Zappers sabotaged at customs in Spain

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HI, just a short public note exposing the recent breaking of half a batch of DOn s Terminator zappers at customs in Spain. They held the parcel for a few days and unscrewed several zappers chips and separated the chip/boton set so they couldnt be used. Some of them had the screws put back on and some were loose. The private company adtpostales who is in charge of the customs has also never got my name or data right at their invoices which makes me wonder if the money doesnt go into a black hole since it cannot be legally justified. There s another batch that just arrived in there so i am boosting the parcel as well as exposing their ways with this post.


3 thoughts on “Zappers sabotaged at customs in Spain

  1. Don Croft

    Our new readers might not know that before Francisco moved back to the mainland, last year, the Gestapo were moving pretty fast to disappear him into the Spanish Gulag and that problem pretty much disappeared. While he was still living on the island of Menorca he experienced much more aggressive interference with his trade in Madrid Customs.

    The most recent package of ten Terminators reached him in record time, which might indicate that the sewer rats overextended their reach by directly sabotaging his previous package in such an overt way. Reporting it, even on this relatively obscure blogsite, is probably a good deterrent for future molestations. Typically, the sewer rat agencies are free to do what they wish with packages in Customs in just about every country. This isn’t always teh case with postal systems, though. In the US, the postal system is a corporation that has very little bureaucracy in it and local postmasters are apparently able to keep the sewer rat agencies at bay within their operations.

    Our local postmaster watches out for us. I only know of three post offices in the US where our packages to Terminator distributors have been sabotaged: Houston, Macon (Georgia), and Chattanooga. I reckon that the postmasters in those cities are loyal freemasons because they’re all in the South, where masons still rule without opposition or accountability.

    I’m hoping that Francisco’s move back to his native Catalunya has been timed for the secession of that historic region from Spain 😉

    1. Don Croft

      I sometimes trade ten Terminators for a couple of boxes of tumbatorres (towerbusters) from Francisco. One time, one of the boxes went to New York, then to England for a few days, then back to New York, then to me about two months later.

      Remember that The City (London’s financial district, on the edge of which is that hideous British intelligence HQ building) rules America through the CIA and the National Sphincter Agency.


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