We’ve Lost Christine Oginga

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This morning, Srn Guch in South Sudan told me that Christine has died, evidently of poison as had her husband, Salva Kirr, in  December, 2008.   I’m guessing that she was so hard-pressed, financially, that she couldn’t afford a battery for her zapper or else she’d given it away or lent it to someone who was very sick.  Mrs Odondi is on her way there from Kenya and arrangements will be made to look after their children.

I’m asking everyone to boost Christine’s departed spirit. I’m praying for her but due to the resounding but surely temporary success of the parasitic, corporate order’s centuries-old luciferic agenda most people who are reading this, outside of Africa and other relatively (spiritually) unpolluted regions, don’t really believe that there’s a Mercifiul Creator any more and I think it’s a minor miracle that we all recently figured out that sending pure, loving energy from one’s heart has essentially the same effect as real prayer.  I feel confident, at least, that Christine is already soaring  in the next, finer realm, though I’m pretty sure she’s concerned about her children’s welfare.   She was a truly great woman and a peerless pioneer in this planetary healing effort, constantly sacrificing her own safety and resources to restore the decimated climate and economy of her new country and well beyond it.

As you probably know, she was one of the delegates at the negotiations in Khartoum that led to South Sudan’s secession in 2011.   Several displacements, due to CIA/MI6-sponsored terrorism in Sudan over the years, never prevented her from distributing orgonite over vast areas and she was particularly focused on restoring the fishing industry along the Nile in recent months.

Christine achieved many historic successes as a protagonist in the global orgonite effort.   One was to restore the fish population in Lake Chad, from where orgonite has spread into Nigeria.  Another was her connection to the very ancient and rather secluded  Nuba tribe, who subsequently sent several teams to her to learn to make and use orgonite.  They  gave her $1300 (a fortune, there) as an expression of their appreciation.  This rather excited me because I’d been reading about the Nubians, who created the magnificent pyramids at the confluence of the White and Blue Nile and several of whom had later been pharaohs in Egypt.  Christine initially earned the tribe’s confidence by healing a dying Nubian woman with a zapper.

I trust that the kikundi will resolve to make sure that Christine’s children will not be neglected.  I believe that their sale of Bilo (‘protection’) orgonite will enable this. When I was in Africa I found that the market for protection from sorcery is thriving and I think they’ve started to tap into this wellspring with their exemplary product, made possible with the insightful help of the renowned Maji Marefu in Tanzania.

Mrs Odondi, herself a widow, had adopted the late David and Emmah’s two children in December, 2008, when those two young, heroic people were also murdered with poison by the sewer rat agencies.

David, Mrs O, Christine and Salva (did I miss anyone?) had traveled to Mombasa in 2005 and began restoring the decimated fish population during that visit.   While they were out beyond the reef in a hired boat they received a resounding ovation from a huge pod of dolphins, who had abandoned that region until that day.  The local fishermen were quite astonished and immediately expressed interest in the kikundi’s work.  David Slinger from New Zealand had sold his business in Mombasa, ‘Dolphin Dhow,’ and returned to NZ a couple of years earlier because the dolphins were no longer showing up.  He had made the first orgonite cloudbuster in Africa in 2001 but at the time we hadn’t developed the idea of distributing simple orgonite, yet.

If, God willing, I’ll be able to return to East Africa and learn Kiswahili before long (I’d better hurry up; I’m 69) I intend to travel throughout those countries, write a proper history of the kikundi’s efforts and document it all with photos and perhaps movies.  Before the advent of the corporate order’s psychological achievement, the Germans used to say, ‘God’s time is the best time,’ and I’m certainly content with God’s will and timing.


8 thoughts on “We’ve Lost Christine Oginga

  1. Guch S

    Its areal serious issue, in fact the loss of our beloved gifter and a sister has affected us so much and even the grief has really affected all our operation. Now we as Christians we must see how to handle all the funeral expenditures. So any well wisher can just come in

  2. Mrs O

    It’s a deep sorrow and a great loss of our beloved gifter and pioneer of the new birth of the African youngest nation. In fact it’s a great lose and more so to the entire Kikundi. I managed to reach here in this country this morning and what I have seen on the ground is really alarming. It happened that our late sister had never accomplished making her house due to some of the difficulties that she had gone through in the recent past.

    What I have learn on the ground, we should see that fasten the burial to avoid more expense because even right now there are guest here who need to be cared for. So if we fasten the burial program would be the better. The total budget estimate is $950 that include the support of the children because as per now, it’s true that they have no body to care for them.

    So any well-wisher may stand with us on whatever little they can get. Otherwise all can bear with us and will keep you update.

    Mrs O

  3. Edward

    I don’t have any money, but love is free! So I’m boosting the family and the children Christine was caring for now. Don, i am looking forward to your writing about the Kikundi’s efforts in Africa and documenting everything for the public record. I’m sure it will be a fantastic read.

  4. Katherine A

    I have been struggling to find the words the past couple days to respond to this loss. I still can’t find the words. This is just a great loss, probably for Africa as a whole. <3

  5. Mary Sara

    Am Mary the daughter to the late Christine who died in Sauthern Sudan.

    I get that your emails in my email of my mum Christine we lost her
    We are here with Mrs O she had done me more favor and am thankful. Now just want to tell you that life is extremely tough with us. Yes Dancan and Chris are also working very hard for us to get money by seling the orgonite. Its only that customers are very few. But they are trying. So kindly if i can even get $350 for coffin food and all funeral if can get any you get any who can help me can use this PayPal account is dancanomollo223@yahoo.com

    Thank you all

  6. Mrs. O

    That message is From Mary children of Christine anyone can help her
    Hi Friends
    Is good to help Mary children of Christine now don’t have Mather now if anyone can help it will be good Jane

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    On Sat, Jun 23, 2018 at 11:28 AM, marysara63@yahoo.com
    Hi Uncle Don, and Friends
    I thank everyone who help me in the funeral
    Now we bury my Mother, am i going to do exam on Monday but we still have balance of school and the money of exam so the balance is $88 and money of exam $35 am going to finish my schools this year if I finish the school am going to help my Sisters any can help as now we don’t have Mather we needs help so is $123

    Number of Mrs O is +254702469850 the name is
    FLORENCE ATIENO C OMOLO city is Kisumu Kenya
    You can use (World Remit M-Pesa) or
    paypal account of Dancan PayPal account is



  7. Sara Marey


    Help me to buy food with my sister’s from yesterday we didn’t get food help me we are not going here help me with $77 to buy food if can help me use PayPal of Dancan is dancanomollo223@yahoo.com

    From yesterday we didn’t get food with my sister’s help me with $77 to buy food I pay my schools fees yesterday


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