Gare Clement is being sandbagged by parasitic bureaucrats….

He’s being blocked from posting here, again, so I’m doing it for him.Β  His greenhouse business in Regina is a pretty old, established and reputable institution so of course there’s no excuse::

”Β Still have not received approval for building permit application, seems the excuse being used is that the poly film flame testing procedures I submitted documentation on was from the American testers and they are asking for Canadian standards which are not different at all! Knew that last year every time We poured Our favorite muffins THEY would show up in force that it meant something serious and it would appear that is what We are experiencing now. Has been all the plant sales We’ve made this century that has financed Our Gifting efforts. Please direct boosts to assist. Thank You.”

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  1. Gare Clement

    Thx for posting this for Me Don! The day I emailed You I was not allowed to post but the next day I was allowed so not sure why that is?? Have no doubt here that I am being hacked again as that’s the case more often than not. Anyways I was able to post a boosting request the next day but I’m thinking the more attention to this situation the better the resultant outcome will be! I did receive a reply late yesterday afternoon from the MKID building inspector telling My follow up info was received and added to the file for a final review to come about early next week. Any boosting this weekend and early next week should weaken THEIR resolve to shut Me down entirely.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      You’re very welcome, Gare. I ought to remind our readers that you’re one of the most prolific orgonite flingers on the planet and have been doing so since we also started in 2001. The fact that for many years you’ve put a piece of orgonite in every single potted plant that you’ve sold to people in that city is no doubt a big factor in these parasitic, faceless bureaucrats’ present sandbagging effort against you 😎

      On the day before Carol, Carlos and I drove to Colorado the sewer rats destroyed our internet setup. This is so routine for us, as well as for you, that I usually forget to report it here. Hacking and sabotage are de jeur for anyone who improves the world, these days. Exposing it is fun and usually productive, though.

      Yesterday, while Carlos and I were earthpiping the baby killers’ base under North Cascades National Park, a technician came to fix the internet setup and he was completely mystified by how it was destroyed. He told Carol that he’d never seen anything like that πŸ˜‰

  2. F. A. BERT

    I don’t know if this is good enough to be posted. I hope it is. People do need to know this, Don.
    What a lot of people getting into this what I’ve come to call “Jedi work”, is that it will change their lives forever. This can be a good thing, or it can be a BAD thing. Usually a whole lot of BOTH. An old pastor friend of mine who has exercised demons ( he would have NOTHING to do with the Catholic church ) told me this. He said that once you take on the kingdom of darkness, there’s no way to get it to “call off the dogs.” “You’ll be fighting it for the rest of your life!” he said. I also know Lorraine Warren ( of the demonologist team Ed and Lorraine Warren ). She gave me that same warning. She said that the kingdom of darkness and the Darkside will keep you on a “target list.” The job of “stopping you” is then given to everything from your local occult shadow organization to the IRS!!! Suddenly, the police start harassing you, demonized people start going off on you, your finances start vanishing from your bank accounts ( if you have an inheritance, you may never be able to get it back!!! ), ghosts start causing you trouble, etc. What Gare Clement is going through right now is “par for the course!!!”
    It is a rough hard life to be a Jedi. I don’t know why orgone gifters seem to hate being called “Jedi,” because that’s precisely what we ARE. Light sabers are about 150 – 200 “earth-years” away from being invented. But there are all kinds of really clever high-tech weapons a person can invest in ( for last resort self defense purposes ONLY!!! ). You don’t have to pack a pistol. I have a pistol that I load with salt and capsaicin pellets. That will make an attacker wish that you HAD shot him dead!!! Dead sea salt and pure capsaicin oil!!! OUCH!!! ( Capsaicin is what makes hot peppers HOT ). But even THAT will net you a mean assault charge. The best 2 weapons a true Jedi has is stealth and wisdom. I always put fake mud over my car license plates and wear a hoodie when I go out gifting. I do my gifting at night. It is much better than doing it in broad daylight.
    But even then, somehow, THEY will still find out who you are, eventually.
    When this happens you will probably lose your job when sinister government agents harass you at work. If you are disabled and are recieving S.S.I. or S.S.A, you may end up losing those benefits!!! And if all else fails, THEY can always send illegal porn to your computer and bust you!!! The way that the law is written, you don’t even have to know it’s THERE to be ruled “guilty” of possessing it!!! There are many many ways that this corrupt system can get rid of a person!!! The “illegal porn” one is the scariest. People need to know how to “scan” their computers for those kids of “traps!!!”
    If you don’t want to end up going through hell, just gifting your own neighborhood and home should be enough to make a difference in your community and home. Always have some orgonite in the car and on your person, as well. ( VERY IMPORTANT! )
    Now there are some people who are reincarnated evil spirits. These people are the malignant narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths, and as such, they have no souls. ( I ain’t talkin’ about “gingers!!!” That whole thing was STUPID ). Orgonite has a very bad effect on them. It purifies the BAD in them. It also awakens them to the time back in their past lives when they sold their souls to the Darkside in return for power, fame and wealth. This sums up a good 95 % of every Hollywood actor and actress that has ever LIVED!!! When they reincarnate, they will surely be… “something else again” … and the world will have to find some kind of way to DEAL with them!!! Water ( orgonite ) nourishes living things, but it only HURTS dead things of unholy fire!!! Hey Hey Hey.
    I could tell you about my childhood friend “B.” He hated,.. and I do mean HATED going to church. He hated ANYTHING to do with spirituality OR religion. One day, a good friend of his ( former employed housekeeper ) made him a piece of orgonite. He got irate, called it voodoo laced with “blood and sparkle”, and had her and her husband thrown out without a penny!!! You never can tell how orgonite will effect a person. This is another thing to consider. I just hate to see people go into this “Jedi work” having no idea what they’re in for.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Ed Blaize in Mississippi might chime in here, F.A., because he apparently has a religious background similar to yours but I think the notion that evil can never be defeated is a principle of dualism, which in my view is just another brainwashing protocol.

