‘How do you communicate with your soul?’

A fellow in Russia directly asked me that after we discussed flying a bit–he’s found parachuting to be quite spiritual and wanted to know more about paragliding, hence the context of my reply:

Russians might be the best aviators, like English are arguably the best sailors, historically (Portugese the best navigators in the past).  The French seem to make the best paragliders.

Russia is mostly flat so paraglider pilots rely on winches for this, there.  If one can get even a few hundred meters into the air one is likely to find thermal lift to stay aloft, after that.  It’s easier to find when we’re closer to cloud base.    I don’t know where you live but I suspect that you could find paraglider instruction without traveling far.   This might be more popular in Russia than here.   There are ten times more of these pilots in France than in the US.   Americans lately became afraid of personal flying, which to me represents freedom. Not long ago, the skies were fairly crowded with sport pilots.  The weird fear seems to coincide with the genocidal, fascist (federal/feral) political agenda since the mid-1990s, even though most Americans are rather apathetic about that (thank God).

I built a tow winch and use it where we live on a grass airstrip–in a very large, triangular area next to my hangar.  It’s on a trailer and I take it to other places, too.  I built it last summer after buying my wife’s old 125cc Yamaha motorscooter for the winch component.  I’ll  soon master my new tracking drone at home with the winch before I take it to a mountain.  The snow has just melted, last week 😉

I watch a lot of YouTube videos to learn more about paragliding & also seek more training at every opportunity. Now I’m focusing on learning how to stay aloft and I think my longest flight was two hours.  Our teachers are birds in that case and birds often closely share thermals and ridge lift with us.

My new French wing is very light (also has a high performance rating) but easy to launch and land and the flying harness reverses into a pack for carrying both up mountains comfortably–very important to me since I’m approaching 70 yrs.  I want to still be doing this when I’m 100. I used to feel that way about sailing and I still love to do that but free flight seems exponentially more ‘spiritual’ to me.  Ten years ago it would have killed me to hike up a mountain, due to heart damage on account of the FBI poisoning us with beryllium in 2004.  Our doctor buddies repaired all that, fortunately.

Most of us carry at least one reserve parachute (we learn to repack them) and there are some versions, now, which are steerable.

You asked me how I communicate with my soul, which is an interesting question that a Russian is more likely to discuss than an American, I think.  To me, paragliding represents this dynamic, which is certainly beyond words and is more about feeling and liberation.  Your and our modern histories are rather materialistic but that phase seems to be passing, now.

Carol has done some related work with her aura camera and it’s given us the opportunity to directly see that the people who seem to be most in touch with their own souls (white auras in the moment) are typically people who are at peace with themselves and with life; it seems to have nothing to do with ideological conditioning and we’ve seen that more in old people than with the young.  Paragliding obviously doesn’t cause someone to be that way but it can be very restorative if one is inclined in that direction.

She and I spent a long day at a lecture by Danion Brinkley in 2001 which rather brought some focus for me to that subject.  He had been struck by lightning and died, I think three separate times. You can find him easily on YouTube.  Before that, he was a CIA assassin who loved his job and was generally despised by the people in the town where he grew up.  After his spiritual transformation the people he grew up among were unwilling to forgive him, which I think shows how degraded he had become. Now, he’s one of those rare people who make you feel happy in his presence.  At the time, he was working as a psychic spook against the CIA, employed as a civilian by perhaps the last remaining patriotic admiral at the Pentagon. This meeting we attended was right after the feds blew up the World Trade Center.

Before that day, I couldn’t see a distinction between the soul and the spirit but then it suddenly became more clear to me.   According to Danion, the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ which people who have been through death typically witness, is one’s own soul. It’s often mistaken for ‘God,’ ‘Jesus,’ ‘Muhammad,’ ‘Buddha,’ etc., according to one’s personal spiritual conditioning.  He believes that the soul, itself, is vast, complex and incorruptible.  He personally feels that the Creator of souls is unspeakably farther beyond our finite comprehension.  Most of the audience were theosophy drones who presumably believed that they were God 😉 but he’s a unique fellow who seems to touch every soul, regardless of dogmatic conditioning/shackles.

The human spirit, rather, seems to be more finite and subject to conditioning and rather seems to ‘contain’ the conscious self and is eminently corruptible.  The spirit of a kind-hearted person is stronger, more balanced  and healthier than the spirit of a self-seeking or predatory one, for instance.   I gained a deeper appreciation of this distinction from reading Max Freedom Long’s 1920s book about Hawaiian Huna magic, also from having worked in East Africa where some rather impressive technology of the spirit is part of the social fabric.

Religions teach that the soul’s progress is mainly dependent on the refinement of one’s spirit during the physical phase of life.  I don’t know how one can find that commonality without going beyond the accretion of various religious dogmas, though I believe it’s well worth the effort to do so in terms of refining our own spirits.

Soaring on air currents, just like a bird, is most easily done with a paraglider and every stage of technological development in the sport seems to make that easier to achieve; it’s a nice allegory, to me, for the ancient marriage of science and spirituality.

One of my flying buddies in Montana is a smoke jumper.   He told me that he lives for paragliding and just does the parachuting for a living because it gives him more time (between forest fires, which typically only happen in late summer) for paragliding.



