Credo Muttwa’s Priceless Knowledge

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I’ll get around to adding a link to his autobiobraphy as soon as someone who is computerate is available to help me get past the NSA bridge trolls who manage to stand in the way of most of my puny internet efforts 😉 . Carlos will be here from Portugal in a couple of weeks if I don’t see Coach Dooney sooner.

This seems like essential information for anyone who has an interest in helping Africa to get clear of the europoid parasites and restore its collective heritage.  Ever since the late David Ochieng and Mrs Odondi contacted me in 2003 I’ve felt sure that Africa and China are displacing Europe/America as the main protagonists of history.  If that’s so, then Africa is obviously lagging behind China in staking this claim but I’m patiently watching for ‘the turtle’ to pass ‘the hare’ in this global footrace.

The funny part is that I’d been to Africa twice before David and Mrs O contacted me and so had Carol.  Carol’s first visit was in the small region of Western Kenya where they actually lived and was the first person to take orgonite to Africa–August, 2001.  I know I’ve repeated this a few times and I’m one of those people who roll my eyes when someone repeats entire stories to me that I’ve heard too often but, to be fair, we have new readers all the time, many of whom are Africans.  Before, we mainly associated with rather urban, western-educated Africans and most of the kikundi are ordinary folks from the countryside who are more like Carol and I.   They represent Africa’s backbone and they’ve obviously achieved astounding, international success with their ceaseless efforts to promote it throughout East Africa and beyond.  Thanks, Dancan, by the way, for mentioning all of the kikundi’s current members in East Africa.

They actually caused public acceptance and appreciation of orgonite, generating above-subsistence livelihoods for themselves in the process  and they’re the first people in the world to do this. The rest of us in the orgonite industry mostly sell our wares online to people who already know about it.  Most of us have not been able to even persuade farmers or commercial fishermen to experiment with it, as the kikundi have done on a very large scale.

Let this be a challenge to the Chinese pioneers who are now making and deploying orgonite devices, though of course if they’re reading this directly they’re risking arrest and imprisonment 😎 .  Chinese people evidently have more economic freedom than Americans by now but I think that until they dump that Triad regime in Peking they’re not going to achieve free speech.

Judy Lubulwa from Uganda, who edited my book in 2006 (and ended up serving a prison term for distributing orgonite all over Nairobi, getting rid of its horrific smog and brightening its ambience), told me that when she was in primary school, there, her African teachers were telling students that a British man discovered Kilamanjaro.  Credo Muttwa has dedicated his life to helping Africans discard this sort of programming and he spent most of his early adult life traveling the continent, learning from wise men and women about Africa’s history and traditions. I can’t imagine a more powerful tool for disabusing Africans of brainwashing by the European colonizers and their legions of missionary field agents for the past six or seven generations.  We probably ought to get this work onto an independent PDF because he’s 97 years old, now, and is a literal prisoner of MI6, who get paid directly by these chump time and energy wasters–Credo Muttwa gets nothing for this..

I wasn’t successful in my repeated efforts to persuade Judy to link up with the kikundi in the years before she was arrested and I only learned about her two-years in prison after the fact, from her son.

As with the sewer rats’ reluctance to murder our East African cohorts, though, they evidently are afraid to entirely isolate  Credo Muttwa  from the world.   He had befriended Georg Ritschl in the late 90s, for instance,  because Georg offered his architect skills to help him build a living cultural museum in Soweto. Otherwise, most of the people who are allowed to visit him are sycophantic  Europoid theosophy drones  who won’t do anything worthwhile with what he has to offer.

Tino Phutego of Botswana, who shared 3 months of jail time for distributing orgonite in Mozambique, along with Georg, Carlos and their South African friend, Prophet, in 2008 visited Credo Muttwa and his wife, then took his long-time friend and political exile, King Kgafela, to meet him.  Credo Muttwa was overwhelmed and deeply humbled by that honor and there are even good lessons about African tradition and propriety in that, I think.  Georg had taken one of our mutual friends from Uganda to meet him, years before, and Credo Muttwa took great pleasure in the opportunity to speak with someone in Kiswahili, then.  All of these people got past the MI6 screeners who surround Credo Muttwa..

Georg and an Afrikaaner friend had distributed a couple hundred pieces of orgonite throughout Soweto, where  Credo Muttwa has mainly lived, and they didn’t dare stop the car because the people around there wanted to harm them on account of their skin color.  When the Ugandan fellow came to visit, Georg said, ‘I want to take you to the most dangerous city on the planet!’ but when they arrived in Soweto, all they saw were friendly, open faces; the trash had all been removed,  lawns and trees were planted everywhere and the houses were brightly painted.  I see on YouTube that someone has even set up a successful bungee jumping concession at an abandoned factory, there. Maybe economic (political) freedom is measured in leisure (time and resources). 😉

Another reason I want people to read Credo Muttwa’s work is that it’s also a fast-track study of the dynamics of magic in society and history.  The accounts of his relationships with offworlders and reptilians and the traditoins connected with that are unparalleled, too.

Credo Muttwa’s value is beyond reckoning as an exemplar of all that’s best, spiritually powerful and unique about Africa.





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