Gifting in Kadiaga Gk Prison Kisumu.

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It’s  true we  have  learn  that  only  by gifting  the  most  sensitive areas  in our  country is  what  can  motivate  changes.  In fact  civil, social, political, and  economic changes  can  fully  be  achieved  by thorough  work  using  the  argent of  change  like  gifting the  orgonite. People  here  and  there  had  been  lamenting about  corruption  ,  bad  governance, bad  weather, poor economy,  but talking alone  cannot  do something. That  is  why  today  together  with  my  team  I  have  resorted  to gift  all-round  the  Kodiaga GK Prison in Kisumu  Kenya.

Because  it  was  recently when  I  came  from that  place  i was fully aware  of the  circumstances  within  and  outside  that  place. In fact we took a whole day doing that effective service. To my  advantage I happened to meet  one  of the  warders who recently  handled  me  while  I was  there, really  they were on their  way to town  and  abruptly she  just  sported  me  among the  team  that  I was  doing the  work  with.  In fact  she  really  admire  the  device and  asked  me  for  one  of  which  I gave  her  without  hesitation for I know  what  the  impact  will  be.  She  went  with  two  peace  which  she  is  going  to put in her  house while  the  other  one  in  their  office.  From  this  I  really  got  a better  chance  on how  the device  can  reach  the  most  sensitive  place ( the  prison)

From there  we  went  all  round  working on the   towers  around  , this  time  we  were resorted  to bury the  device  about  30 meters  away  because  of the  sensitivity  of the  place. Today  we  got an  opportunity to reach the  main tower  that  deals  with  the  control exchange  system  and  we  managed  to bury two  big sizes of the  orgonite.

For  sure  that  work that  we  did  there  has  a big impact and  the change  must  be  maximized within  the  shortest  time  possible. We  could  not  manage to finish  our  mission  because  of the  big  rainfall  which  flooded  the  area, but  all  in  all  the  work done  was classic and  very soon  several  changes  in the  sensitive areas  is  going to be  realized.

Mrs.  O

2 thoughts on “Gifting in Kadiaga Gk Prison Kisumu.

  1. Don Croft

    Excellent work, Mrs O and friends, and congratulations for being so proactive, soon after that unlawful incarceration!

    The fact that one of the wardens, who recognized Mrs O, was grateful for your orgonite gift may prove that British Intelligence, who control the government of Kenya, at least doesn’t control the hearts and minds of most the people who are carrying out their mandate against the Kenyan population. With your orgonite so well distributed throughout that area I feel confident that the people are in the process of eventually refusing to be intimidated, any more, by all that bullying and that the outcome and solution will not involve violence against the Brits’ puppet regime.

    I woke up this morning with the clear thought that the latest persecution may be the last, on account of that rising general awareness in Kisumu. I hope it was a vision of the future. You’ve been openly selling orgonite, there, for 9 years and that has no doubt generated a lot of momentum for your popular support and awareness.

    We’re living in a unique period of history when discernment and accountability are becoming fashionable and I’ve always felt that this is a significant influence that undermines and exposes the rule of parasites; a protection for those of us who have committed to improving our world by distributing simple orgonite.

  2. Mrs. O Post author

    Areas where I did my gifting in the lake two weeks ago are having good changes, I got the information from the fishermen around. Even the resident have also told me about that positive change. Other neighboring areas have also experienced the same good change.
    Yesterday I distributed some of the zappers to the flood evicted areas who are now suffering from Malaria and HIV aids. I know that from the zappers they will not suffer much from the attack.
    Mrs. O


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