First Gifting Report….Plus a WeatherBall!

Hey all, Don invited me to add a report of my gifting so here I am!  I don’t have a phone/camera on me all the the time so getting pics of my achievements took some doing. On top of that for the first time in my 8 years of Mac ownership I got an error message that would not let the iPod I borrowed hook-up to the computer. Weird Eh?
So let’s start the show..first pic is of the sky’s above my house before my first pour last friday…

Fat, broken CT over my house pre-pour CT’s are rare here at my house these days….I took this as a sign to get to work and pour…

After the pour cured, we got into the Gift-mobile and headed out to hit some death-towers I had yet to get to near my house….

ugly but effective! Most of my pieces look better than this….I promise!

We (me and my two little girls) did three on this short run, and I only got pics of one…I’ll get better at the whole documentation thing while driving 🙂

Last night I found myself an hour south of my location buying something of CL and when looking at the map, saw that I was very close to the WeatherBall for ATL, so……

Weather ball post gifting

It was raining the entire time I drove south and took care of my business before heading to the gifting site…I also found this big-boy looming over a church right next to the Nexrad….and was greeted by a beautiful rainbow!

Tower with rainbow..after gifting…

I laid out some pieces i’d saved for a bigger target….jumbo muffins made with Shungite powder to color them black and aid in the clearing of the energy…

On the way home the sky seemed to put on a spectacular show out of gratitude..I caught what pics I could as I drove….

When I get the gremlins out of my machine and retrieve the pics of the other gifting run, I will get those up as well. It was a good weekend!

“Keep Calm and Pour On!”

Morganite Out!

1 thought on “First Gifting Report….Plus a WeatherBall!

  1. Don Croft

    Welcome, Joel, and thanks for the excellent photo evidence of your successful work! When you find spectacular Sylphs please remember to add those photos to our Sylph folder, along with a caption to tell the location, okay? The more useful images of Sylphs have blue sky behind them for proper contrast. I’ve got a pile of them on my phone but haven’t yet figured out how to get them past the hackers and into the folder. I did get them onto Instagram and faCIAbook, somehow, so that felt like progress. My iPhone and iCloud are supposed to get the photos onto my fairly-new Apple computer easily, right? I used to believe that the National Sphincter Agency didn’t also own Apple, along with Microsoft, until I read Miles Mathis’ exposé on Steve Jobs’ cynical fakery. These NSA troglodytes seem to be particularly aggressive in preventing me from posting good photos over the years. The upside is that it’s forced me to be more prosaic 😎 and, in spite of the parasitic order’s belief that we’re all stupid, terrorized cattle, accountable people (the significant minority, as opposed to the ‘moral majority’) still appreciate descriptive writing.

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