      If one studies history one can see that every time a major prophet has come, civilization takes a giant step forward. Some feel that when ‘dragon’ is mentioned in various scriptures it stands for ‘usury,’ for instance, and all of the prophets slay that dragon for a time. I think that usury, which is the foundation of the ancient corporate world order (arguably the main source of evil in this world) is about to expire, now, due to rising general human awareness and accountability. During Europe’s Dark Age one could bank within the Islamic empire without ever paying interest. Banking transactions carried competetive fees, rather. One could write a check in Spain and cash it in China in those days. Banking without usury is wonderfully efficient and helps the economy thrive.

      The mystical component of debt slavery is essentially evil, in my view, and it doesn’t take a Jedi to oppose such sorcery; it’s defeated by rising general awareness. I’ve never seen myself as a Jedi, nor do my associates, as far as I know. I’m rather having fun riding this wave of rising consciousness and earning a comfortable living from it while undermining the ancient, hiding parasitic order. If they were truly powerful I’d be dead or in the Gulag, of course.

      My life is a great deal more easy and pleasant, now, than it was before I committed to destroying this old behemoth so that rather contradicts your pastor friend’s assertion, in my view.

      I’m sorry to hear about your orgonite-making friend’s hard knocks (if I were that nice, generous person, I’d lay a load of orgonite around that jerk’s property in the middle of the night! πŸ˜‰ ) but I think that anyone who commits to improving the world is going to have an ‘adjustment period,’ and in my case it involved losing my family, much of my sanity, my home and business and spending several years in vagabondage but thats what led me directly to Carol and the wonderful life that I’m experiencing, now. I’ve seen that happen to a lot of people who have committed to improving the world . Westerners tend to treat religion as a cargo cult, I think, in which suffering is perceived as a sign of God’s displeasure but suffering and unwilling sacrifice is just a necessary part of anyone’s spiritual training, in my opinion.

  3. david r.

    There are always new towers going up and its a big ocean out there. Just trying to do a small part in the orgonite distribution over here.
    It felt to me that fa bert created a trollish post, even if it wasn’t intentional. He worked that fear angle. Gifting and/or having orgonite is different for everyone i guess.
    Don rebutted quite well.

    1. Don Croft Post author

      David, I want our readers to know that you’re one of the very few who has taken orgonite to whales and interacted with them in the sea. It’s hard not to envy that.

      The beauty of a blogsite, to me, is that even trollish-seeming posts can get a fair hearing. The issue of fear was something I wanted to address, anyway. Under the circumstances, anyone who offers comments that seem to question our m.o. might be perceived as trollish and in the old forum format that was not good because anyone who had gotten permission to post, there, was presumably vetted and would not be struggling with commitment to this effort, any more. Anyone is free to submit comments, here. We’ve only banned a few persistent trollish types. Most people who question our methods sincerely want answers and we like accountability, so no problem.

