Brussels sprouts on orgonite!

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Bonjour, goeiedag from Brussels!

I have been visiting Brussels again with lots of tb’s. They get gifted pretty quick as its an immense zone full of targets! From medieval fort castles, to evil royalty and the europoid maffia, big suburbs and tall corporate sky needles, although their new trend is to build round and large. Just as we have seen in the past as with christian church architecture but opposite, from gothic back to roman style. When you go into those euro quarters, you even ask yourself if there is any work for a belgian at all? I even had a short flinging shot at the NATO. Taking pictures there is more of a challenge as you always get shouted at. Every time I pass the american embassy, it gets gifted more! “Their radionics are so cool in the open air, that you even ask if the sentinels are real americans, how not-mighty they are!” (sewer rats haha)

The minute I arrived at the southern station, I had a cortege of police cars and of course a flying police chopper above. Another weird thing is that within minutes the military ground forces were gone??? With more orgonite gifted they will soon turn out to be the private personal guard of the posh riches. The cop shops in Belgium even have their own antenna and frequency, so whenever you gift those ones you will get a personal direct close-up. Even when you are on good standards like reporting traffic accidents as a witness and helping society a lot by gifting the negativity away! The good thing is that the police officers that know you are on the good side (subjective alignment to order), treats you like a knight on his horse (orgonite lessens the general aggressiveness of particular neighborhoods) hence here in Molenbeek (Molèm), Saint-Josse.

I liked particularly to gift a big masonic (funeral energy vortex) from Congo in the park of the Cinquantenaire (Jubelpark). As last time I went gifting around the military school as it has projects with leaser beaming (CA forest fires) and had to meet with another international gifter.

Already full booked on my next gifting sortie. Allthough I visited only one time London, Brussels makes me feel like a little London. International bussiness school this and that…

I’m determinated to gift it thoroughly like Antwerpen, my gifted orgonite bastion of the north and Mechelen. As there is still some work in Mechelen, but other silent ones are helping.

This is only a short text, but from the pics you will have a feel on how it is there. One good pic says more than thousand words together.

I’ve made good process there as I’m not that confused in my mind anymore, the first time that I gifted there I was harassed by fast food publicity. I saw Quick Giants everywhere popping out of the advertising wall? Now, I found out their biggest Quick (fast death satanic energy battery feeding of the animals, to kill people slowly) was situated exactly at the begin of the NATO quarters.

I would also like to thank Georg, Dirk and other gifters that makes it easier to connect all orgonite together now. The cavalry has arrived!

Cyclingflinger aka Charles-Louis from Belgium

PS: This city is huge on dor, so if you want something specific to be gifted, just ask me, this is going to be my next long gifting journey.

9 thoughts on “Brussels sprouts on orgonite!

  1. Dirk Verelst

    As you might expect, Brussels really IS a ‘hellhole’… I disliked that city ever since I was a kid, and only was able to do one 80tb gifting sortie 10+ years ago. I am really glad Charles is taking on this one. Charles, don’t forget to pound on occasional copper tube, and keep up the good work!

  2. Lovegeneration

    Legend Charles!
    Brussels is definiely a central cog in their machine of domination, your work will have far reaching effects. The modern world is built upon colonial rule and slavery, the atrocities European powers did in Africa, Asia and the Americas.
    May I humbly suggest sites around Brussels that have a direct or strong connection to the genocidal Leopold II would be good to gift thoroughly:
    Royal Palace
    Royal Museum for Central Africa
    Leopold II tunnell
    Bust of Leopold II in Duden Park
    Statue of Leopold II at Troon
    Castle of Laeken
    Royal Greenhouses of Laeken
    Church of Our Lady of Laeken
    Good to hear you already did the Cinquantenaire!
    Thankyou and Happy gifting!

  3. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Thank you Dirk and LG.

