Daily Archives: May 11, 2018

A Persecuted Whistleblower Needs Boosting


I can’t tell you who this young man is but his mother is a trusted friend so I know this is genuine.  Please boost this  man when you think of him and let’s see if we can’t get him some relief from these nazi tormentors.   Meanwhile, I’ll try to find… Read more »

Gifting in Kadiaga Gk Prison Kisumu.


It’s  true we  have  learn  that  only  by gifting  the  most  sensitive areas  in our  country is  what  can  motivate  changes.  In fact  civil, social, political, and  economic changes  can  fully  be  achieved  by thorough  work  using  the  argent of  change  like  gifting the  orgonite. People  here  and  there  had … Read more »