Free!! Mrs O released from prison

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Update 4/13/2018 Mrs Odondi was released today.

It is with great joy and gratitude that we can announce that Mrs. O is finally free.  Thanks to everyone who supported this effort.  Details pending.

Update: 4/4/2018 Mrs O not released despite promises

Over the Easter Weekend, Mrs. Odondi’s fine was lowered with the stipulation that it be raised by 4/1. When they raised that money, they demanded another $90. That last amount was raised beyond the deadline. According to Dancan (see comment below) the government retracted the offer and are again demanding the full $3800 fine. The Kikundi have raised $3000, only $800 remains.

Special #FreeMrsO sale of set of 6 Bilo for $199

To help raise funds to release Mrs Odondi from jail, the Kikundi have decided to offer sets of 6 Bilo for only $199. Individual bilo pieces are still available at only $40. If you have ever considered purchasing Bilo, now is the time. Go to Orgonite East Africa to purchase. For donations, see below.

History: In mid February, Mrs O was arrested in Kenya for mailing orgonite. The original post is here: Mrs Odondi’s Arrest in Kisumu

The situation escalated on February 26 when she was sentenced to either 3 years jail or $3800. While she personally has assured her children that she does not want them to pay such an exorbitant fine and is willing to wait out her term peacefully, it is unacceptable to the Kikundi to allow her to remain imprisoned so unjustly.

Update 3/4/2018: According to her family, Mrs. Odondi has become very ill.
She has a typhoid infection. Her family confirmed that the jail will only treat minor conditions and that they would have to come up with $45 to get ciprofloxacin to treat her medically.  A good portion was raised already. We need to make sure she is also allowed to use a zapper to protect her health, and continue to boost her health remotely.

Update: 3/5/2018: The group raised the money for the medicine, because of the immediate threat to her health, the health of other inmates and the community at large. However, please note that according to the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (the Mandela Rules), all countries have a responsibility to protect the health of prisoners:

Rule 24
The provision of health care for prisoners is a State responsibility. Prisoners should enjoy the same standards of health care that are available in the community, and should have access to necessary health-care services free of charge without discrimination on the grounds of their legal status.

*Due to risks and in accordance with Mrs. Odondi’s wishes, do not contact Kenyan authorities at this time concerning this issue.

Update 3/6/2018: Mrs. Odondi is thankfully getting better, due to concerted efforts from the group.

Important Update: 3/2/2018 Mrs O has expressed concern about challenging the police
From her family:

“When I took zapper to my mother this morning I showed her this details but she told that concerning the Kenya we have today such investigation against the police may endanger her life and the whole kikundi. So on this account she also objected the idea.”

For the moment, please focus on etheric work, donations, and promoting the Kikundi’s Bilo business. Mrs. O is understandably concerned about protecting her family, including the orphans in her care.

**How you can help free Mrs. Odondi**

We implore all gifters worldwide to assist in boosting Mrs O’s situation, calling attention to this outrage, and purchasing the Kikundi’s special Bilo Orgonite on Orgonite East Africa

1. Boost! Boost! Boost!

Please send as much loving, positive energy as you can, as often as you can. Please send energy to the valiant Mrs. Odondi directly, to her desperately worried family, to the Kikundi, to their new website, to the jail, the police, the town of Kisumu, and even all Kenya.

2. Purchase Bilo or Donate

The Kikundi have decided to offer a special sale to help raise funds to release Mrs. O and support her family. Even though the main goal is to get all the ridiculous charges dropped, her safety and health are at grave risk. Purchasing the Bilo also helps build the Kikundi’s business. Since at least one of the goals of this incarceration is to damage the business, supporting the business is a win/win for the Kikundi. If you have ever considered trying Bilo, NOW is the time.

Update 3/21: As Mrs. Odondi’s imprisonment has dragged on, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up care for her children and the children of some of the Kikundi who have traveled to assist.  The Kikundi have estimated that the children involved need $250/month.

Please, consider donating through Dancan’s paypal.  Please specify if you would like the money to go to the children, Mrs. O’s release, or leave it to the discretion of the Kikundi.

Amount raised for the children in March is $200 out of $250

Amount raised for Mrs. Odondi’s release is $3800 out of $3800

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3. Shine a light on this injustice

Calling attention to the abuse the Kikundi have endured may be the factor that finally tips the scales. If you have an orgonite business, please send an email to your customers, requesting sales, donations, and boosts. If you don’t have a business, please consider who among your friends and contacts would be open to assisting (just don’t spam obviously). Send traffic to both Etheric Warriors and Orgonite East Africa.

