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I’ll be taking over admin duties from Dooney, who’s been swamped with other things. I don’t expect to have to do a lot of work after the massive undertaking she did providing this website with a new life, last year. Thank you Dooney 🙂

EW has changed a lot over the years. It went from being an exclusive club with a lot of readers (Hi Langley!) to being a place where anyone can comment, as long as they are respecful of others.

I remember when the focus was on gifting reports and what a struggle there was to keep discussions grounded sometimes! I know it’s difficult not to be passionate with our beliefs and I understand gifters can be determined people – after all we are taking on the parasite that feeds off this world, and it may feel like we are doing it single-handedly.
In the middle of the general flow of posts there were, of course, the usual coniving and carefully crafted agents tring to worm their way in. Don did a wonderful job at detecting and eliminating those troublemakers over the years and I heard horror stories of his fireman work countering agency moles, in the time before EW turned into a closed site.

Today, the house is open to all. I see posts and comments nowadays that I wouldn’t dream seeing before. We don’t feel responsible for the validity of anyone’s claims and practically the only way someone’s being called on account of them is with the engagement in intelligent discussion.

Though, in a way, nothing has changed. As a human being, you are still required to make your own judgements, make up your own mind about what you read and experience here (and, indeed, anywhere). The only information we all seem to agree on is that orgonite’s a life energy device that anyone can make and with it help take down the current system that keeps us at worst enslaved, and at best, limited in our freedom. We want to replace that with a life-based system and orgonite devices are some of the best seeds for it.

Have fun, life’s too short 😎

2 thoughts on “Etheric Warriors

  1. Don Croft Post author

    It was great having you as a guest over April, Carlos, and Coach Dooney obviously feels grateful for your very active support, too. I don’t know of many people who are getting slammed as hard by the parasitic order’s sewer rat agencies as Dooney has been since Chuck’s untimely death and the subsequent destruction of Etheric Warriors last July, which is when she took responsibility for insightfully restoring the site in the new format.

    Typically of such overt attacks by the National Sphincter Agency and affiliated criminal corporate syndicates, though, this blogsite is proving to be superior to the old forum format and more timely. The first time they hoisted themselves on their own petards in this way was in 2001, when they unwittingly caused the construction of several thousand orgonite cloudbusters, ending the chemtrail bioweaponry assault that had sickened many millions of people in the developed countries.

    Chuck had miraculously preserved EW from destruction by these gov’t people for 8 years. Before that, they had destroyed the forum several times and even physically sabotaged two server facilities (Montreal and Santiago). We miss him a lot. By the way , reader, any time you start to feel even the slghtest sickness symptom, immediately stick a zapper on your body, okay? These $#!+birds have evidently stepped up their poison agenda and I think it’s on account of the acceleration of their own exposure and demise. If they were actually powerful, Most of us, here, would be dead or in the corporate Gulag.

    I never realized that fear is an issue among new orgonite flingers because what scares most of them is just more fun for us, here. Carol once asked a local friend to toss a couple of towerbusters out the passenger window during a road trip and the gal was literally too terrified to do it because she thought she’d be caught on a ubiquitous surveillance camera 😎 but I think we’re playing to a different, rather small audience, here.

    By the way, Carlos, Jeff Miller and a trusted few others used to help me identify the moles, usually before they did any damage. One of them stupidly tried to poison Jeff against me, privately. That was a hoot.

    We recommend learning a bit of basic spycraft, though, in order to be as inconspicuous as possible while were out tossing our little gifts in the world. The only penalty for making oneself a spectacle (unless you’re in East Africa or Saudi Arabia , where orgonite flingers have been jailed and even tortured) is that one may have to go back and bust a lot of targets a second time, hopefully on the sly 😉 . A Succor Punch blocks most surveillance, meanwhile. Take note of how hard the sewer rats around us work to be inconspicuous to us. They do this spook crap for a living and there’s a good reason for it.


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