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I need boosting help from everyone. I got a call day before yesterday from the court clerk in west Jackson county Ms. A Shauna Hebert missed court, and i never received the final judgement from the court, which means the person was either re-arrested by law enforcement, or took care of the warrant on their own by going to court. (or they are screwing with me, which happens more often than not these days).

I was blindsided because they are going to revoke my license today at 5 pm if i don’t catch her by 5 pm. i can say already that that’s not going to happen as i dont even have the funds for gas to drive 65 miles north and get her. I filed a motion with the court yesterday for an extension of time because i never received the final judgement as i was supposed to if the warrant was still active. Please boost the justice court judge in west jackson county Ms. Thanks for all the help. i am waiting on the court clerk to call me this afternoon as soon as the judge makes his decision.

We are pretty sure that we have her located, even where she works. Problem is it will be Monday before i can get a licensed female bail agent to go with me. I never arrest or transport females alone. It can get ugly real quick if you are dealing with a trifling female who cares nothing of you and wants to make a false accusation out of spite. Anyway, the bible says to “avoid even the appearance of evil”, so i dont arrest or transport females without a female present, and preferably the female puts the cuffs on them too. All boosting help appreciated. heck, boost shauna marie Hebert too! And anyone able, please try to encourage her to call me or go take care of it ASAP! Thanks in advance.

4 thoughts on “Boosting needed ASAP

  1. Edward Post author

    Even if you see this after 5 pm central time, Boost the judge and the girl anyway! as it will make it easier for us when we finally arrest her the more she is being boosted and told she needs to take care of this. And with the judge, he still may not make the decision today and may wait till monday, so please boost as much as possible even if it is after my deadline Thanks!!!!

  2. Morgonite

    Boosting now Ed. Big wave of heat energy sent your way. Boosted the judge and the woman in question as well.


  3. Edward Post author

    Thanks everyone who helped with boosting. After a great deal of pressure she called and met us Monday morning at the courthouse and i was able to get off the bond and it was a very easy process. I only have to pay $150 to the guys that got her to call. dont have it yet, but working on it. SO thanks again for all boosting help and prayers.


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