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I’ve been recommending Miles Mathis’ research papers to most of the people I correspond with because, like Jeff Miller and Gregg Hallett, he’s writing about an important and timely subject almost entirely alone, for now.

For example, Jeff’s the only  living soul who is collecting published evidence  to show that the overall condition of the world is improving rather dramatically,  which is contrary to the frenetic doom claims of the media, academia and governments. We’re rather thrilled and feel honored that he’s chosen this website to record this major opus:  his long-running Positive Changes That Are Occurring blog..  I was pleased to meet him in Pennsylvania in July, 2016.

Gregg Hallett has published abundant evidence that Hitler and Stalin were British projects, also proved that Queen Victoria was legitimately married before she arrived in England and had a son from that union, who grew up in Portugal.   He documented some profoundly revealing truths about how both world wars were created and managed, also shared unique insights for how key media personalities, historically, have also been also agency spooks and, in Britain’s case, breeders for royalty.   His work dovetails particularly well with Mathis’ findings.   Carol’s acquainted with him and I got most of his books in trade for zappers.

Of the three, Jeff’s the only one who is considerate to his readers, I”m sorry to say.  Hallett is simply a bit of a  curmudgeon, disinclined to consult,  but Miles Mathis seems to go out of his way to insult just about everyone, which is why I”m writing this.  I feel dismayed that so many people who could be empowered by Mathis’ work simply turn away from it because they feel legitimately offended, as I was.

Here’s how he offended me: he offhandedly referred to ‘Abdu’l-Baha, who is the exemplar of my faith, as ‘That Big Fake.’  ‘Abdu’l-Baha spent most of his life in exile and gruelling imprisonment until the overthrow of of the Sultan of Turkey  in 1908 finally enabled him to travel abroad from the prison city of Akka, Palestine in his twilight years.  He had caused an ancient aqueduct to be repaired with volunteer labor so that life in that pestilential prison colony improved for everyone, by the way, and he returned there after his travels.  Nobody who actually knows about his life and teachings would call him a fake, of course.  He gave a series of lectures to the London Theosophical Society, by the way, in which he gently encouraged them to freely use their rational minds and stop being shackled by dogma and blind imitation , which of course is now the default popular ‘alternative’ ideology throughout the West.

To his credit, at the beginning of each paper he writes, clearly, that all of his statements are simply his opinions.  Also to his credit, he invites several substantive guest writers, including Josh in Israel (who did a landmark exposé on the pivotal, late 1800s Dreyfus Affair) to publish on his site and I enjoy their work as much as his.

My religion teaches that we must consult freely with each other in order to solve all of our problems (including, in my opinion, the attempted destruction  of our world with various poisons by the corporate order) but also to avoid being overly critical of each other.   I was going to write to him but it seems clear in his work that he is opposed to anyone who believes as I  do so if  he were to read my notes I assume he’d just react rather than respond.   I hope he’ll read this, though, and contact me if he feels like it.  I don’t feel a need to make people believe as I do and my beliefs constantly change (improve, hopefully), anyway, subject to the availability of additional factual data..

Since every conclusion is his opinion it’s up to the reader to discern for himself whether he’s produced enough evidence to support the opinion.  When he does analyses of faked historic photos his work is beyond reproach, in my opinion, and he’s clearly qualified to do that.  He meticulously explains how the faking was done and it’s easy to follow his work.

The reason I read everything he writes is that I don’t want to miss something important and the solid elements of his work are quite empowering, at least for me. It’s well worth the occasional discomfort and, as a friend noted, ‘When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.’

Those of us who work with orgonite understand at least a little bit about the dynamics of subtle (etheric) energy or at least have a working relationship with it.  Dr Reich used to get frustrated because his unlettered workers, who mass produced his orgone accumulators,  generally understood orgone (ether) much better than his academic protégés did.  I never seek the approval of academics on account of that. I’m unlettered, too.  I think academics are typically more superstitious/mystical than rational but that was sure not true about Reich, who encouraged everyone to ‘be aware of mystical processes without being a mystic.’.

