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Really the use of the orgonite has helped us much in improving our farming system and for sure this time we are going to experience good harvest.  You can see the success of that inter cropping. You can see that maize being outcropping with cassava and bananas, and in fact the result is so good.

My real focus will be to see  that all  the new  places receive good gifting to improve  them  for a better result. because of  of the the drastic fall  in  our economy we are going  to make sure  that  we resort to less  expensive fertilizer to help in  improving our production  and  at  the same time minimize  the the cost.


2 thoughts on “Nyatike Gifting

  1. Owuor Chris Post author

    Since our gifting in Nyatike areas within Migori county many people have now embarked to farming. In fact Nyatike areas in copper and gold mining zones and many years ago people and more so the youth had resorted to mining as a source of basic incomes. All these had made the place to be backwards in terms of food production. But now my happiness is that a bigger percentage of the people are now doing farming and am sure their economic achievement will change. Thanks to the introduction of the orgonite.

  2. Owuor Chris Post author

    My work in Nyatike sub county of Migori had been with a lot of success. In fact something happened there in the mining cite which made many people to resort to agriculture as the future source of income. Six copper miners got trapped in the mining pits, in fact really caused havoc something which made the people to fear going back deep in the pit. I even talked with one the leaders this morning and he told me that they are going to see away of changing the occupations of the youths from copper mine to pure agriculture. In fact this will add us more market of our mboleas.
    In fact yesterday I extended my gifting mission up to some flood hit areas of Kabuto. There I also managed to handle several cases. There people are living camps because they had been evicted by flood. They are living in temporary house made of plastic bags, in fact the life there is so pathetic. The water is dirty ( untreated) this forced me to change my focus and start using the orgonite for water purification. In fact its true the government is working all round the clock but still there’s a need of extra services. Another problem there is mosquito inversion , due to such poor health and sanitation plus accessories like mosquito nets, blankets, those people are suffering from the mosquito infection . I had to part with all the zappers which I had but was still not enough but I trust there will be a change.
    The rate of immoral practice among the youth have also increased in a higher rate because of that poor health , living standard. These has greatly appealed for our humanitarian support for both the orgonite and the zappers to help them maintain their lives.
    So likely by weekend we are going to organized as a team to launch a thorough gifting and sensitization campaign against such and I fully trust that the outcome will be good. The issue that we may not be able to manage as per now is that the flood is still huge because the rain still on. But we trust that we are going to work as per our ability. I will keep all our EW friends with the update.


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