The North Carolina shrimp catch rose 45% in 2017 to its highest level in history. “Why is a mystery.”

“I am not the law, but I represent justice so far as my feeble powers go.”

Sherlock Holmes, from “The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1927




May 28, 2017 – North Carolina shrimp catch soared to new record last yearwhy is a mystery

North Carolina shrimp trawlers caught more of America’s favorite seafood last year than any time on record. The verdict on why is unclear.




The words “mystery“, “baffled” and “puzzled” are memes, used, among numerous similar variants, whenever anyone in the wholly-controlled-and-coopted Political, Academic, Scientific and Media establishments wants to lie about, well, basically anything. One of those variants is “unclear“.

That’s why the news item at the top of this article says that the reason the North Carolina shrimp catch last year rose 45% to its highest level in history is a “mystery.” And that “the verdict on why is “unclear.”

They’re hedging and stonewalling because there’s a global news blackout surrounding the unprecedented positive changes taking place at every level of our reality that got underway in earnest three year or so ago.

Those changes obviously aren’t doing any favors for the folks who cooked up the “Poor Mother Gaia is Dying” confidence game to cover up the fact that they were deliberately killing her on the down-low via Death-energy based technologies. Once a critical mass of Orgonite devices were distributed in the larger environment, the great, interleaved Death energy network was unknitted and transformed, and the rug has been pulled out from under the scam.

The “Global Warming” canard is put forth via “a warm autumn gets much of the credit“, although you’ll quickly see in the article that that warmer air temperatures do not map in any way to increased shrimp populations.

In response to this unprecedented resurgence of life taking place across the globe, what we euphemistically call “secret agents” are engaged in ongoing animal-killing operations, in an attempt to prop up the failing and wholly-fraudulent “Poor Mother Gaia is Dying” con on behalf of the barely-closeted Death worshippers they work for.

There’s an article below with an example of one, headlined “North Atlantic right whales may face extinction after no new births recorded.” Since whale populations are booming and burgeoning across the globe, it’s my guess that the Right whale population is small and trackable enough that harassment of various sorts, most probably sonic, has been employed to stop them from reproducing.

The rapidly rising incidence of “mystery” whale deaths around the globe, and particularly in the Atlantic, has been documented numerous times in this thread, and supports my thesis. To preserve current programming levels, tell yourself they are “unexplained mortality events.

In addition to record population levels, another data point being seen with greater and greater frequency of is record-sized animals and marine life. Below you’ll see the biggest lobster ever caught in Maine, the biggest Oyster, ever,

There’s also a story about the oldest hard-shell clam, ever, more than doubling the maximum recorded life span of the species.

When I read that, I instantly thought that perhaps the great ages listed in the Old Testament are not ‘exaggerations’, as the establishment explanation states, but rather that, as the folks who’ve been in charge all the way back to Babylon and before got their Death-energy network built and operational some thousands of years ago, they quickly got the Death-energy level in the larger environment to an unnatural level where it impacted human lifespans in that way, shortening it from 900 years to 90 years.

I’m going to see if other species age records have been broken, of late, and report back.

The lobster “the size of a small child” caught in Maine made me think of an entry in a book I’m reading on the history of New York. When the white people arrived, there were six foot long lobsters in the New York area. It may be that it’s not simply “that was a really old lobster”, but rather “it’s about the level of Life energy in the environment, juxtaposed against the level of Death energy in the environment.”

So this is an exciting new avenue of research.

I quickly found a couple of gigantic shrimp stories, and there’s a lot of hand-waving and obfuscation surrounding them, as you’ll see. But more on that momentarily.





February 24, 2012 – Lobster ‘the size of a small child’ caught in Maine

The biggest lobster ever caught in Maine, a 27-pounder named “Rocky”, with claws tough enough to snap a man’s arm, was released on Thursday after being trapped in a shrimp net last week.


August 29, 2015 – Record oyster shell on Knokke beach

Girls Alice and Clémentine Lechat were playing on the beach at the jet-set resort of Knokke when they came across the record-breaking shell near the Zwin nature reserve. The shell measures 2.5 cm more than the largest oyster shell encountered so far.