MM’s extensive science training is rather traditional and materialistic, so I doubt he’d be receptive to Dr Reich’s findings and our own related work but I hope I’m wrong.   He denies the existence of the nuclear program, apparently based on the obviously faked photos of the Bikini Atoll hydrogen bomb test of 1953.   A friend recently told me that knows some people who spent some vacation time on one of those bombed-out atolls and apparently got radiation sickness and died too soon.   My X2 worked at Seabrook Nuke Facility for 17 years and told me that most of the people she knew, there,  who worked near the reactor  had died young of cancer.

If one is aware of subtle energy dynamics one recognizes that nuclear energy is poisonous simply because it generates a lot of the form of ether that Dr Reich called, ‘deadly orgone radiation.’  When Carol, Reno Richard and I distributed hundreds of orgonite pieces throughout the Nevada valley around Fallon is and through the adjacent valley our noses practically bled from the radiation poisoning on the first night that we camped there, then after we were done the environment was vital and we experienced no more discomfort during the night’s rest..

He’s a world-class portrait artist who flatly condemns all modern popular and abstract art and I think rightly states that the modern-art movement is generally an intelligence op, designed to debase popular culture some more while laundering corporate criminals’ Big Money.   As evidence, to me, that this is not entirely true, I hope you’ll check out my good friend and fellow orgonite flinger, John Kilroy’s, art, some of which has some abstract elements  in it:

When i visited him in 2004 in Boston he had paintings of a couple of rather famous artists around the house to look at for a time. He and they exchanged paintings with each other regularly and I think that’s a very healthy and productive sort of networking and interchange.. They visit each other, too.

I empathize with MM’s frustration about crappy popularized art, though in a little different way.  Before I left the US in 1984 to do some work in the South Pacific I used to listen to the black popular music station in St Louis, while I worked.  I loved the music because it was lively, varied, lyrical and colorful (sic) but when I came back to St Louis, just a year later, all of that music had been supplanted with rough, ugly, angry rap music, which I wasn’t able to listen to without feeling depressed.  The internet wasn’t born, yet.  For that matter, when I lived in the Caribbean in the early 70s the radio stations were playing wonderful and varied island music, including steel drums, salsa and calypso.  It was all good, there were several styles and it was all slightly exotic to me.  When all of that (except salsa) was abruptly displaced by reggae, which all sounds to me like it’s done by the same band of low-talent stoners and feels incredibly monotonous, I also felt a bit depressed.

Over the years, though, rap has turned into a legitimate art form that includes some impressive poetry and even Sergio Mendes features some rap musicians on a recent compilation CD.  It seems obvious to me that some abstract art is also legitimate.  For me, the jury’s still out for reggae but my opinion’s no better or worse than anyone’s of course. Maybe reggae will turn into a genuine art form, too.

So, even when the CIA tries to ruin popular culture some more, their efforts backfire on them as often as not because the human spirit is essentially irrepressible and we’re driven to be creative, at least when we’re sober.  The enemy can’t understand this, I believe–one of their several fatal flaws?

MM’s focus on the predominance of Jewish families in ‘the peerage’ from whom essentially all popular figures are recruited, historically, is a legitimate enquiry and he admirably presents it all without judgement.  I’m as fascinated as he is by this.

If I were to converse with him I’d suggest  reading Admiral Flavio Barbieri’s extensive research about the apparent Jewish authorship (by the surviving priests of the Jerusalem Temple after that city’s destruction) of the Roman Catholic Church and also ‘the temporary bridge’ between Roman paganism and state churchianity: Mithraism.  Barbieri, who I assume is a crypto-Jew, says (accurately, in my opinion) that ‘The Jews are the greatest protagonists of history.’  In his research, MM hasn’t dug deeper, yet, than the late medieval period of Europe. I would also suggest reading David Livingston’s exhaustive research into the late-medieval origins of today’s popular pseudomystical dogmas, including Kabbalah, gnosticism and theosophy,  Jews predominated in all that, too.  The Mongol phenomenon drove much of Europe’s pre-renaissance history and the Mongols were arguably not Jewish, though the Gypsies whom Tamerlane forced to leave Northern India and migrate to the Mideast and Northern Europe, were apparently descended from  Jews of the Assyrian displacement of 800BC.  The civilizing influence on Europe from China is on account of the Mongol,  Kublai Khan, who was also not a Jew.  He made Tibetan Buddhism the state religion of his regime, though everyone had freedom of conscience to choose his own religion in that empire.  The Tibetans are  Mongols..

