Sylph Photo Gallery


Schilde, Belgium

12 thoughts on “Sylph Photo Gallery

  1. Cyclingflinger

    I have added a small collection of air elementals on the website portal we gift!

    Good luck to all of you while being busy to gift on with orgonite!


  2. Carlos Silva Post author

    Sorry everyone, I wasn’t seeing the problem correctly. It’s been fixed now and everyone can edit this post and add their own pictures. Check the first comment if you need help to understand the procedure or email me at if you have any questions.

    It’s not advisable to try to edit this post with your phone or tablet. Sorry! Have to use one of those things with keyboard and mouse/mousepad.

    Thank you.

  3. Edward

    I added a bunch of slyph photos I’ve taken in the last few years, tried to get them in order, but didn’t succeed.


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