The efforts of Antwerp continued

Hi everyone on EW,

When I’m not in Brussels for further gifting, I enjoy cycling flinging some more around my place in Antwerp.

Showing only one thing, the cost of the tb’s! No gas, only wheels, intuition and yeah some fruit fuel all the way.

Gifting is for me the most empowering thing rather than reading books or getting grades/ study papers. I do also like to have more free space on my walls in my bureau. They will also get you old before you really enjoyed being much out in the open. Take this with my grain of salt ofc.

Making and feeling orgonite (the real metallic ones, not the desk paperweights which are overflooding society)is one thing but being able to continue dropping them where they are needed is another thing.

I’m realy glad I learned it all from our past forum. So, thank you for having written those epic reports back then!

Today I went back south next to the river “Scheldt”, its a region with a lot of stone quarries (Boom) so also very prone to the symbolism of not-so free masonry (example Sean STONE).

Check out the doors of the second cemetary I gifted today. If, we have any musical expert, could anyone maybe help me out telling me which melody is written in “solfeggio” on that gate? I don’t have Cubase anymore. Like for example, Mozart and the “Zauberflüte” (the magic flute)? Which was a masonic work.

On those doors you can all recognise things all around your place. Well, to put it literally, there are now tb’s as symbols next to them!

Here is the gifting of Niel, you will see a modern castle (Aartselaar), a church, cellies, a festival and the big leyline running from the cathedral of Antwerp till the church of Boom:

Yesterday I got on with the gifting of Schelle (they waved an accident on the way back home, a motorbike hit a car on a square in Lier, so luckily no human injuries only materialism parts destroyed):

Good luck with your next giftings!


17 thoughts on “The efforts of Antwerp continued

  1. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Continuing the gifting effort to the North of Antwerp. I’ve had the luck to be able to gift the most flemish town of the Netherlands. A big fortification town where many battles found place in history. Called Hulst which means Holly in english. It has the same form as the battlements.

    Here is a short summary. Hulst had city rights in the 12th century then overtaken from the Spanish by Maurice of Orange (Nassau house). It was recaptured by Archduke Albert of Austria in 1596. In 1645 with the siege of Hulst, that was led by the Prince of Orange during the eighty year wars with Spain (1568-1648). It became back dutch (as we all think off? just another dictator in the same colour?). There was another siege during the napoleonic wars, so it was an outstanding place to gift!

    The last fortification that was built was a star fort (hence the occult meaning) that are historic examples of dutch fortifications.

    I could suspect that the most evil bulwarks were amplified with cellies right on the same angles (leylines). The point of the basilisk church has a very draconian vibe.

    I could find those draconian energies back in Bergen Op Zoom and the military base of Woensdrecht on the other side of the river Scheldt. BOZ has also a star in the middle of the town.

    On the 1,2,3 of June there is a big musical festival called Vestrock (Stronghold rock). So, I got my orgonite out right in time!

    There was a huge fanfare trumpet cortege in town so I concentrated on the bulwarks.

    Gifted a lot of other targets in Belgium (Beveren, Vrasene, Sint-Gillis-Waas) while arriving at Hulst and going international gifting. the Dutch agents really enjoys when Belgians bypass the border to do some gifting!

    They can’t have U ground bases everywhere near the border …

    Here are the pics, enjoy:


    PS: As always, keep making more gifting gains!!

  2. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Thank you Karen. I always like to combine both to see the climatological progress over time.

    While curing some more simple orgonite for Brussels. I’ve wanted to have a quick gifting run near the dutch military base of Woensdrecht, Hoogerheide up in the north.

    Gifting the towns nearby a base are always a good way to add more positive vibes around an underground complex. It was a success as I encountered an agent after gifting a church with a belonging graveyard.
    All people around moved in and out about getting on with their daily influenced life. The agent no, he stops stares at you and won’t move, only studying your moves and evidently phoning. This time it wasn’t a vile fat angry woman waiting and looking meanly from her white Opel Corsa at the border in Putte. This time it was a disguised cyclist on a racing bicycle. I got a second confirmation when he tried to bypass me when riding back home to Belgium. Sneaking up to people without any ringing bell sound. Then he just turned the opposite way. I belief it was to see that I was going back home, as they don’t like to have Belgians around their bases.

    Gifted some antennas around the municipal swimming pool and cop shop. I will have to cast other forms of tb’s as the dutch are very eager to save up money, especially with traffic poles, they are way thinner than here in example.

