral  at  times  they  do  have some  harmful chemicals,  at times  the  miners also  use  some  toxic chemical  which  are  very detrimental  to human and fish life.  So when  we  gift  such  places we do dilute  the  effectiveness  of the  chemical and  in-return  retain their safety in sustaining  the  lives  of the reptiles living in  it.

Thanks  to the  people  who supported  my  mission,  in fact  all  the achievement in counted on  their  tireless achievement. Thanks  also  to  the  pioneer of the  orgonite  that’s Don and  his team, in  fact  they made  us to move bigger  distance .



4 thoughts on “Mission in Sierra Leon

  1. Don Croft

    Congratulations on another successful teaching trip, Chris! Some of our readers might not realize that you’re the first in the world who has been paid to travel to other countries to teach people about orgonite and this partly reflects how widely the reports on this website are being read by Africans, a significant number of whom have the means to sponsor such efforts.

    Several among the kikundi have traveled to other African countries to do this but most of those trips, including Christine’s visits to Chad, were entirely voluntary & often financed by donations from readers and contributors of EW in the West. The rather closed Nuba tribe (in Sudan and S Sudan) did compensate Christine with a very large donation after she had visited them and then taught teams of visiting Wanuba to make orgonite but that may have been an isolated, though impressive achievement.

    Two Ugandans were thrown into prison by UN troops, soon after they had arrived in Congo and began curing sick people with zappers but they escaped and made it back home, thankfully. If memory serves, you and another of the kikundi had also been to Congo and successfully taught farmers and fishermen about orgonite. I think it’s useful and encouraging to mention these things from time to time and I sure want you to always have credit for being the first international, professional teacher of orgonite field work, an historic achievement.

  2. Mrs. O

    Thanks Chris for the good work which you did in Sierra Leone, indeed its a heroic work. For now they need one who can stay with them to train them how to make the orgonite. And since its Chris whom they have known he is the one whom if possible could have frequent visit there to enable them know more about the orgonite . Mrs O

  3. Owuor Chris Post author

    Thanks a lot Don , for the encouraging comment. Its by the grace of God to have such trips sponsored by those people. I still believe that all that i initiated in those countries will bear fruits that will last and bring more changes.

  4. Owuor Chris Post author

    All the work which I did in Sierra Leon has a double impact, I got the report from one of the farmers that some of the bad weeds which had been affecting their rice farms had been reduced to zero. In fact from the report they are experiencing a big relief.
    Another good outcome which they also reported to me is the progress of the use of zapper. Really for a long time they had been suffering from Malaria as we know the country lies at the shores of the big Ocean, and also the nations has got small lakes. So such lakes provides a good breeding place for the mosquito, so the zappers had been doing a good work. Patients are now progressing after the use of zapper. Still waiting for the progress of the work in several areas.


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