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There was a neighbor across the hall who in the last six months had gone into a downward spiral. Essentially, something happened, she lost her job and then stopped paying rent. In that period, she and her boyfriend would stay up all night (til 4AM or so), play music loud, get in loud fights and carry on – drugs, alcohol, etc.

I didn’t really know anything about this until another tenant asked if I heard the fight the night before. I said no, I didn’t hear it. He said, I’m sure it will happen again.

The tenant who shares a wall with her unfortunately gets the brunt of the noise. He’s working full time and is completing his teacher certification.

At about 2:30AM one morning, most of the tenants were awakened by shrieks from a shouting match in their apartment that was so bad it spilled into the hallway. The building owner called the police. The police told them to calm down and basically sleep it off.

I have to tell you the screams were odd. I heard “animal” noises, growls and bursts of roaring.

Another altercation months later involved the superintendent who was accused of going into their apartment. She called the police on him and he simply showed them the security camera footage of the time in question that revealed he didn’t go into their apartment. The female tenant, not convinced, let loose a nasty verbal tirade at the superintendent.

From this point on what congenial vibe remained in the building had pretty much dissipated.

Meanwhile, the loud partying, screaming, loud out of key singing, shouting matches, and intermittent growls continued for weeks.

Though I had orgonite set up around my apt, I also had a succor punch from Quebecorgone that needed repair.

I received the part about a month ago and then set it up by my door and pointed it across the hall to the area of disturbance. I kept it on 24/7.

Within the next few days, the arguments would flare up then quiet down. The loud singing and fake weird laughing eventually quieted down as well.

At this point the succor punch was on for about 2 weeks straight. I didn’t tell anyone about it, but eventually, all the crazy behavior completely stopped.

After the third week, an eviction notice was on her door.

I knew it was going to work, not only from Lydiane and other’s testimony, but also because my apartment faces a busy street and when things get loud and frenzied out front, I put the succor punch to the test – noise and incident reduction usually occurs within four-five minutes every time.

This device is exceptional.


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  1. GB

    Thank you. I think it was an etheric infestation, others say drugs, etc but thats part of the equation. I’ve never heard growls and animal sounds come from a human before. There was no humanness in the voice. It was very interesting to watch it slowly take hold on someone and then empowering to have the ability to make it leave.

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