A Persecuted Whistleblower Needs Boosting

I can’t tell you who this young man is but his mother is a trusted friend so I know this is genuine.  Please boost this  man when you think of him and let’s see if we can’t get him some relief from these nazi tormentors.   Meanwhile, I’ll try to find out where the CIA programming facility (mental hospital in the Adirondacks) is so that we can get some orgonite all around it & perhaps some earthpipes, if needed:

It’s just frustrating b/c until he was put into a mental hospital for trying to bring attention to what he found, his mind has been forever altered. The company he worked for was a government company that vetted contractors for the countries they went to war with. He was asked to streamline a server and while doing it he discovered encoded emails that had lists of all the school shootings and the amount of money that was funneled into each “Project”. They were all given names…P r o j e c t S t o r m, P r o j e c t M us li m M a n i a, etc.

There were pages of them with the money that was put into each project. And the various ABC agencies that were paid into also. As soon as he understood what it was he printed it all off and, thinking he was doing the right thing, drove all the way to the W h i t e H o u s e to personally hand it over. Instead, they took him into custody and placed him in a mental hospital somewhere in the Adirondacks and refused to disclose his location to us.

They kept him for 3 months and when he was released, he was no longer the same person. What has been happening to him ever since is a direct result of what they did to him. So, yes, he did place himself in these situations, but his mind is no longer his own. Not to mention that he went into that hospital a heterosexual and came out a homosexual with no seeming memory of even having a girlfriend/fiancée–that was completely forgotten about. 

16 thoughts on “A Persecuted Whistleblower Needs Boosting

  1. Don Croft Post author

    Here’s some additional comments from our friend about his son’s situation–good background material and I might send this to Miles Mathis, who ought to appreciate confirmation for his ‘faked mass murders’ research:

    Yes, absolutely, you can share his story. And thank you for the anonymity.

    Still no word from him and the police/task force have found nothing whatsoever. I do keep in spiritual contact with him through his higher self energy. He seems to be struggling greatly, but seems to also still be alive, thank God.

    I awoke today to hear him singing, “You Raise Me Up”. He sang that at my youngest daughter’s wedding. He was the one who gave her away to her now husband at their wedding. It’s been extremely hard on the entire family. Everyone is broken up and in constant prayer for his safety and to be found quickly.

    Isn’t it insane what they are capable of? None of us could grasp what he went through in that hospital to come out a complete stranger to us all…nothing at all like the ****** we knew even though he is still deeply loved.

    His fiancée never recovered from him not even remembering her. They were to be married in 6 months and she had her dress and all the plans had been solidly in place.

    We all rallied around him to try to help him and keep him protected. but their hooks are deeply embedded and I’m at a loss as to how to free him from their grasp.

      1. Don Croft Post author

        That’s terrific, Frode! I’ll ask Carol to dowse this map. Even if the facility isn’t listed there, I’ll trust her to find it 😎

        This reminds me of when Al Bielek was imprisoned in a CIA ‘nursing home’ in Florida and was not being allowed visitors. A friend’s father put orgonite all around that place, then before long Ed Cameron’s (Al said this is who he was in 1943 before his consciousness was inserted in the baby, Al Bielek, in 1927) children in New Mexico rescued him from there.
        Ed Cameron’s son in New Mexico had tried unsuccessfully to meet Al Bielek for many years before his incarceration but was always prevented by the sewer rats in overt ways. Once, when he nearly reached the location where Al was giving a lecture in upstate New York, the ‘Royal Canadian Mounted Police’ barred his way ;-). The same friend then was able to talk to Al on the phone. She had been barred from seeing him in the ‘nursing home.’

        I recommend reading Miles Mathis’ papers in order to break out of the fake paradigm of popular culture and ideologies that this old corporate order began creating in the 1600s and has nearly everyone trapped in. Watching and listening to Al Bielek’s and Phil Schneider’s many talks can break open the hidden m.o. of the same poisonous plutocracy.

  2. Don Croft Post author

    He’s been found–someone spotted him after seeing a flyer & called his sister, who is helping him.

    I think it’s okay to mention that his mom, who is a phenomenally powerful psychic that never agreed to work for the CIA/NSA, has been severely oppressed for her entire life and this happened immediately after she finally gained the strength to get out and bust the local death towers, which were obviously being used to reinforce the psi corps’ incessant, debilitating assaults.

    The enemy get more juice from torturing activists and potential activists than from simply murdering them/us and their favorite targets have always been non-cooperative offspring of the oligarchy, like this family.

  3. Edward

    Thank God he’s found. Boosting him and his oppressors now! Most likely they programmed an alternate personality into him and that is who he is right now. What a horrible situation to have your life and mind taken from you that way.

  4. Edward

    yes, they did. it worked on me until i started waking up in my mid to late twenties, and then at 30 went through major deliverance and inner healing to cope and deal with the memories that i was having; and have been taking part in these sessions periodically ever since to stay free. a lot of stuff was deactivated in those early meetings. stuff they keep trying to activate with a phone call, but to no avail, thank God! I used to be my own worst enemy with the self sabotaging because of their programming.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thx for mentioning that, Ed. You’re a prime example of how someone who is born into the oligarchy but resists their agenda can successfully resist the enemy this way. Most of them I’ve been in touch with give up more easily under that awful, constant pressure.

      Our readers may not know that you’ve been strategically using orgonite to break the economic/occult chain that they’re attempting to keep you bound with. A man with your intelligence and talent can easily make a good living anywhere else. The Deep South (Bible Belt) is the most tightly controlled part of the continent on account of the overt prominence of the secret-handshake pedophiles–CIA’s eager creatures. Busting up their etheric infrastructure in your region is going to free a whole lot of trapped spirits–is already doing so, I’m sure.

  5. Peter Lundy

    Speaking of “activation” via phone I made an interesting note. When my cell phone (for emergencies only – otherwise always OFF) is placed inside a specially EMF/WiFi insulated pouch the battery lasts three time longer or more. So it was my knowing that the cell phone is always busy processing stuff we aren’t supposed to be aware of. But once the signal is cut off this “processing” ends and the battery extended.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      When the feds are trying very hard to find us during orgonite-flinging sorties (with Succor Punch running) our phones sometimes get really hot 😎

  6. Don Croft

    A Succor Punch has the peculiar ability to block electronic surveillance, apparently including satellites, and some have gotten confirmation that it’s even blocked video surveillance on occasion. I don’t recommend assuming that it will block video surveillance, though. I think that might have been due to The Operators’ protective intervention.

  7. InOtherNews

    Hope he can recover from this horrible attack.

    Making a connection with this headline today – U.S. Parkland survivor David Hogg ominously predicted that America would be struck by a tragic shooting today. –

    to this information in Don’s post – He was asked to streamline a server and while doing it he discovered encoded emails that had lists of all the school shootings and the amount of money that was funneled into each “Project”. They were all given names…P r o j e c t S t o r m, P r o j e c t M us li m M a n i a, etc.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      …alleged school shootings 😎 but this might show another angle about how some of these CIA fear porn reinforcements are predicted, right? If you want to get out of that squirrel wheel please read Miles Mathis’ thorough dissections of faked catastrophes.

  8. InOtherNews

    Hi Don,
    I’ve read Miles’ essays but have known about the anatomy of these stages events years before that. Merely, corroborating your post with mainstream headline suggesting Hogg is an insider. I’ve recently watched The Boston Unbombing on the Memory Hole site which goes deep into moulage and fake blood industry.


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