Farming in Migori

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It had been our greatest success in Migori areas, in fact our continuous gifting here has made the rain to fall terribly till even the disaster management committee is worried. But our happiness is that our crops this time is going to flourish. Maize, bean and finger millet are going to succeed and I am very sure, our people who every time had been suffering from feminine and malnutrition are going to get good harvest.



5 thoughts on “Farming in Migori

  1. Jeff Miller

    Dancan, your post opens with “our continuous gifting here has made the rain to fall terribly till even the disaster management committee is worried.” That’s a very negative and upsetting statement. Climate returning to balance and rainfall returning to levels that create bounteous harvests is a very positive thing. While the words “terrible” and “disaster” clearly imply that Orgonite does not do good things for the environment. So it’s one or the other – you can’t play both angles.

    p.s. I sent you a followup email some days ago on my Bilo order from December that I never received – it’s now April – and asked you for the tracking number on the shipment, so that I could research it myself. I haven’t heard back from you on that, please advise.

  2. F. A. BERT

    He meant to say … our continuous gifting has made the rain fall TREMENDOUSLY, Jeff. The disaster management is terribly worried because it is actually IN CHARGE of creating and managing disasters.
    Duncan is just not very good at properly “wording his sentences”. He was making a very POSITIVE statement.

  3. Jeff Miller

    I addressed my comment to Dancan, whose name you have misspelled as “Duncan”, and I would hope he could and would speak for himself, in this matter.

    I call the pitches as they come in, and will continue to.

    Now that we’ve clarified the importance of speaking and writing clearly, I’m sure we won’t run into such simple misunderstandings as often down the road.

  4. Dancan Post author

    Hi Jeff Thanks a lot , i will check wit6 the post office tomorrow and see the position with the percel which i sent to you. The only problem was that i sent it during the time when there was no peace in Kenya. But all in all we will see their position. The post office guys told me to check with them tomorrow and i know all will work well. Thanks Dancan

  5. Jeff Miller

    Third request for this information – please let me (and our readers here) know date shipped, tracking number, who shipped it, etc.

    And status of the order.




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