‘Revelation of the Method’

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I’ve categorized this post as ‘pychic intel’ because it involves the etheric component of the corporate order’s practice of debilitating humanity.

In masonic literature, we see that the old agenda of disempowering a population involves several stages and, according to Michael Hoffman and some other reputable authors, we’re in the ‘Revelation of the Method’ stage.  This might explain the cacophony of fear porn on the web that includes quite a lot of information that exposes the parasites’ agenda in specific ways.  They evidently want everyone to know, now,  that they’re committing these crimes directly because they feel confident that we can’t do anything about it.   A century ago, they were still covering up their crimes because the public could have easily unseated them in those days.

For example, Captain Morgan exposed the criminality of freemasonry in the1840s and it triggered masses of ‘lodge brothers’ throughout America to quit that organization in horror and disgust.  Morgan was ritually murdered for that.  Lots of people are now exposing the criminality of the corporate world order but in most cases they’re not being killed or imprisoned for doing it. I always assumed it was because the corporate order is now too weak to do this, any more, but after reading Hoffman I can see that the enemy actually encourage a certain level of exposure.  Whistleblowers are still being killed for breaking their secrecy oaths but I think that’s in another category.  When a ‘whistleblower’ is not harmed I think you can assume that he/she is a fake one.

The enemy are, indeed, losing their control over humanity and the best evidence of that is published almost daily by our friend, Jeff Miller, right here in this blogsite. Another evidence is that they have to be especially circumspect in order to kill any of us.  A $35 zapper from Andy at ctbusters.com prevents anyone from being killed with poison or biowweaponry, for instance, and some timely help through the mail from Dr von Peters has prevented many of us around the world from dying or getting seriously sick from their exotic, rather skillful metal poisonings. Thanks to the latter, I have more vitality at age 69 than I did in my youth.   Some attentive and defensive driving prevents the criminal syndicate from murdering us on the streets and highways.

I ought to share the little caveat that Hoffman, like Miles Mathis, is rather cynical and prickly but remember that this has nothing to do with the empowering component of their work.  Each of us has a flat part on our wheel, after all, and there’s a peculiar joy that comes to each us when we’re genuinely tolerant of each other.



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