Boosting Syria anyone?

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This is probably obvious, but I think it’s a good time to boost the Syrian situation now that another useless war under false pretext (oh, chemical weapons again?!) has just escalated. Any love boost at any time is welcome I think.

On the bright side, the attack was short and the controversy of fake chemical attacks has reached the mainstream media. It’s probably getting very hard for them to explain their stupid actions. Russian media is speaking about division in American military strategy about how they plan to continue or not the action. Both sides are probably playing the situation to maximize fear on both sides and recreate the cold war feeling. I hope it blows in their faces.


4 thoughts on “Boosting Syria anyone?

  1. Lovegeneration

    Yes so necessary.  I have been participating in the collective boosting of the sis building since you guys suggested it. It’s good to have a tangible target i can visualize and i feel it has been having effects.  Fake and covert events used to exist with total impunity behind an impenetrable smokescreen of propaganda. Recently the smokescreen is being pierced, the big networks are being forced to question the official story.  I had tried to boost the pentagon previously but was deterred.  Now i am able to boost the pentagon for long periods of time so will be focusing on this and the united nations building.

  2. Katherine A

    I have been hammering the situation in Syria with everything I have. I think the crisis has mostly passed as the attack humiliated the US with 3/4 of missiles shot down. My guess is Russia helped with Keshe-inspired tech, but that’s never going to be confirmed publicly. But the lies surrounding this keep getting more bizarre, which usually happens when liars start getting caught.

  3. Don Croft

    Carlos and I were discussing the latest Syria fear porn drama on our way to Boulder and he pointed out that China might be engineering this situation to strengthen their own position as leader in world trade, which I think America had for awhle but flushed down the toilet around the time that they blew up the World Trade Center and attempted to start World War Three by blowing up Muslim countries ‘in self defense.’ I think china put a stop to that one pretty fast, thank God.

    As an example of china’s long game skill he offered the 1600s contracts that they drew up for England and Portugal for Hong Kong and Macao, which were carried out to the letter and on schedule after four centuries. The Brits, especially, are past masters at turning contracts and treaties into toilet paper in the process of creating a global empire. The US Alleged Gov’t (quick studies for tyranny) evidently learned that from them in the early 1800s while displacing Indian tribes and taking control of Latin America.

    I know, personally, that all of the worst gov’ts have free access to free energy tech, probably dozens of separate technologies. The reason I know it is that Wilhelm Muller described his own efforts to share it with several gov’ts after he prefected the first magnet-powered engine in the 1980s and he told me about five other successful free energy intentors just in British Columbia, where he lives. I think each of them need permission to use it and that permission is evidently not freely given, except for antigravity craft, used within very strict parameters.

    I do my best to disabuse people of the programmed assumption that any gov’t in the world has even a shred of autonomy since 1919 (in Russia’s case–the last hold out). The City (London’s financial district) was the center of world control until Peking blindsided them earlier in this century and knocked them off the top of the world order dung heap. Fear porn purveyors, just like academia, do their best to distract people from reading real history.

    Hasn’t anyone noticed that China is never mentioned in all that strident fear porn about Syria? How is that not more newsworthy than any posturing by Russia or the CIA (the real rulers of America, now)? Russia began to prosper after China became dominant and so did Persia. China ended America’s recession by dropping three trillion ‘free’ dollars into our economy in 2009 bu they also evidently put out the bait (for Wall Street megaparasites) that initiated the recession, of course. How can we not admire their pragmatism and patience, even while wishing for the demise of all of the excessively-centralized authorities, including Peking’s?

    Disengaging from fear porn is tough because the stuff is so insidious, I think. Firesign Theatre did a good skit on fear porn in 2002: Cable City. They also came up with the ‘No Jokes About America Legislation’ gag, then.

    Having said all that, I have complete faith that balanced psychics like Katherine produce positive effects by focusing forceful, positive energy on situations like that Syria debacle. I don’t think we have to know where the positive energy ends up and exactly what it does when it gets there, even though we all want to know.

    Over the years, we’ve sought confirmations and evidence of the effects of our weekly collective efforts in order to refine the process. Sometimes the evidence has shown up as obituaries of higher-profile assailants (including a Rockefeller in 2004), which is pretty nifty, and when we make an effort to help someone who is being targeted the evidence is pretty obvious because the person’s life and fortunes may improve dramatically and in a timely way. Otherwise, it’s a good-faith effort and we don’t attempt to claim direct credit for anything. Also, there are LOTS of good psychics throwing energy at situations like this. I know that because when we started having our weekly group sessions in July, 2002 and posting about them I started getting emails from psychics, telling me about their own related group efforts. One of them even told me about a group of Tibetan monks that he knew, doing what we were doing on a regular basis 😉

  4. Edu

    If the intelligence agencies and the military invest their resources in a certain situation, even if it is just a psychological campaign, them boosting it, if practical, is not an unreasonable answer. Boosting bypasses any of the sender misconceptions and reaches the source of the problem. If they can storm the world population with their fear campaigns, we can help minimize the effect.

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