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  1. Don Croft Post author

    In re: theosophy shackles, someone in the audience put Danion on the spot about ‘reincarnation.’ He answered that he’s seen no evidence in his sojourns beyond death that either supports or negates the concept of reincarnation and that the complexity of the human soul seems to make that issue less than relevant. My own religion’s writings indicate the same thing but my objection to the aggressive pandering of theosophy is that the dogma, in general, seems to bludgeon the human spirit and mind and enforce conformity through social conditioning.

    The programming, which ‘explains everything and answers nothing’ is a comfort for millions of faux-awake people who are afraid to discern reality on their own and I don’t hope to get through to any of these folks; my target audience are the few who are willing to use our rational minds to explore the mysteries of creation. British Intelligence’s old Theosophy dogma became the ‘go-to’ spiritual paradigm for the masses through the phenomenally successful infusion of psychotropics into popular culture by the CIA and MI6 in the 1960s.

  2. silvio nocerino

    Hi Don,
    interesting article, I think it deserves some clarifications, I would like to ask you some questions if it possible.
    I noticed you did not use the word consciousness, whilst you differentiated mind, spirit, soul. Do you have a opinion what consciouness is, is it part of the mind, of the spirit, or the soul?
    Also you may have heard the phrase ‘soul contract’, as a contract for the soul to become embodied and live a terrestrial life. It does entail that there may be a scope to each living person path. It is difficult though with all the abominations existing and the unjustuce that there would have a been a pre-destined agreement for them bad things to happen. Unless it is tied with the karma law of action and reaction, that a soul would have to express the reaction to the karma created in a previous ‘episode’ until that soul learn how to progress.
    The syncrinicity and the grace that exist also show that there is a guidance.

  3. Don Croft

    Thanks, Silvio–I hadn’t thought of the word, ‘consciousness,’ but of course it’s important. It may be that every conceivable thing has viable consciousness and interacts with everything else in that domain. Many of us have gotten the impression that ether (orgone) is consciously interactive with us. Maybe materialistic science’s effort to isolate consciousness is a long term confidence game, rather. I learned as a young adult, from my Native American friends, about the notion of all things being conscious at a time when I’d been programmed by society to assume that ‘all things’ lack consciousness–a very depressing idea, presumably by design, and maybe it’s the old basis for justifying the corporate rape of the earth’s resources..

    Most of that programming was generated after the Venetian takeover of England in the late 1600s but there were significant French contributions, too, including most of the racist doctrines that the Nazis later institutionalized–odd, to me, because the French were the least racist colonizers.. German scientists were generally the most enlightened in that period, I think, but the Italians might have surpassed them all but simply lacked proper promotion, perhaps.
    That phase of intellectual history certainly got started in Florence, of course, though it was at the tail end of a more vital and prolific Renaissance in Islamic nations, including Spain.

    The reason I don’t use terms like ‘soul contract’ is that they’re featured (introduced in sneaky but efficient , ‘top-down’ ways) in theosophy programming and I have no way of knowing whether it’s valid or not. I don’t trust any popularized/institutionalized dogmas, personally. ‘They explain everything and answer nothing.’ The dogma you mentioned seems (to me) like a con to make all of the moneyed, Europoid new agers feel okay about things like genocide, extreme poverty, persecution of races, plagues, pedophelia, the rule of parasites, etc. It rarely happens to them, after all, and people with lazy, dogma-bloated intellects will do whatever they can to avoid personal accountability.

    In India, lately, a lot of women are converting to Buddhism in order to escape the institutionalization, among Hindus, of sometimes-deadly misogyny (worse, there, since the British took over and homogenized ‘Hinduism’ in he 1700s?) and the old reincarnation dogma–so beloved of Europoids-with-means at the moment– has been the basis for justifying the horrific, racist caste system.

    Both of those things relate to your comment about ‘soul contracts,’ in my opinion. Mormon ‘scriptures’ teach that women have no souls, by the way, but theosophy, in spite of its general, blind acceptance among Europoids since the 60s, is just as goofy and irrational. I’m patiently waiting for the day when more people will acquire the stones to state the obvious about this scam, in spite of the very aggressive, immediate and lockstep nature of ‘believers’ efforts to defend it by assassinating the characters of people who question it openly. This is one of the few public venues where the theosophy drone horde’s trigger-happy, spirit-smothering machinations are not welcome.

    As a religionist, I do personally believe that all souls were together at a pre-existent time, in their Creator’s presence, and will eventually perhaps return to each other but I don’t think there are any catch phrases that institutionalize that teaching, thankfully. The core teachings of all the religions (the empowering elements) typically escape the comprehension of clergymen and theologists, so have typically remained unsullied, ‘unedited,’ pristine and powerful over the millenia. I think clergy and theologians, in general, laugh at the essential teachings of their own religions. The cynicism of clergy is being exposed, for the first time in history, in our generation. They conspired to destroy Thomas Paine’s reputation after he published a book in which he stated that it’s cruelly hypocritical for anyone to stand between a soul and its Creator and pretend to ‘mediate.’ In his youth in England, Paine had briefly been a Methodist preacher but was expelled because he kept inviting women to preach in his church ;-). That reminds me of how Freud blackballed young Wilhelm Reich for curing mental illness rather than ‘analyzing’ it.

    All of the true religions are my religion, just as the entire world is my country.

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