Boosting Needed For Josephine

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Dear Etheric Warriors

I wanted make a request to boost Josephine Grace in Springfield, Missouri. She has been a victim of organized harassment and electronic attacks for many years. When she was driving home from the public library where we did a radio interview by phone, a police car followed her the entire 7 miles back to her house. She also has psychic abilities. Her site is

thank you,


13 thoughts on “Boosting Needed For Josephine

  1. Gare Clement

    Can always feel when Boosts are needed by the tingly feeling I get and Josephine/s felt really alive!

  2. Cyclingflinger

    Boosted Josephine today!

    We will also boost her tomorrow during the collective chat, hope she gets well very soon!

  3. marie martin

    Wanted to expound. Since Geoff interviewed for radio show, the man across street immediately moved out- whose task it had been to ‘finish’ the job. Then vacant house used by organized crime for two years has suddenly been rented by the next level of management… souls so dark unbelievable.
    However upon Geoff’s request for help with what Etheric warriors do, went from being a person in constant survival mode to feeling ‘normal’ again. Almost like old self. Nothing like a great light shining or exploding around me- just feeling more myself than have for years.
    Dr. Valerie Hunt’s research with human EMP’s in the 60’s proved that a certain frequency within her voluntary subjects could elicit responses that involved correct predictions of the future and ‘beings’ speaking through the voluntary subjects.
    Such a thing happened to one TI I know during a brain computer interface interrogation. A ‘great warrior angel for God,’ spoke saying that the people involved destroying free will in humans would be cast into hell for eternity. That God had turned away from them.
    After hearing this, which surprised me, I understood that free will was one of God’s greatest gifts to humans. And that AI, and the humans doing this were messing directly with God. It was my concept that God was all forgiving. However supposedly removing free will is one of the worst things that can be done.
    Upon reading your site, it was nice to know love still works with the correct ‘technology’ or tools to send it. I’ve been so tortured and harmed that it is something I cannot do for them now. Compassion at times, but usually just staying alive takes all my time. Keep being told to ‘love’ them, they are targeting my grandchildren, my child, sister and brother. Today in a public place a woman laughed when I was targeted by her. It is a game to them.
    They have no idea that if God has drawn a line in the universe, they are on the other side of it. I better go, I’m babbling.
    Have not had a chance yet to listen to the radio broadcast yet, but will do so soon. Thank you warriors for assisting me. You are kind, generous, evolved beings and your work is much appreciated.
    God bless you. With love, Josephine

  4. Geoff Hudson

    Something led me here to discover your situation. I’ve boosted & placed a protective thoughtform.
    Stay strong Ms. Grace, powerful ju-ju surrounds you.
    Love, brother Geoff in upstate NY.
    PS: Just as I’ve written this, coyotes chimed in from the hillsides to add their support!

  5. josephine grace

    Much thanks to Geoff Hudson, and Geoff from In Other News, Julia Lincoln, Cyclingflinger, Silvio Nocerino, Gare Clement and Edward. I appreciate and am so thankful for the thoughtfulness and loving energy you have sent my way. You have all sincerely assisted me. God bless you. Josephine

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