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Hello etheric warriors.  Its Mara here.  In 2016 I emailed Don a gifting report after a trip to Western Samoa. He replied that he had designed or painted some of the poetry on the walls of the Bahai temple, which I had visited, which was coincidental and really cool.  Don encouraged me to post the little report on the old forum but I was too scared back then.
That trip was for work, but managed to get about 2 dozen tbs in my suitcase and gift them around the island of Upolu in the vicinity of towers, the central bank, the Chinese and US embassies, the Immaculate Conception catholic church of Apia and in waterways and the sea.  The Chinese Embassy in particular had a heavy energy and also a giant satellite dish.  There is a primary school right behind it, and it felt so much better after the gifting.

There are massive “cell phone” towers in villages where the population is under 100.  Especially the village of Lalomanu on the south eastern coast which was devastated by a tsunami in 2009.  They have of towers right on the cliff overlooking the sea and in the village.  Another interesting target was the colonial bastion of Robert Louis Stevenson’s house, now a museum, and his grave on Mt Vaea, where his corpse was hauled up to the top of the mountain by native Samoans and a masoleum exists today.  With thorough gifting Samoa and the other Pacific islands will be better protected from franken-storms etc.  That was not a thorough gifting, but better than nothing. I saw sylphs from the plane but didn’t have any other confirmations to report.

I am not a super prolific gifter (yet!!) between then and now i have gifted probably around 150 orgonite devices around the north island of new zealand where we live, mostly on the east coast.  Waterways, tower arrays, individual towers, masonic buildings, government buildings, war memorials, and sites of historic Maori significance and colonial conflict, etc.

       Just last week I had a wonderful confirmation, I returned to a hilltop tower that I’d gifted about a year and a half ago, to find that the 2m high impenetrable thicket of wild blackberry surrounding the tower’s protector fence had been removed.  Of course that blackberry bramble had harbored our dear muffins, and what a great confirmation!  They went to so much trouble! The steep rugged hillside around the other side is now fully gifted.  That particular tower i see in the distance from my house and there is frequently a blue hole above it when there is white out sky.

It’s common to see white-out and ripples come across from the west or the south. But whenever it gets over our town, sylphs quickly dismantle and transform it! Watching that happen on a regular basis makes me very happy.  I attach some sylph photos I have taken in the last 6 months.

There’s alot more work to do here, and Don reckons that a lot of gifting has already been done in NZ in the early 2000s.

Auckland the largest city here is bristling with new towers and new money, and needs a lot of gifting.  The skies say it all.  Need to get up there more often.  I have been focusing on an ever widening circle around our home and as we are in a region that is reasonably nonindustrialized and with a strong indigenous presence and identity, a little goes a long way.
One anecdotal piece of evidence I want to mention was that 3 weeks after I gifted the new District Council building, the council undertook a historic representation review. Since forever the rural wards (read colonial farming families) had disproportionate power in local governance.  Every time they were forced to review the democracy compliance of local government the councillors just shifted the boundaries around to continue their old boys crony system.  It was expected that the same thing would happen again, but this time they actually adopted the peoples recommendation, abolished the wards, now it’s direct vote!  It was very unexpected and the local media had a field day with it.
Thanks for listening
Mara Weiss

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  1. Jeffrey Miller

    Mara, thanks for the uplifting and beautifully written post, and the pics. I think I remember you from the old forum, paying me a fine compliment.

    I love the part about them tearing up the blueberry patch, and then you grid gifting the area in an unstoppable way after that.

    Thanks again,


  2. Kevin Coffey

    Mara, I live in Titirangi, Auckland and have done some cell-tower gifting in my area in the past. I’d really like to be in contact with you. I’m thinking of a strategy regarding the likely coming of 5G in the next year or so.

    So far I haven’t come across anyone who is serious about working with orgonite except for the man who runs ‘lifeenergysolutions’ here in Auckland. He was active with orgonite many years ago.

    My email address is


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