Furthermore, please expose the Mrs. Odondi’s legal mistreatment to various concerned government bodies in Kenya. I have comprised a tentative list of contacts. If anyone finds any other good ones, please list them in the comments. Letters to editors of local papers are also a good target. Let them know that there are people around the world that are concerned and watching.

Note: Per Mrs. Odondi’s request, we are removing the links to the police related sites. Please focus on other aspects of this situation for now.

This is a rapidly changing situation and this post will be updated frequently.

38 thoughts on “Free!! Mrs O released from prison

  1. Edward

    Boosting her oppressors now, concentrating on going through all the Bilo orgonite spread in her region! RELEASE MRS. O NOW!!!!

  2. Frode

    I tried to find the long list of arrests and hospital stays I posted on the original forum, but so far no luck and I’ll have to keep looking.

    When we started supporting Mrs.O in 2010, we didn’t envision it to be like this. The whole idea was just to help them get started, and then they’ll be off doing their work selling orgonite and educating the public. In fact, for a number of years they were making good progress and didn’t need much support from anyone. Don did sponsor several motorbikes so they could more easily move around. These bikes were eventually sold to cover fines from arrests and hospital stays, as the neverending assaults by the police and legal system started.

    Through divine grace, I’m still optimistic this will turn around for the better. Meanwhile, the CID in Kenya need to fire their forensics departement, who apparently work on superstition rather than actual examination. Orgonite is just plastic, the kind used for boats, and metal shavings and a quartz. Harmless.

  3. Christine Oginga

    What has happened to one of our gifter in Kenya Mrs O is so heart breaking. I tend to dispute her decision to spend all her three years in jail and suppurt the total effort to set all the reasonable means to see her out. Eventhough she had earlier insisted not to disturb her people and the Kikundi to struggle by payments, but me am not for that. Lets all join hand together and do all the necessary effort for her to be out. Thanks to all our friends, the kikundi plus all other wellwishers for this is the real time of working together to abort the plans of the enemies. May God stand with all of you as we pray for Mrs O family.

  4. Esther Bunny Brown

    I’ve been thinking of the following thought: “Completely eliminate all evil factors and meddling entities interfering with Mrs. Odondi.”

    I based that thought on certain Minghui articles (by Falun Dafa practitioners), but it’s just my jar of mustard (to base the phrase on a German idiom for one’s two cents.)

  5. Didier Naral

    On the police websites that are mentioned on this current web page it is possible to send messages to the police there by clicking on “Contact Us”. Please do so, at least.

    Let’s boost.

  6. silvio nocerino

    I worked once at a metting of 12 HSBC international head managers, in Russell Street, no one of them had a coloured skin. They discussed the crisis and how great was that China was pulling the world ecoomy.
    The hotel chain, which is the Radisson Edwardian and does al lot of business with the British is owned by Indian Sikhs, … ha ha ha

    Please Police work The statioary asemlage point

  7. Frode

    Hello Friends
    My Mother Mrs O , attended the court hearing today and the verdict is reached that she is to serve 3 years imprisonment. They tend to claim that she was in a possession of unknown and dangerous items, thus due to the political status of the this country Kenya , they imprisoned Mrs O 3 years or a fine of $3800. Our people tried by all means to pay the bills through the lawyer but they refused claiming that the case is very sensitive and deserve a jail term.
    On this account according to my mother’s advice, she told us not to get worried with looking for the money for she fully understand our economic stability. She just wants to be in the prison to finish up all her jail terms. Thanks to Kather and Dennis for their tireless work.


    If you can help use this of Dancan paypal or

    You can use that ACCOUNT OF WORLD REMIT OF Nancy +254703430585 THE NAME IS. NANCY AWINO JUMA.


  8. Frode

    The website isn’t as streamlined yet, as it doesn’t have regular ordering available (we are working on it).

    But you can use the order form and let Dancan know what you’d like to order (Bilo comes with differents artworks of African animals). Dancan’s paypal is

    The Bilo is highly worth it, I rely on it all the time, and works great together with a powerwand.

  9. Don Croft

    Thx for the history, Frode. The arrests started happening in 2012, if memory serves, and they typically happened when the kikundi were dropping orgonite near death towers, though Mrs O and one of the Tanzanian women were once arrested for taking a picture at a border crossing in Kenya from Tanzania.

    Before, the main focus of persecution by the gov’t was the routine confiscation (by soldiers) of the orgonite they were taking to customers and to give away while they were riding on buses. That stopped when we helped them get motorcycles, then the arrests started within a year or so. The fees for getting them released, each time, were not astronomical and my hope was that Bilo Orgonite sales would cover that.