Nor were the Ethiopian or Nubian civilizations Jewish in Biblical times and those have profoundly influenced the West, too.  Bookbinding came from Ethiopia, by the way. Europeans were still writing on scrolls before the Arabs introduced bookbinding in the late middle ages.   It may be that the Queen of Sheba was more protagonist than Solomon and ‘The Promised Land’ had to pay annual tribute to Egypt, then to Assyria, then to Babylon, then to Rome; it was never a sovereign nation until British Intelligence and their Mossadomite terrorist stooges made it so in 1947 😉 which is also when the CIA was born, as MM never tires of pointing out.

I now suspect that the Cathars in Europe (they are still around and there are a lot of them) are hereditary Jewish Christians (the most pristine form of that Faith?) and if that’s the case, then it potentially adds a great deal more to the positive side of the protagonism of Jews.  I’m so eager to know whether or not I’m mistaken that I intend to learn French in Quebec City, next summer,  and spend time next year in Languedoc with my amazing wife, talking to any Cathars who are willing to be candid with me .  Carol’s met a few of them there and they’re not shy about talking to individuals who are genuinely interested; they simply seem to avoid doing it publicly, presumably for the sake of their community’s safety.  If you’re inclined to subtlety, though, this might interest you and I suspect a Cathar recently wrote it: .  If memory serves, Carlos Silva of sent that to me several years ago. I look forward to possibly meeting Cathars in Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Scotland and Portugal, too, if I can live that long. Maybe England, the birthplace of modern genocide, even has them.

To dig even deeper into the history of Jewish protagonism, I’ve read a book by an amateur Egyptian archaeologist (his day job was practicing law in London) which shows compelling evidence that Moses was the pharaoh, Akhenaton, and that the 300,000 Jews who fled Egypt were not Hebrews but were mostly Egyptian converts to Akhenaton’s (Moses?) monotheism, which was certainly not in sync with Egyptian traditions and beliefs.   Two generations earlier, only 71 Hebrews migrated to Egypt and we know that humans don’t replicate like a virus.   Joseph, the Hebrew who became Egypt’s prime minister, was Akhenaton’s grandfather.  Akkenaton’s mother (Joseph’s daughter) was a Hebrew as well as an Egyptian princess.   Freud believed all of  this and wrote an unpublished (he died, then) book about it but I’m not inclined to use him as an endorsement because I think he was a complete jerk–he ran the Tavistock Institute at the time, after all, and his academic progeny fill the halls at Langley as well as Tavistock.  Reich, who actually cured mentally ill people instead of just analyzing them,  had nothing bur respect for Freud but I suspect that Freud’s the one who blackballed Reich and thus forced him to leave psychiatry/medicine and  to rewrite physics and biology 😉 –another case of backfired psiop?  The CIA published our orgonite cloudbuster plans, which resulted in the defeat of the then-expanding chemtrail bioweaponry agenda within a year or so.  They’re still hosting the plans, so their massive chemtrail fear porn psychological warfare agenda still inspires thousands of people to build and buy orgonite cloudbusters 😉

Those two books didn’t show up on amazon,com when I looked for them, recently (I bet they will after this 😉 ) and I assume that the authors, who are quite impressive,  are also not mentioned in WiCIApedia.   When I get home from this little weekend trip I’ll tell you the titles and authors. I need to re-read them, too, as I sometimes do with MM’s  and Hallett’s material.

Carol got both of them for me from the publisher, who usually has a shop at the Tucson Gem Show.  She says the fellow, who owns Bear Publishing in Vermont, is very friendly and forthcoming and that he seeks out unique and substantive authors like these two.   We won’t find books like these or Hallett’s in corporate bookstores 😉

I think we’re each only able to digest a finite amount of empowering material at one sitting, so we ought to be patient with ourselves and not try to swallow it all at once.  You can see that even though MM could benefit by working on his people skills a bit I still strongly feel that his work is timely and extremely important.  To know that popular culture is a cynical facade and that the media, gov’t and academia always lie is very important, don’t you agree?   We stop trusting individuals in our lives who are found to be liars, so why do most people keep trusting these manifestly obvious professional liars if not because we were all simply programmed to trust them?