    Also had a snap at this local company from Amsterdam called Hema. It’s a standard abbreviation for Hollands society unity prices of Amsterdam (Hollandse Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam) . But the deeper significance of this is literally blood store. Hematite is also called the bloodstone. From its iron content while cutting. It also rimes in the subconscious with the egyptian word for magic(k), Kema. No wonder they have so many stores even here in Belgium too.

    I also took the opportunity to reput a set of pictures from our last forum where I nailed the base with earth needles all the way. Those pics were sabotaged after one week or so when I remember. You can clearly see commercial planes being worked on(into spewers). They call it plainly, aircraft maintenance?

    Here are the new gifting pics from Hoogerheide:

    The older ones:


  3. Karen W Allred

    Great photos, I get to see Europe free of charge! Keep up the brave, courageous work Charles. Your hard work for our planet is noted. I live in Idaho and have only gifted 8 in my city, where there are 26 cell towers in a 4 mile radius. Unbelievable why there are so many in such a small city…thanks again for all you’re doing for humanity

  4. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Thank you Karen for your nice comment! I always like to make my gifting trips a fun and learning journey. Especially, with new places I never went to. You really learn how much people in big urbanised cities are kind of kept jailed without any barriers. I remember myself living in the city thinking everything was very far to reach? Now, living into a more rural, forest environment gets me easier to any place more than ever. A lot of gifting makes this also possible. Besides switching to a more natural way of living has given me only new personal benefits.

    I wanted to gift another city near the main air support base of the Netherlands, Woensdrecht and hopped on the bike and gifted some more!

    Ossendrecht got the full gifting load!

    Besides this base is going to purchase at least 37 new F35’s from Lockheed Martin and other monopolistic war mongering evil companies (Thales etc…). they have already two units to test on with. They don’t tell you that they got designed by Fokker (first german world war plains) in the first place! The Netherlands never stayed neutral during that world war, it was only for economical reasons and profit. Besides they also granted amnesty for Kaiser Wilhelm’s fleeing train.

    Please enjoy some more gifting pics:


    1. Cyclingflinger Post author

      With the good results of the recently gifted waterbuster on Fort Merksem, I did take the stakes around the big VIP masonic cemetery “Schoonselhof” a bit farther! I added more orgonite in the jewish part as it was needed! It started to rain! 🙂

      I found a second german air-war observation post in a field that was made near a fake little aviation port during WWII in Wilrijk (big Antwerp).

      The rusted fabrications you see near the border of the graveyard and Fort 7 are anti-tank barrages made from belgian production, those things were reinforcements to keep tanks out. Better have those constructions gifted.

      It was fun to glide between the electrified barbed wires! 🙂 You can always gift from a safe distance!

      Here are the pics, enjoy!


  5. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Gifting the Fort of Merksem more profoundly, it used to be one of the first three forts built in Antwerp around 1876.

    The garnison commander had to commit suicide in the ammunition depot together with his second hand of command against the advancing german army (WWI) during the fall of Antwerp.

    Remark how this fort is hexagrammed in its architecture. The energies are shifting for the good!:)


    1. Cyclingflinger Post author

      After all the tb’s, needles and EP’s, I’ve decided to recently put an additional orgonite waterbuster to support the purging troops on the field.

      It will also help the energies around, as I’ve learned there was a horrible dog fight with two pitbulls and one of the masters and dog died from the incident. This really didn’t helped out what happened in the past there.

      I also see it as some little revenge for having one of my bicycle’s wheels stabbed two years ago near that place on a parking lot which housed a big cellie. As I was gifting a store from the inside.

      Some time later the white-out broke when I was in Brasschaat, which is just next to Merksem.
      I was really happy to see how good the waterbuster worked out with all orgonite around!

  6. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Last sunday I had the chance to get a guided tour within the Fort 7 of Wilrijk.

    I had been waiting a long time for it!

    Ofc, all the surroundings were gifted through time with more ammunition but it was really nice to add some from within the inside!

    The fort itself had a lot of past through WWI and WWII. The construction began in 1858 and was finished in 1864. During the last war it was made as a german ammunition depot for the Luftwaffe. So, more technical stuff like an elevator, train depots and reinforcement bunkers were added. The mayor Metzger had received the order to blow up all the ammunition (anti-air firepower and V2 explosive charges) from occupied Brussels. This would have been catastrophic for the town. So, he dropped all in the fort moats making them non-usable and even got jailed for it but a disaster had been spared!

