40 KG Towerbusters donation offer for Noord-Nederland [SOLVED]

EDIT:  Just the very next day someone was found to gift the area and it is all set now. Thanks.

Someone generously is offering to provide 200 TB XL (40kg) for someone in or near  the following areas. He d like to gift those but is unable to do the deed at present so anyone who can do it do please contact me at info(at)orgonita(dot)eu

Yes, I am willing to gift someone from Groningen, Friesland, or Drenthe, 200 towerbuster XL’s






If you have sent an email and i have not answered in less than 6 hours suspect fault play and do please try again. thanks.




2 thoughts on “40 KG Towerbusters donation offer for Noord-Nederland [SOLVED]

  1. John Grroeneveld

    Dear Fran,

    I might be able to help. I live in Cologne. It is three hours drive from there. I did 50 TBs in Koln at my own expense late last year but would do more if anyone could sponsor some for me. I got them from Orgonita.eu. There are a lot of big/multiple new arrays here and I fear one small TB is not enough and would like to do more if not for the cost.

    Jun 11 date of post was my birthday, which I think is a good sign!

    Best wishes,

    John Groeneveld

  2. Francisco Post author

    Hey John, thanks for the offer. Maybe my edit was not very clear since i only put the word [SOLVED] in the title without any explanation. It means someone from the area itself will be doing it and it is all set and good. Happy birthday by the way!


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