Only dogmatic fools believe that education ought to be comfortable.  In life, most of our important lessons come with a measure of pain and the pain that comes from finally realizing that most of what we were taught was a lie is just a temporary discomfort if we’ll just persevere.   After that, curiosity and the intellect can be unleashed, then life gets more interesting and fun and we find new, genuine friends in the world.

I’ve  always felt sad for that horde of lockstep theosophy drones because in their drive to break through the older facade they’ve only  come up up against a parti-colored sub-surface of the same boring, lifeless Hollywood set and then honestly believe that they’re ‘enlightened.’

MM hates all of the religions and calls himself a hippie but he was a toddler in the late 60s.  If he were my age he would have been able to directly observe and interact with the proto-hippies  and I think his romantic view of them would be traumatically challenged if he went back in time to do that.

I started meeting hippies when I returned to the US after high school in 1967 and experienced genuine culture shock because in spite of their grand-sounding ‘spiritual’ discourses, which I had admired from afar, I found them to be militantly dogmatic,  utterly intolerant and conformist–where were the ‘free spirits?’  I was a free spirit but for me, spiritual freedom is mainly represented by an unshackled intellect, an open mind and heart and boundless curiosity, which only sobriety allows.

In the late 80s I was acquainted with an intelligent woman who had been a proto-hippie during her teen years in the late 60s and she was rather bitter about the hidden misogyny of ‘free love,’ because it favored the males and soon turned droves of girls into man-hating lesbians.

The hippie/stoner movement was, after all, British Intelligence’s and CIA’s (theosophy and brain-deadening drugs) mega-psychological-operation debut as the default Western popular ideology,  after a decade or so of preparation during their lower-profile beatnik psi op.

It seems odd to me that MM does a good, thorough job of exposing both theosophy, the CIA’s drug culture and each of the  beat generation’s artificially-popularized and empty authors and alleged poets.  He’s  passionately disinclined to use psychotropics, but still romanticizes hippies and hangs out at an ashram in Taos.   I think he’s correct that the intelligence corps were simply vamping the late-60s period of general awakening and got control of it all. I would say to him that it’s possible to appreciate the positive, organic aspects of the 60s enlightenment without embracing those popular trappings.

The intelligence  agencies are utterly failing to get control of the present cycle of human awakening, obviously, in spite of their charismatic but  frenetic theosophy pandering on the YouTube sidelines.  I’m seeing a lot of newagers (theosophy drones) losing patience with the fakery, finally (my fingers are crossed).

Discernment and accountability are finally becoming fashionable, so the harder the sewer rats try to smother factual data with saccharin dogma and charismatic but empty personalities the more obvious their efforts are becoming. I don’t think they’re capable of understanding this, which is evidence to some that they’re clinically insane..  It’s fun to watch, at least. To; me, these are still the good old days.

I have a standing request for anyone to shoot me in the back of the head if I ever display  ideological ambiguity because I want very much to be held accountable for intellectual honesty..

Thank you, my old friend and partner in handcuffs, Francisco ‘Paco’ Garcia Subirachs of the would-be Catalunya Republic and, for introducing me to  two years ago!  I dearly hope that more people will just bite the bullet and assimilate the unique and pristine, empowering essence of what MM is offering, regardless of his sometimes-distressing humanity.










6 thoughts on “Miles Mathis Tutorial ;-)

  1. Edu

    What exactly did Miles wrote that insulted you, Don?

    I think it’s good to be lenient with “truthers” and authors out there. Every single one of us is being beamed with microwaves and other unorthodox methods of behavior modification, like gas lighting, gang stalking, psychotronics, black magic, etc. We are all TARGETED INDIVIDUALS. Our common enemy will do anything it can to prevent us from networking and to make us attack each other in chaos. We have to make all we can to reduce infighting, even if that means leaving each other alone.

    We must consider that people outside our network are in great disadvantage countering the enemy attacks as we do. They lack the necessary background knowledge and are severely handicapped by prejudices of many kinds. I think its dangerous for them that we approach them because all the weaponry throw at us will make the average person squirm in repulsion in a matter of minutes. This approach will cause escalation of the “fire power” used against them. Modest apart, we are the toughest fighters out there. I committed this error several times only to watch my would be friends behavior to be gradually modified in a matter of months and their character flaws greatly enhanced. Or worse, sometimes just watched a full fearful reaction from their part. They just can’t survive the psychic artillery well enough. And they get tagged for a lifetime after that, this is how the cretins at the psy-ops work.

