“my business is that of every other good citizen – to uphold the law”

“My name is Sherlock Holmes,” said my companion. “Possibly it is familiar to you. In any case, my business is that of every other good citizen – to uphold the law. It seems to me that you have much to answer for.”

From “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1927





It’s July 2018, and the great, epochal positive changes that are currently underway at every level of our reality are increasing in speed and magnitude. And those changes include rapidly-dropping crime rates, all around the globe.

Since that statement directly refutes the efforts and mandates of the folks who are for this moment still in control of things on this planet, I’ve appended multiple recent news accounts below to support it.

There’s a strict news blackout in place on the subject, and that blackout is also global. It’s not that the crime drop isn’t being reported, but rather that assiduous efforts are being made to imply that the phenomenon is only a local one, driven by this new police program or that government effort. At all costs, the wider nature of the phenomenon is downplayed, because exposure of that fact would display that something at a very basic level is driving it. Almost as if it were “something in the air”.

The change is energetic, Etheric, so it is, in fact, “something in the air”.

The tiny but extremely, well, energetic cabal of genetically-related Death Worshippers who have ruled us from the shadows all the way back to Babylon and before have lost control of the game. And, while having the Media organs of the planet controlled in lockstep might seem impressive on some levels, just lying about something isn’t really that effective:

Violent crime is at historic lows in the USbut will the peace hold?

Trump claims crime in Germany is ‘way up,’ amid lowest rate in decades.”

Those don’t feel like game-changers to me.

Does this ring true to you?

Why Americans Are Afraid of Historically Low Crime Levels

Me, neither.

The  slow, steady, widespread and ever-increasing distribution of simple, inexpensive Orgonite devices is also global in scope. And that effort is breaking down, unknitting and transforming the Death-energy network patiently built and expanded for literally Millenia by the literal crime family of sociopaths I mentioned previously.

It’s something you don’t even have to be smarter than a fifth grader to figure out. Wait, I’m being too harsh, I mean seventh grader:

In the genes? Seventh grader says bloodlines of 42 of 43 U.S. Presidents link back to King John of England

Out of the mouths of babes, ah, mirth.

Most fortunately for us all, everyone’s awareness is rising – that seventh grader’s, mine, yours, and everyone else’s. And that awareness is rising in an exponential way. One, two, four, eight, sixteen…like that.

They call the Death Energy network their “Great Work of Ages”. There’s a fairly broad allusion to it in the 1995 film “Batman Forever”, where Jim Carrey’s Riddler character develops a device that can not only beam television into people’s brains, but also access their thoughts. I’d note that the Wikipedia summation of the movie’s plot only mentions beaming the TV in, and carefully excises the “reading your thoughts” part.

Eventually, and sooner than later, the general populace is going to “get wise” to the confidence game that has been run upon them, and larger and larger societal changes are going to take place to protect the wholly-credulous many from being fleeced by the sociopathic few, as they have been down through all the ages, up until right now.

It truly is a great time to be alive. Please spread the word, won’t you? And consider doing what you can to personally improve the energy of the planet.






July 19, 2016 – Why Americans Are Afraid of Historically Low Crime Levels


December 27, 2017 – Crime in New York City Plunges to a Level Not Seen Since the 1950s 


January 18, 2018 – Japan’s crime rate hits record low as number of thefts plummets


May 1, 2018 – Chicago killings and shootings drop for 14th consecutive month

Chicago’s decline in killings and shootings continued for the 14th consecutive month, according to crime figures released Tuesday.

It’s a remarkable drop in a city long plagued by gun violence. In April, there were 29% fewer shootings and 21% fewer killings — decreases authorities attribute to the hiring of more officers, stronger community policing efforts and investments in technology, such as gunshot detection systems and predictive crime software, to help deploy officers.


May 6, 2018 – Connecticut – Gov Malloy Announces Prison Population at Historic Lows


May 8, 2018 – New York – Overall Crime Continues to Drop in New York City Through April 2018

New York City experienced a continued reduction in index crime for April 2018, continuing the downward trend. There were 7,199 index crimes reported for April 2018, compared with 7,484 for April 2017, or -3.8%. This reduction in crime contributes to the 1,148 fewer overall index crimes year-to-date in New York City, compared with 2017, making the year-to-date reduction also -3.8%.


May 21, 2018 – Violent crime is at historic lows in the US — but will the peace hold?


June 2, 2018 – Chicago officials laud 15th consecutive month of declining gun violence

The city has had 52 fewer murders and 229 fewer shootings through the end of May — a 21% drop in both categories –– compared to the first five months of 2017, according to the Chicago Police Department.


June 12, 2018 – June Crime Remains at Historic Lows in America


June 18, 2018 – Jun 18, 2018 – Trump claims crime in Germany is ‘way up,’ amid lowest rate in decades.

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  1. Carlos Silva

    I realized I’d been duped by the confidence game myself after being impressed with the news of that colapsed overpass bridge in the US, sometime in the beggining of the year – I think the idea is still being sold of how the US infrastructure is falling apart. During my visit in April, every piece of infrastructure was well maintained and that was my personal experience in the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.


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