    Like I said in my previous post, this will be a long journey. I was very glad to sense a lot of OA orgonite!
    Thanks Georg for the fantastic work you perform! I think you also had a run in Brussels like Dirk.

    Yesterday, I could manage to get on with adding several EP’s in the north of Brussels, the royal hindquarters of Laeken. The funny thing was that I aimed directly for the royal catacombs in the cemetery. Unfortunately, it was closed that day. Just exceptionally that day? Go figure, haha. The paper on the door mentioned, special works?

    Nevertheless, it didn’t stopped me to get on and concentrated the gifting forces near the monument of the first king of Belgium, Leopold I. This king was very involved into free-masonry and learned it in the german army while serving, from a doctor out of Switzerland. when he became king, all went silent. There another kind of creepy form of symbolism took over his soul, the church.

    Then I went gifting around the Heysel stadium and the exposition halls of Brussels. In 1985, 39 persons mostly italian Juvé fans, were killed and 600 people injured. It housed an Eurocup final between Juventus Milan and Liverpool UK. The darkest hour in the history of the UEFA competitions. Good target to add even more! I think they had a secret little party that night in the palace of Laeken. In the middle of the park I found a big triangular pyramid with a golden apex and an image of the island of England (the black occult English witch, part I of pics).

    Here is a link to the mapped pic, as I took myself on picture but from the wrong side.,4.3484612,3a,21.1y,81.25h,93.63t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1syKqxnQq3pJX8kZ6NW5vqqg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    More things were gifted complementary, like the Atomium (the old-school super computer), Brussels trade mart, Bruparck.
    It has an exotic indoor pool, where one big child died, athrophied being stuck into one of its speed water tunnels.
    It is in that same pool complex, I had a personal accident where I broke my nose at 11.

    Brussels is such a nice place! (cynical and sarcastic at the same time)

    LG, many of your pointed targets were gifted. The colonial museum of central Africa situated to the east in Tervuren, will be another party soon.

    Dirk, I use an upgraded form. Bigger steel pipes from Ikea called Adils. Thank you Frode for your innovating idea. They are cheaper and easier to cast orgonite with. Ofc, the copper is a topper on conductivity but a bit more expensive.

    Please enjoy the pics I have been able to take that day, sorry if I didn’t cover some things but there is so much there in that hellhole.

    Part I:

    Part II:

    More to follow soon,


    PS: Please note, I keep adding in the center of Brussels, called the: Ilôt Sacré (the sacred isle).

    1. Cyclingflinger Post author

      Hello fellow gifters and avid readers,

      Third time on the run for Brussels!

      Went back to the graveyard of Laeken and could finish off my previous gifitng mission. The gates of the kingdom of Hades were opened again (it really feels like that)! I purged out a big amount of etheric negative acidity lying around the funeral crypt galleries. Those crypts were made for the important persons in Brussels, together with many not so free masons symbolic tombs, full of it! The royal crypt is lying right under the cathedral of Laeken which is in fully EP range. 🙂

      I also decided to pass by and add at one of the big national television and radio broadcasters. I found out they were leeching energy from a little graveyard dedicated to the resistant persons who got shot by the invader during the WWII.
      (like the brother of my great-grandfather in Fort van Breendonk.)

      A myriad of other targets have been flinged when passing by. Like this weird house which made me think about the “art déco” Crowleyian Thot Tarot deck. Of course, there was no other indication than being private property…. (various babylonian elements were spotted too) Next time more uncovering. The freshly gifted energy helps to dissolve all those mysteries with time and more commitment.

      Then I’ve bicycled to the south and decided to pound the colonial palace that was built by Leopold II in “Tervuren” together with the big elephant statue and the surrounding grounds. I hope this will bring some better vibes out for our african gifter friends.

      I finished of with gifting a power spot in the woods right in the big colonial domain. A vortex point reuniting seven paths where they put three dolmen from a nearby site. (just a rough summary)

      I’ve remarked on the way back, that they fenced off the Congo vortex monument that I gifted previously! 😉

      Enjoy the pics!

