For Christine: Gifting in the dry places – Southern Sudan


The  high need  of the  orgonite  in  dry places  in the  Southern  Sudan   has  effectively  compelled  me  to at least take  half  a day  doing  gifting. I vised  some  valleys  today morning hours and  I really  did good  visitation  and  do some  giftings. I visited  a section  of  the  mountainous  region  and  did  good  gifting.  Am  very sure  by doing  these  the  climate  will  change and  a good  rainfall  will  be  realized.  In fact  right  now  there  is  a  high  rainfall  in  Kenya  and  I  believe it’s  due  to the  continuous  gifting  that  our  brother in Kenya  had  been doing.

I also visited  some  homes  around  and  gave some  lectures and  messages  of  hope, I told  them  despite   some  of the  difficulties  that  they  might  be  going  through  due  to harsh  weather,  soon  good  climate  restoration  is  going to be  realized. During  that  time  of  visitation  I happened to get  some  guys  who had known  the  orgonite  even  before.  Really  they were  very  much  impressed  with  my  work till  I gave  them  a direction  and  my contact. I know  that  soon  they  will  contact  me  and  they will  finally  be  my source  of sensitization the  community  around  about  the  impact  of the  orgonite.

In  fact  right  now  I  can  see  light  through  the  tunnel for  my lost  glory  is  going  to be  realized.  I would  ask  all  our  EW friends  to boost  me  continually  so that  I may  pick  up and  reinstate my  business  as  before.


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