Ulgueira and Atalaias

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Went gifting on Sunday near my father’s place, to a couple of villages full of rich foreigners called Ulgueira and Atalaias. I’d never seen so many gated houses in such small space. The villages gave me a weird feeling, specially some of the houses and the area of the little church. I had prompts about underground stuff as well so will go back eventually – to study progress and pound EPs. Getting prompts about the local energy was very easy that day.

The one death tower was relatively loaded for such a small place and about 15 seconds after it was gifted, the wind started – a strong breeze which felt great and kept up. Great confirmation of release.

On the way out left an HHG near a house that gave me a weird feeling. Further down that dirt path was one of the gates to an enormous property. It had the word Keops spray painted on it. Some 15 minutes later while looking for a way back home, I look back and there was an eagle.

Went through some beautiful hiking trails, in a true gifting turism spirit. Must have walked some 4 and half hours, up and down those hills ahah! Regifted a couple of death towers on the way, too. I’m happy to get to know this area in such a way. Further than this and I’ll take the car, though.

There was some brown smog some distance away, in an area with antennas which I believe are still ungifted. A target for later.

4 thoughts on “Ulgueira and Atalaias

  1. Edu

    If one takes a careful look at the “KEOPS” photo, it’s possible to see the form of a big pair of eyes, two nostrils and a white space that looks like a smiling mouth, forming a smiling face. Look at the darker green tree, over the center of the gate, slightly to the left.

    I’m familiar to the strong breeze while gifting, it usually start just after a target is gifted and remains for a few minutes. Like some pressure is suddenly released and the atmosphere is being refreshed. Until a new balance point is reached.

  2. Jeff Miller

    Carlos, thanks for the magnificent, concise report – Jeff thinks “Keops”, Cheops, Set-worshipper insider graffiti, territory marking.


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