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I was looking up at Jack Parsons scientist inventor and find out that the laboraties are actually a base, he was connected with Hubbard of Scientology. A few tram stops from  down the road is a massive HQ . Apparently on this forum called why weprotest they had been on the case. this page is from 2009, so this is not a return to forever project it is a rather the full steam ahead of the crippled EW gifters.

This is the list and images of hqs only for Italy,


Now this is a good summer project, beside that DB youngest son is incerated in a rehab next door to Jack Parson labs and devils gate dam.

Itersting that the name Parsons in Italian would be translated as Persons, personas.  A trigger word.


Is Scientology MKultra? Get cosy, get cosy and relax.. let it go.. dont be tense…

I gifted in this park before the arrival o Scientology, the building was vacant but was originally owned by Phillips Eletronics. There’s always been a sort o scrapyard  at the road side, when you look at the aerial you realise is a ‘posticcio’ there are no sign of work done in there, it’s a extra space. I did some when the pope Ratsinger came some years ago, and gathered in the nearby parc of Bresso where there is a small airfield.  under the park there are tunnels that had been built to make train go under and avoid being bombarded. I never Ep the park, I gifted the ponds and bureied some tbs here and there all over. Also because there are some antennas on rooftoops in the area.

Now I added about 3 dozens of tbs, some in water some buried and some courtsy of the large poles that hold the park plan inside them, I hope they can act as EPs or as chem busters.

This morining after the bulk of giftin, there were some birds, but suddenly there was a pigeon coming fast  from the left and turning atound the hill. I went to look down and saw a Indian guy walking on a path he had a pink shirt. After a while a Indian man also arrived directly on the hill from another direction he was wearing the ordinary dress of indians, with a long shirt outside that cover the trousers he was clean and combed his dress was like light chestnut color. I was WTF is this, two youn students reviewing economic exam and talking they felt the only normal presence (tru?).. A classroom with youn pupils had climbed the hill and went inside the park behind the hill, suddeny after a short while also two horses arrived on the top of the hilll with two police man they saind ‘thanks’, one man wanted to take a photo ‘one said sorry we cant go back’.

Yesterday there was a white cloud only above the building, this morning when  I returned there wasnt. i went again in the late afternoon to add more tbs in the poles. I fell that orgone is doing work well. There were men and a lady not so young of for appearance, i think they put somebody on the tram as well, one guy was like talking on his phone and had the the characteristic of saying things like it could be my personal mood.

There is no photos of them crew, there would be photos later about other work done.

This is the sky above the Scientology.

19 June sky

20 June sky



4 thoughts on “Scientology from Anonymous

  1. Edward

    From listening to people that have come out of scientology, i would certainly say that they absolutely use mk-ultra style programming.

  2. silvio nocerino

    Yesterday they were the only place in the area with a white sky over them it indicates that there is a base under there.
    After the the gifting the sky has become iike other parts, I havent used EPs yet, used some poles and the rest buried or in water strams or ponds. I’d put HHG’s too.
    Need to check back, they must have some seminar or coourse going on , all their car park was full at east a hundred cars, and not counting bikes, They have watched, altought i think them guys are part timers and they are put to sleep early at night.
    i ll post some photos.

  3. Cyclingflinger

    Ace gifting Silvio!

    I have an extra target in Brussels now. 😉 The church of Babalon for Europe. Although it has to mingle with older underground structures.

    Realizing now what the Alan Parsons project was all about, thanks.



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