Non dejavu planet

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Egret is lovely bird from the family of the Haron. Alas the anagram is to regret which is number 86, anyway it aso correspond to honey and to walk. That was Saturday with 33.

Today would have been  a day like last year and probably next year, only that when I came back home I turn on the TV after news and had a chilling feeling.

Kids with pink t shirt, the slogan says that ‘family is where the hearth is. One moment after they show two young kids coloring with pastels the inside of the circle that is part of both the symbols of gender, that is a circle with cross and circle with arrow.

They had printed two pairs or the gender symbol, but the pairing was same sex, two males on one side and two females on the other side. Like when they sent that rocket in the space for the ETs to find us, it had the symbols of humanity, they only printed one instance each symbol, they didnt double it. As allso they did not double the planet hearth. ET would have been tricked not fair.

Definitively this was a non dejavu experience, so life is not a delusional dream,

25 06 2018 Planet Earth, Etheric Warriors forum.

Side note for the sake of truth searching, here is my new group that is much more manageable. only 6 numbers. And  am going to change my telephone number because I believe it make me obssed with counting numbers like a squirrell counting his hazelnuts, it is  3496887554. These you also did not expected it!

45 53 54 55 59 77



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