Farming in Nyatike Migori County

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For the last few weeks we have seen a bigger progress in Nyatike areas where we gifted some years back. Really farmers have a lot of progress; last time when I went to Malawi I took some soyer beans for trial. I managed to give one of our farmers in Nyatike areas where we had done the gifting sometimes back and the result is just practical.  This brings to my view that bilo orgonite can even do much in dry areas. Right now we good rainfall and even the soil has increased its fertility. Other you can just see by yourself in the picture posted.




1 thought on “Farming in Nyatike Migori County

  1. chris

    Really the use of the orgonite has helped us much in improving our farming system and for sure this time we are going to experience good harvest. You can see the success of that inter cropping. You can see that maize being intercroping with cassava and bananas, and in fact the result is so good.


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