Gifting on Gwassi Hills

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After having a good rest from my Malawi and Zambian mission am now planning to gift the Gawassi hills. It’s in record that some areas towards the Lambwe valley had been invaded by the tsetse flies which had made the life there to be cumbersome including the animals. I got the information from one of the resident in that place. So before  the end of this week likely on Friday am  going to make sure  that I go to that place and see  that I zapp  those who have already been infected and  also to use  the resident  to gift  the bilo all round.

I will also visit the high and forested regions which are water shade to see that my work there change the climate and reclaim the area. I will see that I improve the sales of the orgonite to raise some money for Mrs. O release. Since the arrest and the unlawful jailing of Mrs. O the whole Kikundi and been tortured mentally and even the degree of our production have gone down and even every cents that we get from the sale have to go to the kit for her release fund. I know from this trip am going to raise a good money also and I can guess our problem will soon be sorted out.


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