      More to follow!


  4. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Hi fellow gifters and orgonite makers,

    I had a nice fourth run yesterday. The “Brusseleirs” are getting more and more good simple orgonite around!

    This time I concentrated on the stockade and the big slaughterhouse neighbourhood. It has two big bulls at its entrance, found this related to some kind of primitive babylonian symbolism.

    Cynically, the slaughterhouse market place has been marked with a big tag, l’Abattoir (slaughterhouse) the place where Brussels live. I continued flinging into the river Zenne, that flows directly in the middle of this bloody capital. I found a big meat store marked with arab tags in red and black. Definitely Mossad as they are always trying to create tensions between people of different religions. Continued to gift more deeply into more popular quarters as Molenbeek, Anderlecht and Saint-Gilles. What’s very funny is that in those neighborhoods you only see the same kinds of shops: a kebab shop, a barber shop, bakery and meat or fish sellers.

    Went of gifting town halls and various churches. Afterwards I ran south to gift the following embassies; Kenya, Mali and Guatemala. I went further south to gift some in the ‘Ter Kamerenbos, Bois de la Cambre’. This park is situated near the green lung, the woods of La Soigne, Zoniën. It has some sort of secluded restaurant chalet on a tiny island (The Robinson). The park woods also houses the Englishman’s Lawn, which was used by the enlgish to play a game of cricket on the eve before the battle of Waterloo in 1815. A very good place to gift! 🙂

    Then I ran in the center of Brussels to see how my previous giftings were doing. Also brought some more EP’s
    with me and couldn’t resist pounding more around the big masonic park and royal quarters in town. I had an etheric gifting duel with Leopold II on his horse. Won the battle as the sun got out of the clouds, but the war against the evil monarchs still continues. It’s fantastic being able to clean up that heavy depressive submissive feeling you get while being there. I noticed tourists being a lot more happy than usual and making more jokes and interactions with the local inhabitants.

    Still had one EP left and decided to pound one near the Basilisk of Koekelberg. Adding some more next to where other gifters added in the past was a big honour. I could sense all the acidic energies built-up of various cemeteries. All the ones I gifted won’t serve this ugly behemoth at least! 😉

    To put it simply, that basilisk was leeching all graveyards of Belgium. It still need some but now we understand it’s deadly energy mechanics. They even put a big rust coloured cellie panel above a Christ statue (amplifier) in the back.

    Observing, that I had no problems with surveillance until a white cop chopper flew low on the grounds near a water tower in Koningslo.
    Their cars following me closely when reaching the flemish parts of Brussels in the north, especially where the television studios of VTM are situated. Another town nearby Neder-over-Heembeek houses the military blood bank and a Solvay complex. More gifting will tell! 🙂

    I also want to present you a new little best friend I’ve gotten while doing the gifting runs. The Terminator zapper always gives me a bright and smooth feeling while being in heavy “dor” related zones to gift. A very own electro-magnetic beneficient field. I get the following advantages: less stress, confusion and anxiety. Getting lost and turning forever in circles around doesn’t seem to happen very much now neither. It’s the next best thing after drinking a glass of pure alkalising water.

    An SP or mobile PW in the backpack, a T-zapper in the socks, your favourite protective gems, some uplifting music in your ears and you’re ready to go flinging some orgonite!

    There is so much to discuss further on about this hellhole but the gifting grows considerably these days!

    Stabilising this cesspool of evil has become one of my priorities now.

    You will have a better understanding while observing the pics:


    PS: Here is the pic of that questionable alimentation store, strangely it never uploaded with the other pictures???