      Most of the people in the world who do this fieldwork don’t want to talk about it publicly and that might be protecting the rest of us. I think it’s our job to create and maintain reasonable standards, otherwise, now that we have a little soapbox to stand on. We’ve certainly been doing that for the past 17 years, in spite of our NSA/Google-enforced, very low public profile 😎

  4. silvio nocerino

    Gare, when the mountain doesn’t go to Muhammed then Muhammed must go tothe mountain.
    That engeneer ought to draw a line and I hope is a vertical line rather horizontal.
    Can you quantify in numbers, wieht, pieces, and money will be lost with the time after his decision?

    Bari wheel numbers and money counting with truth. Truth of numbers which is 54 + 45 sums is 99, it could be read 9 x 11.or viceversa. Hence ritualistic and initiatic.
    There is 90 + 9 when the last number i s 80 there is 8 when the numbers are 91 there is 1 if the numbers are 100.
    So the difference of 99 from 90 is 9 from 91 is 8 from 100 is a negative 1.
    89 1
    Hand job 51

  5. silvio nocerino

    Typos by the computer.

    Bari wheel on the italian lotto gave tonight 54 nad 45, 54 is numbers money counting and 45 is truth, truth of numbers.
    in a system of 90 numbers the excess is 9, in a system of 91 is 8, in a system of 100 is a negative 1.
    99 is 9 11 or 11 9, symbolic happening on the 21st of April.
    Hence 89 1 19.
    Seriously please print some figures of what damage and losses mr kk will cause you. I need them for a financia nalysys, my lawyer needs to see it.

  6. Gare Clement

    Thx Geiff! Keep the Loving Boosts coming Warriors and Followers, I reckon 3 or 4 more days??

    F.A. , will be 57 years for Me this year and in all that time don’t You think I might have seen at least one small inkling of DEMONS? Have had many People warn Me that it’s real and that They were being harassed by it but years later I understood all about MK, and the CIA MONARCH PROGRAM and to the best of My thinking I then understood what was going on.

    Thomas Nerbas from EDMONTON chose the name Orgonite Jedi as His screen name on before it was destroyed shortly after the NSA murdered the webmaster Chuck Telechea. If it wasn’t for Thomas who knows how long it would have been before I got involved with Orgonite? For sure I would have though as it seems I was destined to do something great in My Life and Orgonite is it! Fell asleep at the wheel, winter ’96, certainly died, but awoke out of a coma almost 2 months lateR. Instinctly knew Our Creator was keeping Me around for something important but it wasn’t till almost 5 years later that I instantly knew what it was the day MANHATTAN and was turned into a live movie set.

    Your right though I do not like the name Jedi as it reminds Me of STAR WARS and that is something I’ve never bothered to fantasize about. Prefer instead to decide for MySelf what is real by what I see and feel not what HOLLYWOOD SCI FI is pushing as the ENTERTAINMENT de jour.

    Only encourage People to become Orgonite Warriors, why discourage or warn? Pointless because
    It is only real true fearless Warriors that will undertake this work. In order to do so though They first have to willingly break through the MIND CONTROL that a EveryOne is subjected to . Near impossible for most to do, that is why only certain People are chosen for this.

    Numbers have amazingly truthful consequences behind them Silvio and Your insights on numerology fascinate Me. Like Don eludes the house of cards the entire CABAL is built around
    will vanish along with all other means of CONTROL once the DEBT number SCAM finally gives up the ghost! Numbers change from year to year, with any well run successful business it should increase. Hard to say though as economy is in the tank and sinking fast. But on the other hand when People are stretched instead of spending time away on expensive vacations Theychoose to enjoy backyards so flowers and vegetables are always popular. Say ballpark 175k to this year if all goes as planned.

  7. Jeff Miller

    Bert, thanks for the influential, charismatic “don’t ever get involved in Orgonite gifting, or you’ll regret it” missive.

    Hey, wait, arent you the guy I’d never met who was suddenly speaking up for Dancan the other day? You hadn’t mentioned he’d asked you to speak for him, there, which is why I brought it up. Welcome to the forum, you’ve certainly gotten busy quickly.

    As I said in that post, I call the pitches as they come in, and I will continue to.

    A porous-border forum certainly brings a new frisson to the dialogue, but it also provides an opportunity for readers to exercise their critical faculties in real time as they read these exchanges.

    They’ll use their personal discernment to come to their own conclusions on the writings of all the participants in the forum, and what’s generally going on, here, and what side of it they stand on.

