Early spring earth pipe gifting

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This week I started the year’s gifting works, which is a continued effort of planting more earth pipes in the ground. I had an ongoing thread in the old forum, which was geared to inspire more earth pipe gifting. Granted, the hard evidence is scarce, but really there is so much going on underground, it boggles the mind. It’s like a horror/scifi movie multiplied thousandfold.

Tutorial on how to make earth pipes

So much snow this winter, so lots on the ground still in early spring. But well worth the extra effort, because all winter they tried to make me go insane. The local underground base has many different groups, and an essential part of the ancient infrastructure that exist in Skandinavia. Took some pics, including showing what landscape I’m working in right now. Basically the countryside with fields and forests (plus gifting the towns, of course).

After I had dug out the snow and managed to plant the first EP on this particular trip, I trudged back and just as I made my way unto the road again, this old Chevrolet truck stopped 50 m away. And it stood there for a short while, then slowly approached and drove by me while the guy inside really scowled at me like I was unwelcome. What for? A landowner who doesn’t want backpackers in his forest (all that precious lumber), or a spook? I didn’t encounter any other locals that were this unfriendly in their behaviour.

Later in the trip, two military helicopters flew by, and I managed to film it with the mobile. I’ve experienced this before a number of times, so it is nice to have photo evidence to show for it. And besides, I don’t want them to breathe too far down my neck, so good to post about it. In this thread about boosting the MI6 building, I captured photos of four military helicopters flying by the house I live in. Last year I had a drone fly by the house, stop for a while right over the road (illegally close to the ground), then it flew off in a straight path. Also last autumn I made my way across the river dam just 1.3km away from the house to work the satanic center there with the powerwand. I have one coupled with a spiro tube for extra strength. Two civilian helicopters came flying in really low. I made my way down a path, and then they came back. And they flew so low only a coupled of hundred meters away I was looking at them through the trees. That plus the fact there is a big transformer station right nearby and a transmitter tower, makes me conclude that probably wasn’t legal flying either. Neither photos or video is able to truly convey these kinds of experiences, but if you’ve had them then you know.

Whenever they have psychically harrassed me, I’ve made my mission statement clear, that there isn’t even going to be a janitor left to change a light bulb in that UG base (unless they enjoy positive energy that is).

The particular trip I have photos of here, is a forested area and a couple of big hills north of where I live. And it is infested CIA territory, with no official signs or public info in that respect. Gifted the forest on my bike last summer, and more is needed. There have been so many targets to work on that I haven’t had the chance to make the EP grid dense enough, but it will happen. And I will keep expanding.

While I was waiting on the bus back, I got a witch psychic attack that was right out of Grimm’s fairy tales. All those “superstitions” they had in the old days, all that stuff is for real. It confirmed my experience from a gifting trip last year, so that will make for another biking trip through more ungifted territory in the summer.

I learned it is best to gift in daylight, otherwise it gets too freaky. At least around here. But I’m really enjoying picking up this activity again and continuing the effort. The think they can scare us with heavy-handed tactics, but it is just more fuel to the fire. I enjoy gifting this sparsely populated area, the orgonite and the earth pipes will be around pretty much forever until they disintegrate (outliving all the crap we are dealing with now).

I highly recommend gifting more earth pipes, if you haven’t done so. Just an even distribution across your local area. Clues can be picked up on maps also, start taking names literally. I’ve gifted places named (translated) ‘the knife stabber’ and ‘the butcher’. Last year I gifted a hill that had the name ‘the machine park’ on the map halfway up the hill. But when I came to that area there is nothing there but a steep path, trees and a stream. Good for us they are so arrogant they have left clues for us to find.

Two military helicopters flying by – Youtube

My simple powerwand upgrade mentioned in this report, a cheap spiro/ventilation tube in steel. Lighweight, and portable if need be.


14 thoughts on “Early spring earth pipe gifting

  1. Frode

    I forgot to mention I always carry a piece of Bilo orgonite in my pocket nowadays, it will shoot back all bad intents.