    At the present time, Fort 7 has become a natural habitat zone for bats and other species and is a well protected piece of nature within Wilrijk. It also houses a fishing club. Last year some punks (I guess I know from whom they were paid from) started three fires in the old warehouses on the outer fort. When you look at the pics you can have a hint when I’m taking the ones from above in the sky. 😉

    Here are the pics:


  7. Cyclingflinger Post author

    I had a very interesting visit today around Fort II of the inner Brialmont forts of Antwerp.

    What a good opportunity to gift this fort from within! Since the initial giftings in the classified moats, they have been renovating this fort with an extra 3 millions euro. Things move when you gift seriously! 🙂 Ofc, the shit rats use their “dor” as in throwing a dead body on the gifted orgonites in the water or make some suicidal memorial shrines where they can, they also use this new kind of publicity about erecting grey crosses on the roads to tell people there were traffic accidents (being sacrified) that never happened and sofort ad nauseam!

    Has anyone else ever noticed how black choppers in traffic use their tech to create car accidents only leaving the poor prey without relatives and money?

    I wish, this money would have been used to stop general war frequencies with more sponsored simple orgonite on earth or put the european maffia into jail bars but that is an upgraded status on how we live and make things better as collective gifters. Gift more it will happen, dreams come true with simple orgonite!

    It’s not easy to have a knack at gifting things from around 1856 but eventually the tipping point gets its positive load! Orgonite is the best time tech technology in its cheapest form!

    Here are today’s pics, enjoy! At the end you will see that I found another gate etherically unlocked at Fort III in Borsbeek (Mopsbeek) and also some kind of weird evil automatic vendor machine who lets you buy physical disharmonies into the walls of Antwerp?

    I would like to excuse me for using the finger in one of the pics, as always love is though without orgonite!;)

    Charles aka Cyclingflinger

    1. Cyclingflinger Post author

      Hello fellow gifters,

      I had another guided tour last weekend. This time it was in Fort 8. The Fort is situated near the river Scheldt in Hoboken. I gridded the whole place and had many runs there before so the sylphs were appearing quite rapidly.

      So, the fort got even more simple orgonite now (fort-go-right :). The amount of fear generated and military energies are getting transmuted and more people are creating hobby clubs inside of the forts. All the giftings in the other forts adds and creates this wonderfull collective effect.

      As usual, the idiots from the sky surveillance team were flying like hell above the inner fort at the end. A police car drove by two times when I took my bycicle to go home at the exit. That means your are doing very good in bad places with your created and gifted orgonite. Next time, I’ll introduce them to orgonite as I once gave two agents 2 tb’s in the past for protection at their administrative desks.

      It was also first front circle fortday so other guiding representatives were represented inside “le réduit” (inner defensive part holding the barracks). So even more people could bathe around in the powerfull healing force.

      I took a pic of this four sided cross inside the brick structure, one of the many symbols of masonic craft made during the consctruction. The pulley you see was for lifting canons up the “traditore” room, they could fire at the city if the enemy got through.

      Notice the crosses in blue stone at the entrances of “the caponières” and lower batteries.

      They say those were medieval styled weapon holes to give the forts more prestige?
      I think it was for displaying how free-masonry was everywhere in construction at that time.

      Here are the pics, enjoy!


      1. Carlos Silva

        Charles, thank you for the great report and feel free to use our image hosting facilities. At least we are ad-free 😉
        It’s not possible to post images within comments but as an author you can create new posts anytime. Readers can get all of your posts conveniently via your username at the top, right below the post title.

  8. Cyclingflinger

    Good morning Etheric Warriors,

    Been expanding the grid lately. This time I was in Kasterlee to flinge more orgonite around the water tower, cellies, local church, clerical and masonic monuments. You always note very fast you are in new territory. People looking very weird and mean at you. 🙂 Amplified emf-pollution, tougher mind control to break. As Belgium is very dense on occult targets. I never have to go far away to find a new myriad of targets.

    Notice the colors on the blade sails of the windmill, they still have the colors of the Netherlands. Before our place became a masonic triangular hold in central northern europe that is Belgium, to host all kind of wars to enrich
    those who knows each other secretly.

    I stopped by and gifted the local war cemetery of Kasterlee. It gives always such an amazing good feeling when flinging orgonites there. You always get birds and new rays of sun passing through as positive confirmations. I also felt it hard on the heart this morning when waking up. The T zapper immediately puts an end on this evil spiral of crap thrown at you from those slack-jawed daffodils aka shit rats.

    Passed by the army barracks near Grobbendonk (29th logistics bataljon) when cycling back and found some sylphs above it. Always makes you happy, having them above an army base!



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