Matthew Clement Lost in China

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For new readers: Gare Clement is one of the most prolific orgonite flingers on the planet and has worked extensively on two continents, starting in 2001.

Yesterday, he told me that his son, Matthew, hasn’t been heard from since he entered China and was  waiting for a connecting flight in Chang Ming and he’s asking us all to boost Matthew in case he’s in trouble.  Gare will post more, shortly.  I think he gets the worst NSA hacking of any of us, so some boosts in his direction might clear these sewer rats out of the way, too.

2 thoughts on “Matthew Clement Lost in China

  1. Gare Clement

    Mathew has now been missing for 3 days. Flew to Kunming KMG CHINA on the 24th from Chiang Mai Thailand , once there We had email contact for a few hours then stopped abruptly and no word since. Please send Loving boosts to Mathew. Sending Love directly from the Heart chakra is certainly powerful and works every time, just like Orgonite!


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