    I haven’t heard, seen or met one single bright person on this earth that has not said or written a bullshit, including myself. We all have our prejudices. Curiously I’ve found that common prejudices are great determinants of ones readership. Each author has gathered a certain public with common values, and I think the fear of straying from one’s public values and become disreputable with their readership (like NSA shills) is a great deterrent of an author ability to acquire knowledge that might expand him beyond his limitations. I think this may be even a somehow healthy dynamic, because different people will gravitate to different authors. Similar attracts similar. The more complex one’s knowledge becomes, less people will be receptive to it. I know this personally, I’ve got no one to talk with most of the time. If an author is handicapped by certain prejudices he will naturally reach more people than if he was to break all boundaries and displease everybody. Diversity and complexity are key here.

    Although it might be tempting getting in touch and build community around similar goals, I think this will only work if the least aware part of the exchange is the one who takes initiative. Otherwise, the odds are that it will be quickly overpowered by the enemy and we will end wasting each other efforts with friendly fire. Some times it’s just better that people pursuit their paths on it’s own. There is divine wisdom in that.

  2. Jeff Miller

    Don, you are kind and gracious, thanks for the compliments. My thoughts reading them were “my writing is effective because I’m speaking in generalities” – which is something I learned from you.

    If someone supports “Trump”, and I besmirch “Trump”, polarization occurs. If someone supports “Hillary”, and I besmirch “Hillary”, polarization occurs. If I say “the few control the many”, which is general, the concept can be assimilated without the triggering that occurs when discussing a specific personage within the “few”.

    Did you notice that I said “a specific personage”, which is general, as opposed to using a specific name? Previously, when I used names, I put them in quotes, to show they are simply representative, and so triggering will be more unlikely.

    If I say “via pyramidally-constructed organizations”, which is general, the concept can perhaps be assimilated. However, if I add a specific organization, which the reader happens to support, polarization would occur.

    Most of the time, no one speaks in generalities, everyone’s got a point of view – as an artist, as an author, and so on. So I believe that we’ll only get past Divide-and-Conquer if we approach the matter generally.

    And you and, say, Mr. Mathis, might be able to communicate more effectively if you draw back into generalities, non?

    It’s like saying “what do we basically agree on?”, and building from there, to defeat a common adversary, vs. getting lost in minutae, with the adversary able to take advantage of it by making it a mire, a bog, where one would get “bogged down.”

    Sometimes people genuinely don’t mean to bog you down, other times people are deliberately trying to.

    If I determine that someone is not simply partisan, but rather an operative, I’ll still play the game the same way, in terms of my own message and tactics. But I’ll skate as tough as necessary – within the rules – to get them off the ice in regard to theirs. Legally checking them into their own bench.

    Because carefully-acting, handled Operatives have been professionally charged with the same “bog them down” mission against humanity, in virtually every single internet forum on Earth. And – switching sports metaphors, apologies – I’m not going to let them slow me down on the way to the goal line, in any forum, public or private.

    It just occurred to me that, as I’ve noted many times, propaganda depends on generalities, which speaks to their great power. They’re just using it under deceitful guise. And truth delivered with generality will defeat lies delivered with generality every time.

    I’ve been using generalities to talk with my wife and coworkers more effectively about difficult subjects. It’s really powerful.

  3. Don Croft

    Thanks for turning this into a discussion, Edu and Jeff. I’ve always felt that consultation is a necessary element for defeating the rule of parasites.

    In my ‘tutorial’ I told how MM insulted me but only as an example. It didn’t stop me from assimilating his unique material, of course, but that sort of dynamic has been stopping a lot of my friends from exploring his offerings, which is why I wrote the piece. In order for consultation to happen, facts need to be collected.

    The collection of facts in quest of solutions rather propels us from the discussion of generalities, unfortunately. For instance, it’s a fact that theosophy programming is shackling the minds of untold millions of otherwise intelligent europoids. By lifting the lid on theosophy I automatically offend everyone who is brainwashed by that programming but I was pleased to discover, many years ago, that the more discerning people appreciate knowing this and these are, I believe, the few who will continue tol midwife the process of decentralization of power. I think this is happening on the internet and that there are rather mystical processes involved. Reich advised to be aware of mystical processes without being a mystic, by the way.

