A fruit farmer in Catalonia treats the land with orgonite

Hello Everyone,

I have opened this new section of orgonite effects in Farming and Fishing. There were many great examples in the old forum thru the years of the positive effects of orgonite in those fields. Rice, Veggies, Cereals, Macadamia nuts, fig trees, sea life multiplying….

A few months back i moved to Catalonia exactly at the time they were trying to have a referendum to see if independece from Spain was possible.  I ended up living  200 meters away from an organic farmer and thru the months i have heard of many farmers in the area experimenting with non toxic ways to grow their produce.  One of the devices they use (forgot the name) is basically a copper wire buried underneath. This wire has a coil on each end and several magnets aligned North/south  and covered in bee wax , similar perhaps to effects of orgonite. Although it is different is nice to see how local farmers are open to orgonite as well.

This land is full of almond and olive trees.  This year i ll be able to treat those species and control their development. I have no experience whatsoever with those trees and discussing with a friend and also the organic farmer next door, we theorised that perhaps placing orgonite on the olive trees might have and adverse effect on the amount of Olive collected, not because orgonite will be bad to the trees, but because Olive trees are very tough and are very accostumed to rough and extreme conditions and the thought  was that giving them so much of good energy would actually make the trees very strong and lush green but would give less fruit.   This seems to happen  naturally to Olive trees that had abundant water, they grow green and strong and are very healthy but seem to produce less olives. In any case is just a theory for this particular tree and we shall see what the effects  are for next harvesting season.

The reason i started this post though was to explain that once again a farmer contacted me , this time from Lleida area, becasue he wanted to treat his fruits trees with orgonite.  They grow peaches and loquats. The land is vast and would take a lot of orgonite to cover it all so after discussing his budget and possibilitites we decided to treat both species of trees of the same age in a very defined area next to same types of trees that will remain untreated and will be the control group.

It is very important that he realises by his own experience the positive effects of orgonite in his land so in the future he knows with confidence that he may be able to get more biomass with little effort and decide to cover all his land other seasons.

He has been very diligent in spreading the orgonite evenly in the field as well as making it a point to gift all nearby antennas and mountain arrays to balance the weather as well. He also has placed a cloudbuster for enhancing the efect and preventing possible violent weather.   I am happy about the way he is going about it and i say this because other times some farmers accepted orgonite from me and used it in their fields. I paid attention and saw positive results but most of them simply forgot or did not care to pay attention and hence they missed the opportunity to really know and take full advantage of orgonite in their farms. The cereal farmer in Castilla La Mancha who was  very observant as well is still using and spreading orgonite in his fields and gifting all over as well.

SO here is the email explaining what the fruit farmer did with the orgonite:

HI Fran, good afternoon. i have everything you sent. 550 trees are going to be treated, a little less than a hectare. I ve placed 100 Tbs spread evenly, 4 earth pipes in the corners and a 5th right on the center of the field with an HHG cone on top. The trees are 10 years old and i expect to get about 35,000kgs of fruit if everything goes well.  i will take pictures when i can. Ask away anything you like when you think about it. I will definately keep track of the evolution. I have placed the CLoudbuster in the middle of my 3 fields to try and see if it helps stopping hail and violent weather.  It sits right on a barley field (without water source) that i also wanted to treat since i read it is good for it.   The other two fruit fields i have are half km away and the other 5 or 6km away so i expect to cover that too.  I ve also gifted towerbusters on the most potent antennas in the areaand also the mountain tower arrays (found 3 spots) with TBs and HHG cones like you mentioned. I have also used Earth pipes and TBs under the electric power line that afects the cereal fields. I think i have done everything you mentioned.



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  1. Don Croft

    Congratulations, Fran! Most people may miss the important historical events that change the course of human history in a positive way, perhaps because there is no Hollywood orchestrated soundtrack playing in the background, but this is one.

    For me, it’s on a scale of the East Africans’ first commercial success; the creation of market demand among farmers and fishermen for orgonite. In their case, it had been accomplished with several years of legwork and sacrifice, literally giving away untold thousands of pieces of orgonite in order to cause regular rainfall to return, to clean up the polluted fishing grounds (and restore the fish population) and to cause an abundance and increased hardiness of crops.

    Organic agriculture is growing fast, apparently at the same rate that Monsanto et al are declining, according to Jeff Miller’s findings in the public record.

    You were fairly driven to return to Catalonia on account of a concentrated effort by the gestapo to entrap you on Menorca Island and we felt enormously relieved when you found your present home. It looks like you were guided to that spot. It’s not a sappy sentiment because many of us in the front row risk our lives and freedom to do this work and following our instincts has been a survival skill.

    Spain is the first country, by the way, where orgonite has been openly ridiculed on national TV (in a popular sitcom with canned laughter). Many years ago, after the first major towerbusting campaign, orgonite was attacked by a national TV-news celeb (‘science reporter’) who campaigned to prosecute anyone who tossed orgonite near death towers. That didn’t work out for them, fortunately, and whenever an actor or talking head ridicules orgonite it’s bound to legitimize it to accountable people. Can you imagine the frustration of the popular-culture architects over this dilemma? 😎


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