  5. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Hi all gfiting aficionados,

    I mustered enough orgonite last friday to have another run in Brussels. I focused mainly on the following neighbourhoods:

    – Vorst (Forêt) the big concert hall and the Duden park, the big church built on the 100 meters hill, its ancient abbey and a part of its industries
    – Ukkel (Ucle) with the main crematorium center and cemetery, old train station
    – Saint-Gilles, the central prison
    – Drogenbos, church and surroundings

    As usual a number of cellies, old school obelisks, soccer places especially now for the world cup, the red cross buildings, many churches and statues, etc…

    A weird thing happened as I was gifitng the prison in Saint-Gilles (jihadi cia outpost). There was a free parking lot before me, as soon as I dopped a tb, a police car just appeared before me and parked on the free spot. Just there next to me. Two streets ahead there was an ambulance and other cops, but they got dispatched at my place? I just went away and got back ten minutes after to just pursue my giftings. A good trick is to look down as there can’t be any form of cummunication or attachement related energetics.

    Another thing I remarked is that all the parks in Brussels are invaded by colourfull parakeets (green budgies)! Their nests are huge and thought some harpies settled there. It’s good to have some new allies, so when orgonite is added, its always a cheering party!:)

    I continued bicycling south after this litlle green concerto to reach the borders of Beersel.

    Enjoy the pics:

    More to follow!


  6. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Good morning fellow gifters,

    I had a nice gifting run yesterday and could add around 30 tb’s from what was left of my present barrel. Even this amount is a bit exhausting there, but with every gift it gets easier every new time around. 🙂

    This time I started of with the Scientology Church (Hubby Babalon) next to the federal justice court (big gate with the snake orbs) and a hospital (DOR battery)

    Continued to the Avenue Louise, which houses many embassies, luxury hotels and stores, the Gestapo hindquarters were situated on this avenue in WWII. Enough raisons to stop by gifting! As usual many more genocidal and egostatical monuments and squares, churches of all kinds.

    Aided an aunt with some more orgonite to help her from all that electro magnetic tension residing in the city (well deserved). Which gets better and better everytime I get by.

    Arriving south to “the Bois de la Cambre”, I found its Abbey this time. There is a little weird paviljon in the garden begging for an EP next time. It felt like a ziggurath built on the inclining grounds as opposite to the ones on top of the leeching sky corporate needles.

    They typically use such places to house their satanic work like in art galleries. Little portals of evil on their own, for sake of their not so proper demises. Although the orgonite effects are impending on a good way to all of this!

    Then I moved to the eastern part of the city to gift the embassy of Uganda as promised to the Kikundi. While reaching Woluwé, I could have a shot at the VUB university (flemish) where I found all kinds of walking zombie slaves around the campus. Their mental levels were so programmed that even the slightest smile of politeness wasn’t recognised or appreciated at all. We’ll see if that hate still lingers around next time! 😉

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t gift out all the campus yet. Had to continue and dropped some at the old weapon arsenal of Brussels, which had been turned into a new fortification for the expensive handbag company (D-x). Other parts were changed to logistics and public buses depots. A detachment of the university of Kent was also gifted in the same radius! 🙂

    Brussels is so masonic, that even the sign poles are stylised as carved pillars. I hope you could have find that one out of my pictures. When waiting to get the bicycle back on the train I remarked there was a church leaning to the wall of the North Station. How many train rails I haven’t seen built next to graveyards, I bet this station was just built on it.

    Here are the pics as usual, have fun!

    More to continue,


  7. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Good day gifters!

    Had a wonderful run yesterday. I managed to spend a descent amount of time flinging around the local embassies near the forest park of La Cambre in Brussels. There was a whole part I continued to gift to the south in Watermael-Bosvoorde (Boisfort). I pounded that little city abbey with more sturdy orgonite and aimed for the embassies.

    As you know I always try to get to the African ones first for our Kikundi friends. This time it was for Sudan and the street was full of Arabian countries too. I remarked that with my gifting/photography style I can’t be near them that long before getting more and more cops approaching me (gangstalking in its purest form). So, I decided to hide near the outskirts of the park to hide more little presents around. Well, even there small cop cars were passing by. I remarked some ugly graffiti tagged buildings, some with windows and others not. I had the impression that they served for some underground activities, a bit too big for electricity transformers.

