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Recently someone close to us passed away and the death was accidental but not peaceful. I felt a need to go and gift the house where it happened.

The day the news came there was an urge to put an HHG inside the house. Felt that had to be done but knew it would be difficult.
Today I went there and the trip made for slow driving with lots of gear changes, which I like. There was a lot of people in their homes and yards busying about.
I walked around, took pictures of the landscape and dropped several TBs in the neighborhood. Looking at the house it felt there was no way I’d knock and bother the people there, whom I didn’t know. So I got in the car to leave.

I’m driving away and just past the house a man crosses to the middle of the street and asks me to stop. Two friends of his stand waiting on the nearest sidewalk, for support. I thought they had spotted one of the towerbusters and were going to ask me about it.
It turns out the man was from the house where it happened. He was very distressed because he thought I was from the newspapers and he already had problems with them the day before. Understandably, him and his wife just want to move on and forget about it. We talked a bit, I told him who I was and he became friendlier. Seeing his distress it occurred me to offer him an HHG, which he accepted.
In the end we exchanged numbers and he invited me to come visit another time.

Meeting this man unexpectedly and giving him the HHG was another example of the synchronicity involved when doing the work, which in this case was not “towerbusting” but still part of a larger healing effort.

Another aspect of helping someone who departed can be to send them heart energy, which we often call “boosting”. You can learn that at

For busting death towers it’s better to keep moving, of course. When you don’t do that you make it easier for anyone to follow you around. It’s not essencial but it helps to carry a succour punch too, which seems to block eletronic surveillance. Didn’t notice it in Portugal yet, but in the US we were followed several times and I got my water spiked, once.
I wasn’t concerned about this stuff today and fortunately got the locals’ attention.

2 thoughts on “Synchronicity

  1. silvio nocerino

    At the water tratment plant today there is a small passage which has a dirty soil, I dound that a block oc concrete that it could be used as a seat has a sort of inverted cross carved, an effect when you look from some meters away.
    Lie certain masks or carvings on buildings which they project an effect, altough if examined from close dinstance it seems they are not it.
    in a corner attached to a wall that partitions that aree to the gas station there was a man lying on the ground.
    I thought of himlike a hostage used as a warden. By the road there is a tombstone, either a accident or again another partisans from WWII.
    i know i have been giftin with some tbs in the past but i was interested to see what effect can produe to add more, especially because that is a water treatment plant for the river and the sewage, I thought it wuld be used for black magic o for nasty things, The parc on the other side in between the policie and the army never felt safe something to do with sex or dogs, dont mention drugs.
    After giftin a few tbs I was wondering, how many more I have to add in this neigbourood, uness this is a base.
    I passed from the point I started to gift where there is a claen water stream leaving the plant and going inside the underground river i ppresume, where there is a round about and the antenna of Niguarda is visible at about 100 mt. away. There were 2 pigeons theat felw away one i notices looked quite skinny and sick, Srange as the all populae o pigeons in town is fat and hevay like pigs. There are various passages on oot inside this parc, i saw a boy alone coming out from there i aked hime i f I could exit somewhere if had gone from his path he sayw no, it doesnt jon into the main road. Nothing wrong with that, only another detail about the character of this territory.

  2. Jeff Miller

    Carlos, thanks for that great post. Silvio, to me, your comment seems a bizarre non sequitur to Carlos’ uplifting, positive story. It doesn’t even reference Carlos’, in any way, and is loaded with negative wording and energy – “skinny and sick”, “fat and heavy like pigs”, “a man lying on the ground” – with the trigger-ey block capitals deployed at the end delivering yet another negative message. In this case, it confuses and frightens the reader, and leaves the author in charge, and dominating.

    For readers new to all this, watch for the use of block capitals in posts.

    In the Intelligence trade, comments like this are called “thread killers” – they change the subject, deliberately lead the reader away from where the positive poster was going.


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