    Can you see that I’m speaking in generalities? A guy named Don Croft taught me that.

  8. Don Croft Post author

    I’d been noticing a lot of fear from new orgonite flingers, Jeff, which is why I decided to approve Bert’s comment and answer back. The fear is evidently due to our (collective) reports of interference, surveillance, failed intimidation, etc. The reason we post those reports is so that we won’t have to experience as much of it; parasites are mandated to work covertly, so any exposure hurts their agenda. None of us are gangstalked, the way that so many streetsmart-shy activists are, but if we didn’t report these government crimes against us we’d perhaps be buried under these sewer rat agencies’ gaslighting crap.

    You and I consider all of that to be just part of the fun of undermining the ancient tyranny of parasites but, perhaps due to successful conditioning over several generations and the recent explosion of fear porn content on the internet a whole lot of accountable people are now experiencing actual terror when they consider flinging orgonite, even from a moving car in the dark. I only started encountering this fairly recently and I trust that these folks will gird their loins and get busy, since the job is obviously not yet finished. I think they can all see how much fun we’re having and that none of us (outside of East Africa) are dead or in the Gulag on account of it.

  9. Edward

    I have to admit that the attacks ramped up against me somewhat when I started flinging orgonite, but nowhere near as bad as when i was 1st blackballed. it’s been roughly 20 years since i was gangstalked.
    I don’t believe the fear of attacks is a valid reason to not fling orgonite. If you know to do good and don’t do it, you are sinning according to the bible. On another note, pure love when used properly is more powerful than any weapon they have. If you are boosting your assailants and blasting at necessary times, they will leave you alone as far as overt attacks. I havent been attacked by a psychic since last summer. Since you are a Christian i would recommend reading Ephesians chapter 6. It’s about the Armour of God. Learn it, use it, i put it on several times a day when under heavy attack. It’s powerful. Heck, even if you aren’t a Christian, it will work for you. It is simply a thoughtform that the more you speak it and visualize it and use it, the more powerful it becomes!

    If i had it to do all over again, I WOULD!!!! My life as a whole is substantially better now 2.5 years into this than it was before. Yes, they screw with me sometimes, but the ability to go into public around town, in jails and courthouses, without the heavy oppression of the black magic used against those places, is a Godsend! I know this is part of my purpose for living and i believe the name of this blogsite is appropriate. I was an etheric warrior before orgonite, but didn’t have all the tools to fight that i do now. Definitely worth it!!!!

  10. Gare Clement

    Thx Edward and everyOne who helped Our situation. Do not have the building permit n hand yet but believe it is on its way soon! Boosting is so powerful it literally works miracles ;-). For instance when I first started requesting boosts a couple of weeks ago the attitudes I encountered turned positive when dealing with all the CRIMINALS at CITY HALL where before was exactly opposite. We are proceeding along as We should be this spring thanks so much to All! Maybe not so much thanks to F.A. BERT as the FEAR AGENDA is certainly out of place in this forum but I guess we’re not a forum anymore but a blog site, sorry if I don’t really understand the differance but each of Us true Warriors know why we’re here and what we’re doing. Pour and Gift, Pouring and Gifting is really all that needs to be done everywhere, no matter if it’s only 1 small can of resin just make sure it’s maximum quantity of metal and not much more than a chip of crystal, that’s all I ever use unless it’s a bigger Hhhg, CB or an earth pipe.

    One thing I wanted to mention is We are being PSYTRONICALLY? ATTACKED 2 nights this past week until I realized I had forgotten to do My before bedtime boosting/prayers, of course when I started to do that the ATTACKS ceased immediatally! When boosting I always ask for all My guides and helpers to assist and it means all the differance in how effective the boosting is. EveryOne has there Own guides and I have many besides Creator, Mary, Jesus, Operators, Sylphs, Whales&Dolphins with always a special request from the big guy in 13D, past over loved Ones like Mom and Dad always do special things for Me as well and on and on and on…. Will next update this post when building permit is in hand which should be early next week. Have made the mistake of calling off boosting too early before so send Your highest loving thoughts to THEM while Your reading this and that will help all of Humanity break out from under the stomping boot ok?

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks for the update, Gare. I don’t really understand the difference between ‘forum,’ and ‘blogsite, either but I’m told that the latter is simply more current. I appreciate that the blog format is more inclusive, though.