    Some of the Arabian embassies gave of a little hint of Babylonian architecture. They felt generally loaded with surveillance DOR tech. The villa “Empain” was also gifted which houses an artistic meeting point for important people of the east and west (I have strange sense about what kind of people). At the end I almost got a cop car escorting me away from them.

    You know when you gifted well, that when you arrive depressed at a gifting destination, your mood starts to change in a more euphoric state of happiness when beginning to gift. All, the attacks of the past week starts to make room for some more positive vibes. That’s why I like to gift so much, it’s one of the most empowering things to do! If, you are in a bad mood, go get some outside, you will be better afterwards!

    After feeling my backpack was a bit lighter I decided to hit the bigger lakes in the south. I couldn’t cover them all as some were private and off limits as the Castle of Val Duchesse.

    Unfortunately, some got over the fences! Bombs away!

    I also took the opportunity to pound the ruins of the ancient Solvay castle in its allocated park. Also busted Ernest’s statue while being on the run! I remarked more death horses statues as last time. Need to find out the occult meaning of a hippodrome which were quite popular one century ago.
    I had a big laugh in myself as I remembered gifting the king Albert I statue on a previous run. I thought he was one of the four apocalyptic horsemen. With all what he did in this past. Hiding so much in plain sight with this symbolism.

    As usual other war monuments, universities like ULB (observe the pillars at its entrance), town halls, churches, select restaurants, …

    I had a big surprise as when going back home I found the whole city center around the masonic park closed off by the police and army. We had the flemish national day yesterday and I thought there would be something positive related to the public, but no. All, was barricaded for the NATO and found out that “potus Trump” arrived last tuesday night in Belgium. I found several black police cars with a white tag on it and black surveillance vans.

    Stay awesome and gift more!


  8. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Hi fellow gifters,

    I was a bit reluctant to write this at first as Don passed away on that day, but we must continue. He always gave the example now it’s our turn!

    As it was the national holiday of Belgium (21th of July), I suspected a lot of areas were car free and less people wandering around. So, a really good time to get on with gifting.

    It was nice to have all the military cortege passing by with a backpack full of tb’s. 🙂 Good idea, to PW the royal tribune next year! Maybe the king will also chant some other national unrelated anthem! 😉

    When I continued on my bicycle, my front fender began suddenly to loose on the first wheel? I found out some metal nut holding the light and fender was missing??? Then I got some big nasty psychic attacks, letting me think that I had to stop my gifting enterprise and return back to the train? I felt horribly depressed, like some top hierarchy queen didn’t want me to change the actual settings of power? Nevertheless, I received some tremendous positive energy from elsewhere. I was able to found a matching bolt and nut somewhere else on my bicycle and got back on track!

    At first, I thought it was my deceased family as I looked up and found the street name of my grandmothers family?

    When hearing the bad news about Don, I instantly knew he was aiding (like an operator, ty Katherine) from above on that day and at that time! I think this is the best compliment you can give to someone so righteous!

    This time I focused my efforts on this particular little devil’s pit in the hellhole of Brussels. The King Leopold’s square and park. It houses the European Parliament Hemicycle, the Solvay Library and the European History House. I also found out the Google clown officers for Europe were working next to a mortuary of a hospital, how nice. Working daily in such bad surroundings. There is always a hospital near a dense populated business ratrace park.

    The battle is not won there yet, but at least my orgonites refreshed the other ones and I know things will feel better there on the next run! Hope to EP this place next time!

    After that part I continued to Woluwe (west) and gifted the Park of Wells and the Castle of Malou.

    I dropped my last tb around a trendy restaurant near the shopping center where someone of my family is working.

    Here are the pics, a lot of them are from the military parade.



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