Orgonite revenges

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Tiger heart and Lion calf. It’s al good food to, this is the seasons of butterflies and egg plant.

First about the term REVENGES, it has force and it is on the fringe of the politically incorrect.

It has been less than a month on which I planted dozens of tbs in the neighbourood, it follows the realisation that orgonite applied to matter that is to any place in the real world has its effect. That was testify by the observation of syncronous behaviour of birds. Typically a great confirmation is birds ike pigeaons or even better ravens, arriving where it has been just gifted and them birds position and land just a bit over the place you were. It is their revenge, ‘like this and then some more bro’.

Various examples, wasteland near the railways, where you may that under the arche is the homshshelter for somebody living on the fringe, seasonal replicant roamers of occoult urban passages, a network of receptacles sometimes artful as the shady spider coweb. A system that it is not without power structures in its internal and external affairs.

Anywhere it felt frightening. I tried where the syncronicty made feel unwelcomed. It took out indignation anger, fear, obstination, prudence, prayers, utterance, had pain in the neck and in the back. It was also a esperiment a study, so it is true as it was tried in its seminal days, orgonite must be applied to all separate water bodies, and to each single location and site that has foundations and sorroundigs.

One place I concentrated at first was a charity for disabled. with only a bunch of tbs added each time, then discoverd they place charities in the cities and other organisations over lines and over parks, these are secret hidden grid which is key to the estabilishembt.

Tb after tb I took momentum and grabbed myself to release it every where it fancied, without econmising.
So I planted also at short distance and rached area of orchards that is fenced, a few days earlied I already saw a shylp above there.
This a area near the train station of Milan Greco Pirelli, after years I never suspectd that I could improve it to that extent.
So today I passed near the orchard and there was a notice from the railways on the locked gated. ‘The owners of that land are required to be present on the 4th as the land would be confiscated’.

It is going to be bad news for the occupants. It has to be seen, wether the railways company has intention to make something good or bad with that green line patch of orachards it definitevily signals the flux in the environmatal conditions. Italian media exploit the term ‘situation’ a lot, mainly they syncronis that term in the media with the communiques and the act related to cities major, it serves the purpose to signal that number 77 comes up in the lottery.
Don’t be fooled each number has its sycronicity with nature, so when ther is the major that is ‘sindaco’ it is the indigo color the quartz the medicine and the knees and the lavaender.

The condition word is to e preferred because it hints to the causes, and it can be linked to number 17 a more rare number to occour. Condition links to responsability and its other meaning is to choose. ‘You choosed to do that due to the conditions of where you are and what you are’.
Whilst situation its the application to relieve.

Carpet gifting the city with orgonite it has the quality of security work.
Stop look and listen, then start gifting over and over again the area expnds its self and find coherent targets or also unexpectd in new areas and spots.

There is a attitude that I discover in doing all this is that of being like a doctor that has to cure anyway even if acting alone.
I gauged my courage in this daily battle of lately and discovered that there more fearless and tireless folks on this planet and they are called ‘mothers’ not negleting fathers.

Thanks for the generosity, another confirmation provided by orgonite, when it is all used up it soon arrives again.

I would like to send a big thank to the creator for orgonite, and the inventor of wheels and for bycicle doctors.

End of Lecture. Music!






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