Carol Was Poisoned, Again

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I tried to find the post from a few weeks ago about a couple of feds in our home one night while I was away but I seem to have a form of ‘male refrigerator blindness’ when it comes to finding anything online 🙁 .

Carol’s got more courage (and appropriate aggression toward the criminal syndicate who govern humanity) than I do so I’m always amused when they attempt to directly intimidate her while I’m not present, as in the following example:

She was awakened in the middle of the night by noises downstairs and Ed, the cat, was anxious and active so she went downstairs, astrally, to see them and watched them walk around, spraying something from bottles.  That was about three weeks ago.

Two days ago she was vacuuming the entire house for the first time since before that event and in the middle of the night she became ill–diarrhea and vomiting, unable to even keep water down.  Those two sociopaths evidently sprayed a designer poison on the carpets.  That kept up through the following day and she wasn’t even able to get out of bed.  Dooney,  Stevo and I (and perhaps dear Hawthorn on the East Coast) boosted her around 7:30PM and she then got out of bed & asked me to go buy her a Coke.  She drank it and kept it down and this morning she’s fine, thank God.  Right now, she’s out watering the flowers, herbs and veggies.

The criminal syndicate seem to have stepped up their poisoning agenda, so remember to put a zapper on at the first hint of sickness symptoms, okay?  It will keep you from dying or getting seriously sick from the poison.   If you’ve become chronically sickened by the federal felons who police us, contact Dr von Peters to get cured through the mail:

Doc Stevo can also fix you but you’d need to be able to spend a few weeks in the vicinity of Stevensville, Montana: and insurance pays for his help.

5 thoughts on “Carol Was Poisoned, Again

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks, Patty. She bounced back, fortunately. We’ve been working so hard on our own healing and vitality in recent years (with plenty of informed help) that when the feds slam us, this way, the effects have become less and less severe. It’s amazing how we all find empowering info and tech in such a timely way when we pay more attention to our feelings (hunches) than to our brains 😎

  1. Don Croft Post author

    Yesterday, she had a scheduled colonic irrigation in Spokane and the operator said, ‘You’ve been poisoned!’ There was a lot of plaque in her colon, that time, and there had been no plaque, previously. Plaque is the body’s protection against poison in the intestinal tract. It sort of confirmed my hunch that the criminal syndicate had figured out a way to introduce a poisonous material that’s not acidic. Zappers neutralize typically acidic poisons with microcurrent, similar to the way ozone does it. If it had been a bioweapon or simple food poison she wouldn’t have suffered because she wears a zapper all the time, these days–ever since they murdered Chuck last summer.

    We’ll send our hair samples to Doc von Peters again, shortly. We’re doing this twice per year for the duration (until the metastatic cancer that refer to themselves as the federal gov’t is unseated). We’ll soon find out more about the nature of that poison, I think. Carol’s and Carmen’s Advanced Biofeedback program may also identify it, shortly. I’ll update.

    Thanks, again, for all the boosting! This always helps, significantly.

  2. mcode

    I think that she should take amounts of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil that is very very very effective for colon and the digestive system.

  3. Edward

    I hope Carol is and feeling better by now, and i also hope you guys are able to find out what they poisoned her with so that we can all be wary of it!


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