Harmonic Protectors Work!

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I wanted to share an interesting incident involving the HP I bought from Carol. First some background: I originally bought an HP for my wife to wear at work due to it being a high DOR environment. She’s been on the fence about it while I have worn it almost everyday since it came in the mail. She’s not one to sense subtle energy, or prone to strange occurrences. Usually that’s my forte. Yesterday, as I was getting ready to go and buy my weekly gallon of resin, the family and I were in the driveway when an unfamiliar car pulled in. A middle aged black lady got out and started to inquire if we had any cars for sale. She said she wanted to buy a car for her daughter, but for some reason I did not buy the story. For one, we don’t have anything with a for-sale sign..and two they are beat-up looking. Nothing that anyone would want to buy for their child, and she was driving a newish white Lexus. She did’nt need to buy our crappy cars. She commented on how beautiful my daughters were and I suggested she look into the garage at the end of the street and she left. Later that night, after watching the less than awesome 2012 remake of The Philadelphia Experiment, and explaining to my wife the underlying story and how it relates to the Montauk project and the popular show Stranger Things we went to bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow she commented on a strange repeating sound that she heard quite loudly but I could not hear. I should add that I have constant tinnitus in one ear from playing loud music for most of my life, but have still retained a very good sense of hearing. She felt as if it was coming from her pillow. After several minutes of her complaining about it (a whaaa….whaaa…whaaa kind of sound..) I asked her to hold her HP and the sound stopped and never returned.

This has never happened before and I instantly connected it to the strange visitor we had earlier in the day.
Regardless of what that Lady was up too, I was very happy to have the HP to hand to her last night. A big thanks to Carol for engineering this device. I will be buying another in the the near future.

10 thoughts on “Harmonic Protectors Work!

    1. Esther Bunny Brown

      I forgot this nearly: I carry my Harmonic Protector pendant in my right pocket, along with a floriform (flower-shaped) piece of orgonte in my left pocket.

      I’m not sure if there’s anything right or wrong with that; after all, I’m simply giving out what I do with my Harmonic Protector, even though I’m not sure about its current state.

    2. Jeff Miller

      Ah, I’d missed this one – I’d ask readers to note that this post does not make any sort of comment on the subject under discussion – “HP’s work!” – and then deliberately attempts to draw the reader away onto another line of discourse.

      I appreciate the post, as I believe that these sorts of dialogues are instructive to the readership on many levels.

      In just this one series of responses, you can see the continuous effort of the Operative, working in a systematic, formulaic way – a modus operandi long identified and exposed on this forum.

      Remember, parasites fear exposure above all else.

  1. Jeff Miller

    You are “not sure about its current state.”

    Which clearly reads as a barely-veiled implication that it’s lost it’s potency – the latter being one of the false gambits that’s been perpetrated against Orgonite for some time now on the controlled forums discussing the subject.

    Thanks for the post – I believe that this sort of dialogue is instructive to the readership on many levels.

      1. Jeff Miller

        The Harmonic Protector is a simple device, not an entity, so your new tack takes us off in a queasy, quasi-spiritual direction, and attempts to draw us away from the point I made in my first comment, which you took care to not address.

        Thanks for the post – I believe that this sort of dialogue is instructive to the readership on many levels.

  2. Morgonite

    Since posting this report my main computer has refused to turn on. This has never happened before and only serves to confirm my suspicions that the HP is some thing worth talking about. Thanks for the comment Jeff.

  3. Don Croft

    Thanks, folks–Carol developed the pendant in response to the sudden proliferation of death towers in late 2001 because she couldn’t go anywhere without feeling quite sick and none of the popular protective pendants were working around the new tower weaponry. She only decided to sell them after several months of testing by her and her psychic friends who also felt bludgeoned around the death towers.

    Esther, they’re specifically designed to be worn near the heart, which is where the energy outside of the personal energy field interacts with the energy inside the field. It’s only partly effective when it’s carried in a pocket.

    Thanks for pointing out that insidious, current ‘orgonite dies’ fear porn agenda, Jeff. Anyone who has tossed orgonite around death towers many years ago can easily see that it’s all still working just fine. Another campaign, apparently aimed at Carol, caused shallow people to be terrified of ‘winding coils the wrong way.’ This is a very marginal consideration and it’s impossible to do any harm with simple coils. The coils on Carol’s devices actually go both directions at once, no matter how they’re turned so even if that fear porn on YouTube had merit it wouldn’t apply in her case. The vast majority of people avoid discernment and accountability but, fortunately for EW, our readership is mainly made up of discerning and accountable people.

    It is possible to do some harm with a mobius coil that’s connected to a power/freq source but it’s easy to prevent that by either putting a boundary wire around the coil or wrapping the coil on a crystal. We’ve always suspected that some of the weaponry on the death towers are based on mobius coils. I was given the design in 1998 by Gentry Smith, who had gotten it from Patrick Flanagan when he was Flanagan’s assistant in an underground CIA research facility near Tucson. They were trying to weaponize dolphins at that facility and Smith had quit in disgust when he figured that out.

    Esther, it may be up to you to experiment with 18s and keep track of the results for reports. In this worldwide unorganization that’s how this works: if someone gets an idea it’s considered his/her responsibility to follow through with it 😎 . The old reports about that are archived, otherwise. Thanks for the reminder, though–we have a bunch of those out in the hangar, ready to deploy 😉

  4. Edu

    For the record, I’m familiar with the WAwaWAwaWaWA wavy sound. I hear it during heavier attacks and consider it a sign of electromagnetic weaponry aimed at me. Gifting the “cell” towers in the surrounding area greatly reduces the intensity of the noise.


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