Sewer rats during sleep progress?

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Hi everyone,

Yesterday night after writing my latest report on Brussels I had the visit of the personal sewer rat surveillance steelplane in my own dreams?

I know them by heart, as they are always flying over my own gifting persona when going outside. They are really afraid of positive “orgone” conductive capacitance.

When they attack, you wake up from your deep sleep and you have your own heart pounding very fast. You tell yourself its just an attack from people who doesn’t know anything and then turn around and sleep back in like “a loire” on his own winter sleep (graphiurus).

When I was a kid, I used to do a lot of rock-climbing in the Ardennes, at a place called Marche-les-Dames. This is the place where our last King Albert I was poisoned and fell of a cliff! When being kid other people died there because of other climbing security defaults? I belief all the sillica part of the mountain range had been corrupted (negativily influenced) since neolithic ages. Of course our accompagnateurs where of so called noble stock, and nothing happened to us? Always the same, generation after generation … ad nauseam.

The dream was about climbing the cliff alone in the middle of the day. Which I have done a couple of times. Since, I got really into orgonite gifting they induced a new fear called vertigo.

This is exactly how Alfred Hitchcock got sponsored by his own black lodge, he also promoted fear for birds etc… The last thing they want is you communicating with vocal birds as they are smart as their own element.

So, the dream was about seeing the steelplane beaming and micro-waving me on the cliff till I would fall down. Nothing happened of that!

I’ll give you a neat tip, put a lot of rosequartz, kunzite, and larimar into your bedroom. Use the stones and minerals you really like, this should make your sleeping room a big loving vortex, the opposite of the secret basement where they pray their scary prey to death …

It worked really well for me as I awoke with renewed strength! The use of the Terminator is also advised during sleep progress.


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  1. GB

    Interesting about Hitchcock and The Birds, and evoking fear of nature. More evidence you’re doing the right thing.
    Appreciate the report.

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