74 years ago 05.25.1944

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Resurface the word group and the word rebellion.

I found and interesting history website, it is a group of researchers of fallen WWII airplanes in the area of Piaccenza Italy.  It has pages of documents and photos also of the partisans army from the area of Piacenza and the near valleys.

Thanks to the sincronicity of gifting with orgonite, by buring it or put it in water, even when just in the zone and a bit of straight jacket revolution spirit to break the silence of fear, there is always something new to discover. A little prize.

I have added 100+ tbs in the neighbourhood, chasing fear and checking the reactions. Every piece of dirt that we gift makes a bonus and a difference.

It is true as DB wrote that every body of water requires its dedicated contribution of orgonite.


Andsome music?

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