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When the EW forum was traumatically destroyed and the life Chuck sacriiced, was June year, one year later in 2018 another EW orgonite gifter has been sacriiced.

Text and and images and the experience, real life esperience, testimony with dates, proof, recounts, discussions, research, all sort of contribution, spirit and blessings, all was made to disappear.

What hit the most is the obfuscation and oblviiovion of memory, its a key factor because memory can recall which can also recall records, receipts, diaries, reunions, chats, can recall objects.

Both photos text and photos cbuilds archives and the archives are difficult to counterfait.

It is possible to made up a document or a photo, not the mounting uup to the sky, the archives can not be faked.

A relevant place for the world is that technology is weaponised and is used as per normal to modiy the perceprions, and the destiny o individuals and o collectivity, be used to implant fake memory, hypnosis. This is aso a trauma experience that put the person in a need for a loop beheaviour. But memory helps to demonstrate tha things changed, otherwise when memory is lost there is a loss o purpose and ssense of self determination and scope.

AL BIELEK, we have to study Al Bielek, time travel, parallel reaity, Philadelpia Experiment.

As a practical example, today I visited a shop keeper that is a friend, he hosts orgonite in his shop and a some info is available, a leafleat and the link to webiste lie the one from Vittorio of  I told him that becuase of the antennas and mass of power in its area the orgonite really produces on of the best sky spot for the city of Milan. I made him look in other directions and it was possible to see th edifference. I also pointed out that another good spot for the clear sky is where there is the State TV Rai which is located in Corso Sempione, I told him that I buroed more orgonite there last year and it had become thea way, (I would add even more no probs).

I tried to refresh the subject and he made some techical descriptions about various type of waves he knew from his days of school probably since he was actually a IT engeneer.

I tried to refresh his brain with talking again about hings said before since the one year I know him, which almost when his business was inaugurated, so thanks to that location we exploit  the antennas to clear and depollute.

I always try to have peopl to say some type of report, how things are and how they were, to assess what is going on.

Suddenly two  women talking in English asked questions about waht spices are to used for cooking meet. When they went I told him if he remember that this had happened exactlly the same way, with the same women before. I told him I only know you for one year, can you try to remember, this is identical to something happened before.  Also a woman with a nice bottom was visible in the same spot that was seen before.

Comparing to the previous time I remember I said that there are nor even G5 antennas etc, he also said things that were additions to previous episodes.

At the same time after the two ladies left, I could feel the effect of some electronic spying on our brains, I was implanted mentall feelling like rememberig my previous boss at work, whom by the way I saw a look alike walking toward me fast inside the the underpass o the Greco Pirelli Station of Milan, it happened two days ago. So it wa an alter elextronically inplated,  The best resource in this scenario is to stick what we feel is truth, more that what is ‘true’. I think the devices was based on some of the wifi installed in the shop. The momory also brings various feelings, and iI think depression was also artificially implanted, delusion, shame, sense of failure.

I have take a photo camera with me and took various during my journey to th shop. Now as I left the shop I found outher replica of events, one was a voice of a man sayin ‘I am a unique phenomenon’, only that probably he used a electronic device.

How comes if the world around us changes, we relive identically thhe same episods, this can only occour because we live in a controlled environment, and it is sign of the lack of real freedom, the intrusion is unsolicited and it is a bullying and sadistic experiment.

It is obvious that when I carry a photocamera and shoot these circumstances tend to change. What for me is the the power of documenting our experience is that we can talk to others and aldo invite them to rememebr to make an effort to see this artificially constructed world.

After this article is published, and archived there would be a real historic document, and it challenges the same event to be repeated that way, clearly when the dpcuments is viewed and made public. Something that woould not be so easy to acheive without the internet.

I have to add that i use numbers of the lotto in Italy as a testimony for events, this also is additional proof o event happned in a specific condition and time.

When Chirstine died these numbers where present that day in the 3 main wheels, those used by the Italian media and pubblicity to divulge philantropically the lotto numbers to happend, for those that can intend them.

battery and zapper 59

9 volts 9

dead person 47

to sell 15

blood 18.

Don Croft yesterday posted he is 69 and that number was in the lotto, he also said he needs to hurry up and to learn a language, would update you.

With a reporte like this I think it becomes unique and has proof on various sides.

It might be like I recentrly think that we maybe dream the same tihng, and then later lived, but I am not yet conviced, I think Al Bilelek and the Philadelphia aExperiment and time travel could he some sort of useful contribution for the research. i bet sombody know the truth, only it would be sad if that was Mick

The destiny for Christine was absurd, and also for Chcuck, it is not posible that happens again.

Some more numbers that I am meditating at the moment they regard the calendar and the number 33.


year 2018 -33 = year 1985


2019-33 = 86

2020-33 = 87

2021-33 = 88

2022-33 = 89

2023-33 = 90

90 is the last number used in the lotto. Panic ?

Photos of the sky with dates coming up in a sec, thanks


2012 to 2015

and now 2018 water level is raised

A castle


Here is another with the red sky and another,

The sewage and water tratment plan is on the right side of the houses. Dirty water = dirty magic.

Absurd there is a man hiding there lyng on the ground in the most sickening and stinking place, what is the rethoric in that. It was good to gift and it would take more not even counting, the vision helps. And thanks to the spewplane it allows a print o the DOR and the POR.

We are looking NW toward the highest peaks of the alps.

Remember still how punching a hole in the blue looks like!

Chemtrails since noon this is the sunset.



8 thoughts on “Sky photos memory

  1. Silvio Post author

    AL BIELEK, we have to study Al Bielek, time travel, parallel reaity, Philadelpia Experiment.

