First Amendment Auditors In Morro Bay California

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Hello Etheric Warriors,

A very big thank you to Don, Carol and Dooney for allowing me back on to post on the forum. I wanted to let Don know about this story and he suggested that I post it. Last month, a First Amendment auditor who goes by the handle of Johnny Five-0 was the on the show In Other News.

First Amendment auditors have been increasing their numbers lately. They basically test a photographer’s rights in public spaces based on a memo issued by DHS. In 2010, the NYCLU brought a suit against the US Department of Homeland Security in federal court to end this practice. In October of 2010, a judge signed a settlement where the US government agreed that no federal statures or regulations bar people from photographing the exterior of federal buildings. The US government agreed to issue a directive (memo) to members of the Federal Protective Service on photographer’s rights.

In an audit conducted maybe about a month ago in Morro Bay, CA, an auditor who goes by Nasty Nathaniel was put to the ground while videoing the Morro Bay police chief and another officer. He was hand cuffed and sat in a hot police car for an hour. They went back to follow up and then they were harassed and gangstalked. An allstar group recently returned with about 10 or so auditors and it was live-streamed on multiple channels.

Many people now realize there is something else going on beyond a small tourism business within Morro Bay as you may find in the videos. I do agree some auditors are aggressive and it doesn’t help their cause. Most of them go by the policy if you’re nice to them, they’re nice back to you. However, some suggest there could be human trafficking going on and also a heavy Satanic presence. (I haven’t found the latter) A quick look online shows there are a lot of missing persons cases in this area which appears anomalous. I’d be interested in more info regarding that community and surrounding area. Sounds like a proper gifting location.


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