    The current extortion fee of $3500 is beyond what can reasonably be afforded, at least in the short term until someone can manage to pay that bill. In Dooney’s chat, we’re focusing most of our attention for this persistent problem on the MI6 headquarters building and the associated hive of oligarchy sewer rats. Have you noticed that their ugly HQ looks like something Hitler or Ceausescu dreamt up? 😎

    If someone manages to set up a petition campaign maybe we can put suitable pressure on the source of the kikundi’s problem, which many of us feel sure is MI6, who are still the covert enforcing arm of Britain’s alleged Commonwealth, which is a polite word for their systematic rapine and plunder of former colonies.

    It was harder for the corporate order (then they called themselves the British Empire) to do this when they were actual colonies because they were directly responsible for the livelihood of the populations; it’s much easier to do this through their proxy governments, just as it was a huge cost saver for them in the early 1800s to turn actual slaves into wage slaves.

    1. Frode

      In the other group chat I participate in, we also worked on this problem on Friday. I felt big tensions relating to how the old system in Kenya and nearby countries is trying to hold against all the orgonite that is gifted now. It became somewhat better after the boosting, lots of energy released. Then we boosted the MI6 building again, and they lost a lot of energy also in London overall. The energy and intentions around this recent arrest has been the worst of pretty much all the arrests, but intense etheric work makes it better. I use a PW setup I have now to continually diminish energies from previous atrocities/conflicts/genocides in Africa, many of which I’m sure is a power source to the London goons.

      We’ll do more work on Sunday.

  10. Edu

    We are currently using our Power Wands to repel the negative energy used to keep Mrs O imprisoned.

    If one has a Power Wand or a Succor Punch, just turn it on and mentally tell it:

    “Send all the evil energy sent against to Mrs O back to its source”

    Just keep it running as long as you can. We are seeing in chat that the perpetrators are being hit back with their evil and and the angst they are causing her. This will weaken their resolve. I believe a large number of PWs set to work with the same purpose at the same time can have a great effect, in addition to boosting.

  11. Dancan

    I am so much thanks full for i can see we are moving on with our contribution , as per now we are still in need of $3400. All the money that we may get we put them in the pay bill account of for the purpose of Mrs O release.

  12. Dancan

    Today i did thorough gifting as from 7:00 am Kenyan time around Kodiaga prison. Today is a s Sunday and i really capitalized on that weekend and i know the work i did there will be grater value to our purpose and demand.

  13. Owuor Chris

    Thanks for the good work Dancan , in fact its good when we join hand together. I am going to send you some money tomorrow through the pay bill number for the release of Mrs O

  14. Owuor Chris

    So happy to see the work in progress, am so optimistic that all our ambition will not be killed by few vision less people. They can only afford to frustrate just a few of us but the kikundi must keep on pressing forward button. i duly appreciate our friends for their kind support. Am going to see that i forward $50 tomorrow to help Mrs O to come out of jail.

  15. Dancan Omollo

    Through the gifting which I did in Lake Victoria I managed to get that money that some customers send to me through the pay bill number. So now we only need $2700. We still wish for more donation to help Mrs O.
    I did gifting in Lake Victoria at a place called Lwanda. Tomorrow I am planning to further my gifting in one of the Islands I’m the lake to see if I can raise some more money.

  16. Dancan

    Gifting in Lwanda Kotieno Lake Victoria
    My mission in Lwanda Kotieno left me with a fruitful moment. The place had been very dirty due to some water pollution argents like rain water flowing in the lake. I managed to take two days tirelessly working there and the result was quite immediate. The rate to which the fishermen now succeed is appreciable. Fishermen don’t even go far deep in the water, but the catch is very promising. From the work I managed to sell some of the products (orgonite) to some fishermen. We have put the moneys obtained through the sales in Mrs O pay bill account. We are quite optimistic that Mrs O will be out very soon.
    I also got an opportunity to visit another lake shore called Utajo in the Rusinga Island where some of the fishermen died when the boat capsized. The people together with the fishermen where some of their fellows lost their lives, I gifted there too and now life and other basic operations have come back to normal. I also got some serious buyers from Utajo Beach in Rusinga Island whom I know will order the bilo from us and we will also from there raise some money. I also planned to hire boat for that mission at a cost of $60. I will be training and sensitizing others on the impact of using the bilo orgonite to improve our security fishing production. These are the areas which we had visited with Mrs O sometimes back. They need the orgonite that will cost about $400 the some way I did in the Luanda Kotieno beach in Lake Victoria. If I can get one to send me $60 can send to me via world remit so that i go for that sale where I can raise $400 for Mrs O, since the money that we have are all in the paybill. World remit account is +254703430585 the Name Nancy Awino Juma. Or my pay pal
    Thanks a lot for our friends who are boosting Mrs O today.


  17. Frode

    Thanks to everyone who is contributing to freeing Mrs.O, it is good to see the amount needed is gradually getting lower.