    I don’t use ‘hundredth monkey’ or other catch phrases for these mystical processes because I suspect that most or all of those stories are spurious and were created by agency spin artists but I think most people understand that when a requisite number of people in the world have the same, new realization then it soon becomes ‘common sense’ and ‘conventional wisdom.’ I used to believe that those two terms were oxymorons but I’m not as cynical, now. Unless the people who have these realizations express them in a more or less public way then I doubt they’ll be accepted. I sometimes try to imagine all of the things that could set us free from mental imprisonment but that we’re unwilling to consider, now, or are not capable of considering. We all feel at least a little threatened by such things, I believe, but we also grow our awareness by such stretching exercises.

    I’ve lately gotten the impression, by the way, that theosophy brainwashing reached mainstream popularity only through the popularization of psychotropics in a ‘pyramidally-constructed’ promotional scheme in the late 60s, mainly by the CIA. Without suitably ‘porous’ and suggestible minds from the daily ingestion of psychtropics the rebellious youth of my generation would not likely have agreed to be witless, lockstep conformists, afraid to question these weird, pseudo-Hindu protocols that British Intelligence cobbled together in the late 1800s,

    Before that, only ‘kooky people’ (including beatniks) believed in theosophical dogma. I’m old enough to remember that. Of course some of these dogmatic kooks, including Hitler, were not harmless. Joseph Smith fronted a similar anti-rational operation in the early 1800s but it wasn’t designed for mass appeal but has been very successful for it’s purpose, as were the related masonic projects of the period: Christian Science, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, the Pentecostal movement.

    Once an entire generation accepted theosophy programming, it became ‘foundational,’ so people still tend to blindly accept it In the case of theosophy. The related cults that I mentioned (especially Mormonism) tend to be mainly hereditary, according to what I’ve seen.

    There’s also an implicit, brain-police reactionary response to anyone who questions theosophy dogma in the presence of ‘believers,’ which is probably why it’s popularly acceptable among so many ‘progressive/liberal’ white people, now, to condemn all religions but faux pas to even politely criticize theosophy dogma. People in the other intelligence-created cults don’t care if you don’t believe what they believe. I know I’m not the only person who has noticed this but most people are still afraid to talk about it. I might be mistaken, but maybe until we can uproot the ‘popular culture’ brainwashing it’s going to be extremely difficult to generate enough consensus to properly uproot the corporate order.

    My target audience is very small. You, Jeff, are writing for general humanity and it’s working. I know that because I send everyone to your work who has swallowed the fear porn scams that you are undermining so efficiently.

    When I’m talking with people in 3D who are conditioned by fear porn I can see their faces lighten when I tell them about your work, collecting solid evidence that the world’s condition is improving. They usually also respond positively when I affirm that people in general are not the problem; parasites are. The parasitic cartels, not us, are poisoning the world and they’re failing with that agenda.

    I don’t try to talk to all of them about discarding the rule of parasites because most of them aren’t prepared to be that accountable and the real changes (both positive and negative, historically) never require the support of the masses, after all; a few committed and accountable people talk to each other and find consensus, as we often do, here.

    None of the other cults gained popularity the way theosophy dogma has done and one of the features of this brainwashing coup is that the vast majority of people who believe in this strange, restrictive dogma don’t even think about theosophy; a lot of them honestly believe that they came up with these queer beliefs on their own.

  4. John Scudamore

    they made Rap music violent

    [2012 May] The Rap Music Conspiracy He told us that since our employers had become silent investors in this prison business, it was now in their interest to make sure that these prisons remained filled. Our job would be to help make this happen by marketing music which promotes criminal behavior, rap being the music of choice…..As the months passed, rap music had definitely changed direction. I was never a fan of it but even I could tell the difference. Rap acts that talked about politics or harmless fun were quickly fading away as gangster rap started dominating the airwaves…..Everyone bought into it, consumers included. Violence and drug use became a central theme in most rap music. I spoke to a few of my peers in the industry to get their opinions on the new trend but was told repeatedly that it was all about supply and demand. Sadly many of them even expressed that the music reinforced their prejudice of minorities….Now that I have a greater understanding of how private prisons operate, things make much more sense than they ever have. I see how the criminalization of rap music played a big part in promoting racial stereotypes and misguided so many impressionable young minds into adopting these glorified criminal behaviors which often lead to incarceration.”

    good book to read on how they corrupted music

    I see genuine ‘Hippy’ as the opposite end of materialism, which is what Rap folk push, they get rewarded for selling their soul, with money.

