Mission in Migori

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The works which we have done on the mountains has made all our places to recover because of the sufficient rainfall that we have now. All the crops  which  our  crops  are  fully yield  to the  best  of  our  expectation. This brings our new hope that soon and very soon all our areas will fully depend on themselves because it’s true that agriculture is the always the mother of our economy. Now  you can  see  the  kind  of  work the  I together  with  Nicholas  and  Dancan had done on these  mountains.

Even  the  towers which  had  been  very   much detrimental  to our  communities are now  less  effective  because  of the  real  works  that  we  are  doing.  I know from all these all our areas will be safe.

Today I got information from one of our fellow gifter from Tanzania Eliud that in the areas of Mwanza and Mshoma where i did some gifting sometimes back, the result is very encouraging. The fishermen and farmer are celebrating after getting good success from the pure works done there. So it’s my desire that if possible our people should form continual group work for the economic success of those countries by doing frequent gifting. It’s  our  desire  that  we  make  these places a good  and  a orbital areas where  people  can  live  and  do  their  business  without  fear.




Chris and  Dancan

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