    The feeling from the base was really ominous last night, but it gets dispersed quickly. Had another disturbed night’s sleep, then woke up and sensed frenzied activity in the base, with them emptying rooms, papers, medical and lab equipment (my subjective impression, mind you). The helicopter video and the report really stirred them up, apparently it doesn’t matter if it gets few views and I haven’t even specifically said where I’m doing the gifting. Just the fact that it is on the internet is enough, they are so dependent on secrecy . Then today I was attacked by Finnish occultists, I suspected they have taken part in attacks on me. So I dealt with that, along with Swedish satanists. Apparently they feel the need to back the attacks against me and have done so for while (I live relatively close to the border). I thought it good to post about too. I’m glad there have been diligent gifting done in the neigbouring countries, it makes it a bit easier to deal with.

  2. Tomas

    Good job Frode.
    An attack during sleep is a sure sign you hit the target with those EPs. I have had continuous night attacks since I started busting the highly suspect tunnel project under Hallandsåsen with EPs and the tower arrays surrounding it.
    I will continue following my intuition and busting the rest of the UG complex here in southwest Sweden.
    The attacks will make us even more commited to busting and boosting the enemy.

    1. Frode

      Thanks Tomas, good to see you are still going strong with the gifting. Yes the continued negativity day and night is a strong motivation to keep going. I hope to get some more EPs close to the border, to link the grid up with the orgonite in Sweden. It’s on my to-do list.

      I’ll be headed out into the terrain again next couple of days, need to hit the CIA area from another angle. 😉

    1. Frode

      Thank Geoff. I don’t even know where to begin, could write a long essay about it. I found this particular area out in the countryside is like a main center for activity, I was obviously meant to work on this. Many different groups. Satanists, vrils, some heavy pedophilic/porn activity, medical experiments on children, and also a different Nazi center for medical experiments on people in a hill across the river. Several sacrifical places. Offworlders (insectoids, reptilians, greys). CIA, and some NSA presence. I’ve been attacked by outside groups that move in and try to get at me from underground (like the Great White Brotherhood). Also the MI6, Triads and what felt like the British police. Gifted a number of portals to other places in the world, which gave them added power to the attacks. Have been attacked from Russia. They defend this area like there is no tomorrow. I’ve felt the energy goes back to ancient times, like before recorded history.

      There was a machine I had to work hard on shutting down, that I simply called Thor’s hammer, and I eventually learned it was a crucial part of a network of machines across the world to mess with the earth frequency. It was really rough last year because they really hammered me with that machine.

      In short, lots of weird and horrid stuff. It has not been a static situation, the satanists, female witches and vrils were extremely strong last year, but they have been largely knocked out. Vrils keep trying though. Been plagued lot by offworlders this year. The CIA has been very aggressive consistently. Was also attacked a lot by mkids last year, that I simply referred to as the Hitlerjugend, because I think they had been given som lofty ideas about taking over the country. Real snotty bunch, but eventually I think they were rescued actually (by the operators).

      Off course I can’t prove any of this, but as long as I can shut this base down that is all that matters. 🙂 There is a road across the river here with a sign warning about security camera. Weird, it’s just a dirt road in the forest. The road not that far away is called military road, so might be some official activity in that area too. At least there are some EPs there now. Sometimes when I move about I find there is different activity underground. What used to be a satanic centre, when they got knocked out, I was later attacked by CIA and American military groups from that same spot, and last time I went there it was just some guys with radionics equipment, and it wasn’t all that strong. They always pay for it, when the attacks balances out on them. And yet they keep trying, because they are insane.

  3. In Other News

    I recently posted about Morro Bay, California having a satanic presence but not providing evidence at the moment, there are a lot of missing people reports. Is there an usually high amount of missing people reports in your area?
    Last week, I finally got to speak with a contactee in Oregon who goes by the youtube handle whotookmymojo, he filmed beings moving around in a landed craft. Its hard to make out but for what it seems to be its pretty good. The interview is on the inothernews site. He said the mantids and greys (who may be offworlders) were not “bad” or evil. I know this is a vague and unsupported claim but wanted to add in that these beings may not all be anti-human or bad. Some could be curious and indifferent. Based on this repeated encounter they seemed to be open to telepathic communications.