      Carol, Carlos and I were slammed very hard by (apparently) CIA psi predators operating out of that fancy restaurant/programming center we gifted near Boulder, two weeks ago. It took us several days to finally do some boosting, then the heaviness lifted. It’s funny how we often forget to take care of this right away, as you say.

  11. Morgonite

    Boosted you today Gare, Sent the big beam of heart energy your way. I’m just learning but i’ve always been a good shot.


  12. Gare Clement

    Your so welcome Don! Pleased to report that permit has been issued and is sitting there waiting to. be picked up ;-). Thanks are sent out to everyOne. You will like boosting M not only because it is so effective but it also dramatically increases Your Energy levels, at first it might feel a little draining but that’s just Your Body getting used to it I think. You always know it’s working by the tingly feeling that seems to run up and down the spine, a least that’s the way I works for Me. Enjoy the weekend, first warm day of the year will be tomorrow, all the snow is finally gone here now and don’t remember it taking this long, this late in the year for at least 4 decades. Believe this is just more evidence of the distribution of Our favorite muffins πŸ˜‰

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Congrats, Gare, and it’s always good to get feedback for our boosting expositions πŸ˜‰
      It’s still hilarious, to me, about how improving world climate has forced the Church of Settled Science to stop whining about ‘Global Warming.’ I think too many people were laughing at them, which probably infuriated them. For a very brief time they swtiched to ‘Global Cooling,’ but the milder winters might have caused more background laughter, so now they say, ‘Climate Change’ with a straight face and they do their best to make all of this good news seem like bad news. I wonder who buys it, now? Is this just another form of gov’t-subsidized, non-productive industry? It sort of reminds me of Spain’s massive secret police force, which didn’t suitably shrink when the empire was lost, several generations ago.

      In America, there aren’t enough thugs to go around under the New Patriotism nazi spectacle so the sewer rat agencies were forced to recruit en masse from former East Bloc countries, haha.

      The Green Boots (militant environmentalists; nazis of a different color), who suffered this loss of credibility, seemed to sacrifice their senses of humor on the altar of desired personal power but one might wonder if people like these ever had a sense of humor, of course. Their ’cause’ grew directly out of the hippie milieu, in case you didn’t know. Conformity has always been an ugly thing, to me.

  13. Lovegeneration

    The fear is real.Β  I was an observer who got inspired and started gifting. But couldnt yet find the courage to stand up and be counted. In 2016 I emailed Don Croft a gifting report after a trip to Western Samoa. Don encouraged me to post the little report on the forum but I was too scared. I’m finally going to do it now. I have never encountered demons or any malevolent ghostly entities, but have always felt an irrational fear of the covert agencies, of being abducted etc. My husband is totally consumed by the media and its fear porn and he pretty much believes that they will come for you if you post something on the internet!

    With regard to boosting, one thing I wanted to say is that the power of boosting oneself should not be ignored.Β  Before sending pure love energy to any remote target i first concentrate it into myself by placing my hands on my solar plexus and doing the normal boosting breaths and visualizations for a few minutes, seeing and feeling that love energy vibrate in my body and fortify my own aura.Β  Then I always feel stronger to send that love along to the target.Β  Only love is in invincible! Thanks for the constant inspiration guys.

  14. Lovegeneration

    Well i can’t figure out how to make a new post on this forum. When i do i will post a gifting report and some photos! πŸ™‚

  15. Don Croft Post author

    When you have a field report to share we can discuss giving you author status. I don’t recall your name, sorry to say, but I do remember your visit to W Samoa.

    We’re not stingy about this but we want people to demonstrate commitment to this field work before we give author status, please understand. This is a literal etheric war, after all, and we have to trust that our fellow foot soldiers are willing to pull the trigger πŸ˜‰

    Meanwhile, your comments are going to be posted because you’re apparently genuine and this blogsite will rise or fall, depending on the level of trust that readers have that they’re welcome to contribute commentary.
    Thanks for being candid about your fear! I only recently realized that this is an obstacle for new orgonite flingers. Maybe credit is due to the National Sphincter Agency’s unspeakably massive and pervasive fear porn agenda, which accelerates at about the same rate that Evil Corp’s demise does, haha.

    If you’ll just shred this paper tiger you’re going to see how hilariously weak and reactive the enemy really is. It’s a wonderfully empowering realization and the more we talk about it, publicly, the sooner the rule of parasites will end. If they had any real power, I’d be dead or in their Gulag Archipelago.


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