(They don’t tell you the size of the old record shell, or when that record was set, or the difference between them. “So far” is a ruse, implying it’s just people haven’t searched assiduously enough, yet, and will soon find even larger shells. They’ll encounter them, while assiduously searching. And “the largest shell encountered so far” is much softer than “what was until now the largest shell ever recorded.” – ed)


May 28, 2017 – North Carolina shrimp catch soared to new record last year – why is a mystery.

(The general “soared to new record” hedges against the specific “soared 45% to new record.” – ed)

North Carolina shrimp trawlers caught more of America’s favorite seafood last year than any time on record. The verdict on why is unclear.

Shrimpers in 2016 harvested a record 13.2 million pounds, worth $28 million, a 45 percent increase over the previous year, according to state biologists.

(Whether the volume or price is the record they’re mentioning is unclear – a deliberate obfuscation. – ed)

A warm autumn gets much of the credit, leading to big hauls through New Year’s Day, some two months longer than usual, according to a release from the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries.

Keith Bruno, owner of Endurance Seafood in Oriental, also credits mild temperatures.

“Weather makes all the difference,” he said.

But weather does not entirely explain last year’s boom, said Steve George, a salesman at Willie R. Etheridge Seafood Company in Wanchese.

Old-timers traditionally have believed a dry spring brought plentiful summer shrimp. Last year’s spring was sopping and expectations were low, yet the shrimp kept coming, George said. The warm fall was good, but there have been similar seasons without record-breaking harvests, he said.

George has been in the business more than 30 years and had no answer. Veteran fishermen shrugged when asked why, he said.

Nobody really knows,” George said. “It was unheard of. Everybody was floored.”


January 29, 2018 – Iran’s shrimp export registers new record – AzerNews

Iran’s shrimp export registered a new record and amounted to 15,177 tons during the first nine months of the current fiscal year (started March 20, 2017), Isa Golshahi, an official with the Iranian Fisheries Organization, said


February 1, 2018 – New Species Longevity Record for the Northern Quahog (=Hard Clam …

New Species Longevity Record for the Northern Quahog (=Hard Clam), Mercenaria mercenaria. open access … This age represents a considerable increase in the known maximum life span for M. mercenaria, more than doubling the maximum recorded life span of the species (46 y).

(describing “more than doubling” as “considerable” is a spectacular hedge. Such records are usually broken by tiny margins. p.s., “More than doubling” is general, and, as you may recall, generality is a hallmark of propaganda. There’s no mention of what the previous record was, when it was set, or the specific difference between them. Nor is there any suggestion as to what caused such a huge increase. – ed)


February 12, 2018 – Record Russian Salmon Catch Expected for 2018 – SeafoodNews

Record Russian Salmon Catch Expected for 2018 SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] by Eugene Gerden – February 12, 2018 Record Russian Salmon Catch Expected for 2018 Russia prepares for a record salmon catch this year, according to recent statements of scientific director of the All-Russian

Analysts of VNIRO predict the volume of salmon catch in Russia may exceed 500,000 tonnes this year — a record figure in the modern history of the country. The majority of catch (64 percent) will account for Kamchatka, while the most harvested species will comprise humpback and chum salmon.

(There’s no mention as to what’s driving the increase, to the highest levels ever seen in recorded history. It’s forbidden to discuss it, there’s a global news blackout on the subject – ed)


February 15, 2018 – Pacific Whiting Stock Looks Strong for 2018, Coming off Record 440,944 tons in 2017

The first look at the Pacific whiting assessment came yesterday when the scientists on the Joint Technical Committee briefed the Joint Management Committee on their findings.

The stocks for Pacific whiting, also called hake, are still strong, coming off last year’s record catch. At 440,944 mt, it was the highest in fifty years.

(More whiting than ever in history last year, which is hedged downward to “the highest in fifty years.” That’s because the fishing records go back 50 years. Record means “most, ever, in history.” More blatant hedging in support of the global news blackout on the subject. – ed)



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