Please boost my country, Brasil.

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Since last Monday (May 21th) a massive truck driver strike throughout the country has completely stopped the supply chain in Brasil. They block roads and prevent cargo transport, in protest against abusive fuel prices. The protest is fair and has growing popular support, even though is has caused a lot of chaos among industry, agriculture and goods distribution.

The federal government has mobilized the military and will start to unblock the roads. But to further complicate the situation, our currently government is horribly unpopular. People boo the president all the time and even tried to beat him few weeks ago. There are now rumors among people that the military will take control of the government on Monday.

Curiously, a motorcycle taxi friend of mine said to me few days ago that he saw military mobilization on roads, as if they were getting ready for something. That was one day before the strikes. Military intel was certainly aware of the strikes.

This is a decisive time for Brasil, for people are getting tired of being shamelessly robbed by high taxes and government absurd corruption. But it’s possible that the parasites will use the unrest in their own favor to set in a dictatorship. Please send love to the situation, ask the operators to send it to where it is needed.

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