  2. Silvio Post author

    11 45 55 54 53 59 74 83 89 90

    11 45 55 54 53 59 74 80 83 89

    Hi Ed, thanks as you mention space ships I learned something about space today.
    It is also true that it is not always easy to tell one from the other for a reason that shylps can disguise and be very similar to variious types o clouds.
    During gifting it is very nice to see them and they show where work is getting done, but I noticed that orgonite also produces clouds, and they also have really nice feeling about them, I photographed small clouds forming above gifted sites that are not even antennas, such as for example castles or churches,, in Santa Giulia near Bergamo a site that is close to where thera was the revelation of the Madonna in Bonate, in May 1944 to the 7 yrs old girl Adele Roncalli, that little girl the apparitions were not accepted andthe girl was taken away by the priests and closed up with nuns, altough there is a suspicion that the priest molested her, she was foreced to declare that her vision accounts were made up stories. Note that even she was only allucinating or being hypnotised by some nazi doctor they should not her made culprit, what she said was what she had experience and that was bona fide. But there are some that saiyng that many phenomenons were happening also in the sky as well as miracle healing among the tenths of thousands people of the crowd arrived there. The Vatican to this day do not recognise the cult of the Madonna delle Ghiaie, it seems that Padre Pio did recognise them.
    For space crafts I have was sure to have seen a group of flying ognjects at night and there was clusters of them they look like stars and arrive from the North it was when the Milan Expo was being prepared, I think in the same days there was a delegation of business and investors arriving from China and Asia here in Milan. I thought later that they were transporting. I was able to see them thanks to the hol in the clouds above my house that night.

    I suffered from being positioned with a balcony over the roads, as there were daily inflluences from the voices that come from the road and from the bar where I receive a negativity and this happens also the nights when al the lights are offf, there are still perceivalbel bad vibes and that inluence has diminished only ater years, where I have to learn by myself. It is also happened today, I am glad I saved a bunch of buiscuits from mother at the last minute today, as all the positive stuff from previous days had been erased again due to where I live and how I have to stay, console me for many lost nights.
    I have to make a reccomandation, the LED lightbulbs I found out are very bad an stay away many meters from them, halogen are probably safer for the brain.

    Thanks again you brought up a interesting subject,

  3. Silvio Post author

    Also, I choosed this photos because the last ones are consequential to the intense griddin in that diretciont toward the tall houses, that direction is on the line with piedmont region and about the city of Ivrea more or less, if the view was free would have been possible to see the Monte Rosa positioned to the right.
    If check you can see that the sky is particulary clean or also very full with clouds that goes up, like that was a fulcrum for that area.

  4. Edward

    Wow the 4th and 5th photos are some of the most beautiful HAARP manipulated clouds ive ever seen. The 5th photo is stunning! I saw those two things in the other photo too. They look like flying antennas.

  5. Silvio Post author

    I taken the photos by instinct even if not always examine the details, it does help to view them on a bigger screen, or to plug them in the TV.
    Last time I went to Tuscany I exited the motorway in order to go to Mugello but it it should have been the next one, after a few miles in a village in the middle of tthe hills there was only a old lady at a zebra crossin, at 8 am, she had an umbrella with sunflowers. I pushed the breaks to let her cross by her surprise and greeted her. Then I had to return on the motorway because it was the best route, then at the next exit I foud the road.
    Stuff like that is also intriguing, maybe she was also from a spaceship.

  6. Silvio Post author

    Edward and Ed, here is the phot off the whole haarp sky, like an illustration of astounding science book. The latter is shyphs in a stilish minimalist sylph signing on blue from the mass of the chem trail front.

  7. Silvio Post author

    For what it counts, these are better groups, they still need financial capabitliies and funds, to be played as pairs, ambos.

    39 59 53 52 55 54 45 74 80 77

    39 59 53 52 55 54 74 77 45 57

    with regard of memory, or time travel, or astral travel or parallel realities, since there are no new proofs or ideas, from my side I can only say that my dejavu tend to be about certain things like interactions or things seen or heard or said, situations.
    I can rember have been in the same situation but that the memory it can be a disturbance as it may bring other memories, it coud be that the remembering happens like a dream state.
    The other day I fought because I thought that what was happening in the previous time I made something wrong, or that the things resulted later.
    I wonder if coud be that sleep disorder mke difficult to ognjectiva and separete what happens under the sunlight.
    I told a woman neighbour here she agrees on a theory that maybe we live first and have to relive the same thing with the purpose of changing ‘the resuts’. ike in the previous dream i had choosen ‘hair’ and this time I choosen ‘biscuits’.
    i dont fee tht when I do factual things on my own there is a dejavu, or if I pull a tooth that tooth is gone it is not that I ever dream that in a another ‘version’ that tooth was healthy. If I go on a vacation, it is not the same as before, i I had a felling it happened before I would have duplicate bills, or photos.

    I dont remember wrinting this thread, I remember the first lighting bolt really last nights a very loud bang, then the other ike usua.

  8. Silvio Nocerino

    I adjourned the sky series, thiis two photos are from saturday after i added some tbsnear the water recycling plant. The spewplanes worked saturday locally from noon, The next day was clear, Mnday it was cover and it reained at night, there wer lighitning bolts but no stormy wind, from Tueaday it is clear again.
    Saturday I was attacked psychicaly during my shopping in a shoppin mall near Scientology, it is that the place is going to get its gifting too, They use device for he attacks area of the hearing parts of the brain, I used obsidian to relieve.


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