Gifting at Mbita Point

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There had  been a frequent  call  to visit our  lakes  with thorough  gifting  after  the  rainwater have  flown  and  contaminate the  lake  water with  muds and  dirty water from the  steams. So through my kind  offer  I made  sure   that I visited  the  lake  in Mbita one of  the  areas  which  I had  gifted  before. Really  the  work I did  there  was  very  good  and  am  very sure  the  result will be  good. I did  the  work over the  last  week end  and  today  I got  a phone  call  from  one  the  area residents who assured  me  of  the  good  change.  He  told  me  that  even  the water  is  pure  after  doing  gifting. From all  these  good  changes am now  very happy  because  there  is  a lot  to be  realized  as  the time  goes.




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