    Free love is typical 1.1

    I know one, a misogynist too.

    Being a hippy or spiritual guru etc, isn’t a sign of mental health. I found that out the hard way, and Osho was probably one too. 1.1 is narcissism. Not every 1.1 is one, but every narcissist is one

    1. Don Croft Post author

      Thanks for the history background, John, and for mentioning its early link to the prison industry. The American Gulag Archipelago is the largest, per capita, in recorded history and blacks make up the majority of prisoners. I don’t think many of those are real criminals.

      Maybe a close second was the Egyptian gold-mining operation in Nubia whose labor force were mainly prisoners of war. Hitler’s and Stalin’s gulags pale by comparison to the current American one, which is run by corporations for a profit, after all. When iron was suddenly introduced around 1100BC it became profitable to mine for gold and silver for the first time.

      Before, it’s reckoned that an ounce of each cost one human life. Carbon steel was being manufactured in Zimbabwe since 8,000BC. It should have spread to Egypt and the other ancient civilizations, of course, so I think the claims of ‘centrally managed technological progress throughout history’ in the book, The Babylonian Woe, are valid ones. The free PDF of that book is on EW’s link page.

      The reason I mentioned rap, though, was that it seems like a good example of how the human spirit turned even this old crap-show into a viable art form. Check out some of the talented poets and lyricists of the current rap scene, for instance, and the use of rap to expose and thus undermine the tyranny of parasites. Sergio Mendes album that features rap artists is another good example. There are still some rap artists who are just fascists’ tools, too, of course.

  5. Don Croft Post author

    I got the following email from a science fiction author who reads this blogsite. I ordered one of his books and will be reviewing it, here, because his subject matter seems to jive well with what we do, especially with Jeff Miller’s work:

    Re: Thanks!
    Jack Suss 4/5/2018 2:02 PM
    To doncroft
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    Thanks for the Miles Mathis referral. I read your tutorial on him and cruised his sites. He is a force to be reckoned with. I very much like his art and, surprisingly, his poetry. (I haven’t found much poetry I like since finding Dylan Thomas.) I read an essay on Graham​ Hancock and Pinchbeck that was refreshingly candid. In short, I agree Mathis is somebody important, not to mention a tremendously prolific writer. His scientific papers stagger the mind, and what a mind he has—very developed, varied talents. I always tried to steer clear of science courses myself, to my detriment I suppose. But I admire those who have an aptitude for science and technology. Re. his bad attitude toward other humans, I agree that he must be forgiven his trespasses, as you argue in your tutorial.

    I appreciate your secessionist observations, especially in light of the “small is beautiful (and better),” writers such as Leopold Kohr, The Breakdown of Nations, and Kirkpatrick Sale and John Papworth< =not that I'm a specialist on these guys. They were recommended to me by Peter Lamborn Wilson. Their basic thesis is that community-that-works has a natural size and its measured (if I recall correctly) at between 200-300; and it's natural and best for it to be as self-sufficient as possible. Funny how we all sort of fall into things in life, like having the luck of the draw. As someone who believes in developing one's full human potential I have to say that I'm more like the tortoise than the hare, esp. compared to the likes of Miles Mathis! I can see we will need to get together, maybe sometime this summer. There is just too much juice for this moose to be able to pull in all the various strings of weird and wonderful scheisch. Let me know when you get my book. A tip or two may be in order about reading it---well, let me just say it here: it meanders and has some complexities, esp. in the first half; the middle is a lull in the action but worth the slog; the second half moves right along; no surprise great twist in the end, particularly. Hope you like it. And I have a site that sort of follows-on to the book for those interested in a follow-on. I'll have a look at Black Terror; White Soldiers, by Livingstone. Always glad to get referrals! Hey, have a peek at the news:



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