    Back to earth pipes, I appreciate the link to Don’s instructions. That seems to be the way to go with these types of areas, and Morro Bay.

    1. Frode Post author

      I can only share my intutitive experiences, which also falls into the unsupported claim category.

      I agree, they are not all bad. I have help from the Andromedans a lot, who are very friendly and hilarious. Where it gets tricky, is the bad guys like to pretend they’re the good guys. But I think that is where the operators come in with protection.

      I haven’t seen many missing children reports here. But when I gifted the CIA territory last year, when biking my way over there I was shown a very strong image in my mind of a truck or trailer, with wrist shackles on both sides of the walls mounted on vertical railings. The height could be adjusted with a simple lever, for kids of different ages. So trafficking of children. Very sobering and shocking to be shown things like that. Even if my statement about the trailer can’t be corroborated with evidence, it is good to put it in the public record.

      Yes, you’ll have fun with planting earth pipes. My philosophy is if they can’t be comfortable underground, then they’ll have trouble scheeming above ground as well. 😉 Any metal pipe will do, it doesn’t have to be copper. You can use steel or aluminium too.

    2. Jeff Miller

      Frode, thanks for these great reports, I’m just catching up with them.

      Geoff, I’m way late on this – from my perspective the Grey’s are “Lam”, who Crowley drew, and they’re bad.

      I note that you think they are not bad.

      Truth will out over time.

  4. In Other News

    Thanks Frode, appreciate you sharing personal insights on these kind of topics. I do know that people are embarking on researching Morro Bay and missing persons cases. A site called voat.co/v/pizzagate, goes deep into this realm if interested. I think someone in the old forum recommended inexpensive Ikea table legs for Earth pipe metal encasings, then you can cut them in pieces to fit.

    1. Frode Post author

      It’s good people are doing research, seems the perpetrators are really vulnerable to any kind of exposure of their true crimes.In our etheric chat work a month or so ago, we came across a network that killed children to make snuff movies. I didn’t expect that, but what I was shown was really bad. Typically their crimes are of such a magnitude, people aren’t even able to imagine it. But all the orgonite is helping to make it all fall apart.

      Yes, the Ikea legs are the ADILS and cost $4 a piece (which makes two EPs). The point of recommending them is to make earth pipe making more accessible. They are not rust proof, but I’m sure they will last a long time anyways. And they are fairly easy to cut, and lightweight when cayrrying many in the backpack. I use a chain pipe cutter.

      I think eventually when I have a proper work bench and power tools, I’ll move over to the stainless steel pipe that I can order at one of those online plumber stores.

  5. Frode Post author

    I’ve had a feeling they’ve been crowding me in the physical lately. So I thought I’d report a peculiar occurence to get them to back off. I’ve been doing river gifting for a while now, in areas that don’t have a lot of orgonite yet.

    And I headed to the bus today to gift another location. I have church and graveyard next to where I live, and as I was walking past the graveyard, I saw someone strolling along there in a t-shirt with an American flag, wearing sunglasses on an otherwise overcast and rainy day. He was talking on a cell phone. Thinking about it afterwards, really that cell phone looked so big it looked more like a walkie talkie. wtf?

    I don’t know if that was an agent or not, but all I can say is God bless the CIA.

    That road leading up to the church just ends in a parking lot. Even so I’ve sometimes found there is an usual amount of traffic going back and forth. Granted, there are church services, but typically on Sundays. I remember sitting outdoors last summer, and there was very aggressive traffic back and forth on a Friday night. I had a car in my driveway the other day when I look out the kitchen window, he had taken off his-seat belt. Maybe he saw me because he drove away quickly when I spotted him. What was that about?

