Brussels sprouts on orgonite!


Bonjour, goeiedag from Brussels!

I have been visiting Brussels again with lots of tb’s. They get gifted pretty quick as its an immense zone full of targets! From medieval fort castles, to evil royalty and the europoid maffia, big suburbs and tall corporate sky needles, although their new trend is to build round and large. Just as we have seen in the past as with christian church architecture but opposite, from gothic back to roman style. When you go into those euro quarters, you even ask yourself if there is any work for a belgian at all? I even had a short flinging shot at the NATO. Taking pictures there is more of a challenge as you always get shouted at. Every time I pass the american embassy, it gets gifted more! “Their radionics are so cool in the open air, that you even ask if the sentinels are real americans, how not-mighty they are!” (sewer rats haha)

The minute I arrived at the southern station, I had a cortege of police cars and of course a flying police chopper above. Another weird thing is that within minutes the military ground forces were gone??? With more orgonite gifted they will soon turn out to be the private personal guard of the posh riches. The cop shops in Belgium even have their own antenna and frequency, so whenever you gift those ones you will get a personal direct close-up. Even when you are on good standards like reporting traffic accidents as a witness and helping society a lot by gifting the negativity away! The good thing is that the police officers that know you are on the good side (subjective alignment to order), treats you like a knight on his horse (orgonite lessens the general aggressiveness of particular neighborhoods) hence here in Molenbeek (Molèm), Saint-Josse.

I liked particularly to gift a big masonic (funeral energy vortex) from Congo in the park of the Cinquantenaire (Jubelpark). As last time I went gifting around the military school as it has projects with leaser beaming (CA forest fires) and had to meet with another international gifter.

Already full booked on my next gifting sortie. Allthough I visited only one time London, Brussels makes me feel like a little London. International bussiness school this and that…

I’m determinated to gift it thoroughly like Antwerpen, my gifted orgonite bastion of the north and Mechelen. As there is still some work in Mechelen, but other silent ones are helping.

This is only a short text, but from the pics you will have a feel on how it is there. One good pic says more than thousand words together.

I’ve made good process there as I’m not that confused in my mind anymore, the first time that I gifted there I was harassed by fast food publicity. I saw Quick Giants everywhere popping out of the advertising wall? Now, I found out their biggest Quick (fast death satanic energy battery feeding of the animals, to kill people slowly) was situated exactly at the begin of the NATO quarters.

I would also like to thank Georg, Dirk and other gifters that makes it easier to connect all orgonite together now. The cavalry has arrived!

Cyclingflinger aka Charles-Louis from Belgium

PS: This city is huge on dor, so if you want something specific to be gifted, just ask me, this is going to be my next long gifting journey.

3 thoughts on “Brussels sprouts on orgonite!

  1. Dirk Verelst

    As you might expect, Brussels really IS a ‘hellhole’… I disliked that city ever since I was a kid, and only was able to do one 80tb gifting sortie 10+ years ago. I am really glad Charles is taking on this one. Charles, don’t forget to pound on occasional copper tube, and keep up the good work!

  2. Lovegeneration

    Legend Charles!
    Brussels is definiely a central cog in their machine of domination, your work will have far reaching effects. The modern world is built upon colonial rule and slavery, the atrocities European powers did in Africa, Asia and the Americas.
    May I humbly suggest sites around Brussels that have a direct or strong connection to the genocidal Leopold II would be good to gift thoroughly:
    Royal Palace
    Royal Museum for Central Africa
    Leopold II tunnell
    Bust of Leopold II in Duden Park
    Statue of Leopold II at Troon
    Castle of Laeken
    Royal Greenhouses of Laeken
    Church of Our Lady of Laeken
    Good to hear you already did the Cinquantenaire!
    Thankyou and Happy gifting!

  3. Cyclingflinger Post author

    Thank you Dirk and LG.

    Like I said in my previous post, this will be a long journey. I was very glad to sense a lot of OA orgonite!
    Thanks Georg for the fantastic work you perform! I think you also had a run in Brussels like Dirk.

    Yesterday, I could manage to get on with adding several EP’s in the north of Brussels, the royal hindquarters of Laeken. The funny thing was that I aimed directly for the royal catacombs in the cemetery. Unfortunately, it was closed that day. Just exceptionally that day? Go figure, haha. The paper on the door mentioned, special works?

    Nevertheless, it didn’t stopped me to get on and concentrated the gifting forces near the monument of the first king of Belgium, Leopold I. This king was very involved into free-masonry and learned it in the german army while serving, from a doctor out of Switzerland. when he became king, all went silent. There another kind of creepy form of symbolism took over his soul, the church.

    Then I went gifting around the Heysel stadium and the exposition halls of Brussels. In 1985, 39 persons mostly italian Juvé fans, were killed and 600 people injured. It housed an Eurocup final between Juventus Milan and Liverpool UK. The darkest hour in the history of the UEFA competitions. Good target to add even more! I think they had a secret little party that night in the palace of Laeken. In the middle of the park I found a big triangular pyramid with a golden apex and an image of the island of England (the black occult English witch, part I of pics).

    Here is a link to the mapped pic, as I took myself on picture but from the wrong side.,4.3484612,3a,21.1y,81.25h,93.63t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1syKqxnQq3pJX8kZ6NW5vqqg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    More things were gifted complementary, like the Atomium (the old-school super computer), Brussels trade mart, Bruparck.
    It has an exotic indoor pool, where one big child died, athrophied being stuck into one of its speed water tunnels.
    It is in that same pool complex, I had a personal accident where I broke my nose at 11.

    Brussels is such a nice place! (cynical and sarcastic at the same time)

    LG, many of your pointed targets were gifted. The colonial museum of central Africa situated to the east in Tervuren, will be another party soon.

    Dirk, I use an upgraded form. Bigger steel pipes from Ikea called Adils. Thank you Frode for your innovating idea. They are cheaper and easier to cast orgonite with. Ofc, the copper is a topper on conductivity but a bit more expensive.

    Please enjoy the pics I have been able to take that day, sorry if I didn’t cover some things but there is so much there in that hellhole.

    Part I:

    Part II:

    More to follow soon,


    PS: Please note, I keep adding in the center of Brussels, called the: Ilôt Sacré (the sacred isle).


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