    In the etheric world we have been hitting them very hard and we’ll continue to do so.

    1. Don Croft

      I’m happy to report that a friend of ours in England, who chooses to remain anonymous, has thoroughly peppered the vicinity of MI6’s headquarters in London with towerbusters and earthpipes and he did it within a week of my request. I got a revealing photo and history from him of the enormous black dragon that sits on a column at the entrance of ‘The City’ of London, which is the financial district next to MI6 Hindquarters, –er, I mean Headquarters. That district, the historic heart of the global parasite, was well ‘treated’ with orgonite many years ago.

      1. Frode

        Awesome, and thanks for that effort! All that orgonite helps the boosting, and we are making good progress (we include the SIS building in almost every weekly chat we do). I’d like to point to this post

        Shortly after that blog post I had four military helicopters head towards my house (which is out in the countryside in Norway), and then they veered off to the right. I hope that inspires people to blast MI6.

        Today I was out gifting local (unofficial) CIA territory and two military helicopters flew by me. I managed to get it on film. I think I’ll write up a report.

  18. Frode

    Posting this for Billy (Mrs.O’s son):

    “Eliud in Tanzania whom my mother got arrested while intending to send him the bilo also promised that he can also help us to raise some money in support of my mothers release. He ask if he can get a transport of about $70 that he can use to travel from Zanzibar to Mwanza to pick the bilo. He told me that he wants top take the bilo to Zumbawanga which is on the southern region of Tanzania. He promised that he can help us to raise about $750. If we are top send him the money we can use the Mpesa of Nancy’s number. Thanks i believe all will work well.

  19. Dancan Omollo

    Hello for all

    Evans Akello is cousin to Dancan and cousin to Nicholas Odiyo and meshack is my friend and friend to Mrs Odondi

    Fatuma from Somalia, Jane Ngugi from Jinja Uganda, Christine oginga from South Sudan, Billy orgonite odondi from Kisumu Kenya, Lillian moraa from Jinja Uganda, Nancy Omollo wife of Dancan from Migori Kenya, Chris Onyango from Migori Kenya, Winnie Moraa from Homa Bay from group of the kikundi, hush from South Sudan who has helped us alot in that region, Majimarefu from Tanzania who has given us very powerful Bilo in the world, Saida from Eritrea who has helped kikundi alot, Ibrahim from Ethiopia has helped very big that no one can stop him from Ethiopia, Eliud from Tanzania who has worked hard in TZ than kikundi from Kenya, Erick mutali also likes orgonite



    Evans Akello and Meshack have given us customers and the bill has gone down, up-to to this level the remaining can assist confirm to Christine, Billy, Guch from Ethiopia.

    I request anyone can reply


    Sent from Yahoo Mail on

  20. Dancan Omollo

    Hello for all
    The bill of Mrs O needed now $1,700 we will keep Boost her We are sent the money to paybill of Mrs O anyone who can help use Worldremit or western Union in to Dancan Omollo Dancan

  21. Dancan Omollo

    Hallow, EW
    Thanks a lot, i just wants to inform you our fellow friends on the steps that we have made concerning the release of my mother. We had one whom had been working to help us inorder for my mum to be released from the jail. He promised to help us within these Easter Holiday. He wanted us to solicite some money and give him. So currently on top of the amount that we have we urgently need$350, so kindly whoever can support us can send it via world remit through to Mpesa. It had been our pryaer for this to happen to us and if it could work at this time could be a big remedy to us. He gave us just today and tomorrow. I would have send the information earlier but i got the information late. Otherwise wish all of you a happy time.

    If you can help use this of Dancan paypal or

    You can use that ACCOUNT OF WORLD REMIT OF Nancy +254703430585 THE NAME IS. NANCY AWINO JUMA.

    Worldremit and western union is good western union the name is Dancan Omollo in Kenya.

    They want $2,600 but we have 2250 so we still looking $350 if we can get it now my Mather Mrs O will be out of the Jail today

    My pray to get that $350 then my Mather Mrs O will be out of the Jail today or tomorrow


  22. Billy Orgonite

    Hi ,
    Thanks all is doing well for now we still need $90 they need added that money $90 sorry to say my request help me to finish that problem of my Mothers I want my Mather out today
    But now we got the money Frode sent

  23. Dancan

    Hi to all,
    Hope all is well, Mrs. O is still in the custody. She is not yet out as we thought previously. We only managed to raise the money that the one to assist us needed, but unfortunately we got the money past time he promised us. He wanted to use the long holyday when most of the offices were not operating since we could not raise all the required amount of money.
    So on top of $ 3000, that we have as per now we still need $800, we thought the long holyday could assist us but it has hit a snag and we must now raise all the required amount needed.

    So only the money we are needed is $800

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