    Anyways, I’ve been wondering if this kind of reporting might dissuade people from gifting. I certainly hope not, we live in crucial times. My philosophy is just to keep on going until they collapse around here and they’ll have to save their own precious behinds instead. There is a lot of protection and guidance and help for anyone who commits to this work.

  6. Frode

    I’m getting some very aggressive assaults from Swedish satanists lately, in collusion with what I see as a hi-tech center perhaps in Stockholm (saw a high profile Swedish politician running the assault from that center). Posting this in the hope that they will recede. They seem very threatened by the etheric and gifting work I do with the ancient UG base here in Norway that is just 30 km from the border. Been gifting more earth pipes in the hills this summer in the hopes of a peaceful existence, but they are all acting more like they have been cornered. Maybe just the general trend in the world right now with them becoming more crazy due to the increasing energy.

  7. Frode Post author

    I guess it is time to post an update here, as today I had a jet fighter fly around right over the house in circles for 15 minutes. I’ve never experienced that before.

    I grabbed the camera, with the wrong lens and no proper focusing or autofocus, so the footage is really unclear. But at least you can hear the jet flying among the orgonised clouds. Rather than just a passover, it flew around and around and I even started wondering if it had enough fuel. It was quite a spectacular airshow. 1 min into the video the plane can be seen.


    A couple weeks ago while I was waiting for the bus back home after a gifting trip, I saw a big military cargo plane fly around in 3-4 circles at low altitude (it passed behind the trees in the distance) and then flew off. That was surreal, I didn’t know a big plane could make such tight circles like that. I would think it would normally need the whole sky to make a 360 turnaround, at least that is what I’ve seen at airshows.

    Gifting earth pipes has continued since this last report was written, typically into the terrain and the forest. For a while I also focused on river gifting. Earlier this summer I had two military helicopters fly straight over me as I was down by the river in-between some trees and I was supposedly unseen, but the trajectory was straight over my head. Lately there’s been a blue and white helicopter harassing me, I headed out the door to go gifting and there it was flying so low it was behind the trees up on the ridge. A few days later it also flew right over the house at such a low height that I almost felt like reporting it, it was surely below the legal minimum of 300 m. But I just answered back with the powerwand, it’s probably not a good idea to get involved with paperwork.

    These kinds of flyovers I interpret as a sign of desperation, rather than a show of strength. They live in a world of fear, and do not understand anyone who can’t be deterred by it. I’m not fearless, but all of this is getting old for me, I have to say.

    Lately been working on closing a Triad portal which is just a bike ride away, and it has taken several trips to diminish that one. During mid-summer here I was headed up a steep hill towards some trees, and I felt sympathy towards me from the operators. And I thought it was because I had to walk off the path and make my way through the brush and dense vegetation. But no, when I had walked a couple of hundred meters in among the old trees, I suddenly sensed a line of shadow figures appear in front of me, and felt these ugly old witches around trying to scare me off. I didn’t feel like going any further, so I knocked down the EP and walked back and told them to enjoy it because it’s going to be around forever. One of the witches followed me in the etheric until I was out of the forest. Made the hair stand on my neck, I have to admit. Very old magic in the hills mixed with deadly orgone created by technology, but it has diminished considerably since I started this specific gifting campaign at the beginning of 2017.

    Apparently they don’t like those kinds of statements(being a smartass, as it were), because this summer was very hard for me. I’ve gotten back into gifting EPs again in the autumn. On the positive note, there is always a lot of good etheric help and guidance along the way. Tomorrow will be another day with more pipe in the ground. I usually make a few at a time, and then head out. Planting the EPs strategically takes much walking, busing or biking to space them out, but very rewarding to get it done every time.

    1. Frode Post author

      Here’s unedited footage of the blue and white helicopter that’s been showing up several times lately. Sharing this mostly to scare them away from this overt harassment. It flew along the ridge, then made a turn and I had the camera ready to get a good shot of it. It flew away after that, I guess they don’t care to be documented.



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