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When more than if.

I have to start this since it sorts of converge readings about unsolved criminal case of the monster of florence for more than thirty years, a more recent case of perhaps a insitutional pedophilia ring in the same part of Tuscany near Florence.

So this  comes as a consequence of having already found other places on the mpas or for being there. Namely the triangle of the Livorno radr of Vallebenedetta, to Ronta where there was a Mars Temple, previously erected by Etruscan, converted to St. Michael by Cosimo De Medici, with the other, the upper corner of the triangle being a place called Cervarezza near the Monte Ventasso, I went to Ronta and Mugello for some gifting in 2016 on the most rainy day ever.

After discovering that the Forteto a community farm, a place of pedophilia was in the area where the monster of Florence have acted I checked the map and pointed in Ronta which is only about 10km from Il forteto.

I made a line from the new discovery that large country farm and community which was at the centre of a pedophilia scandal. The founder Rodolfo Fiesoli has been sentenced togheter with other members of the community, it was shocking that those perpetrators where very popular with the politicians, invited to congresses and the actual Fortet farm, apparently had been visited regularly by top politicians, including the then major of Florence, Renzi, who later became also a PM.

The line I called it the Ronta line, it goes from the Splugen pass at the border with Switzerland, and down to Formia, it is a 675km long line.

Here the list of the places intersected by this line:

Splugen pass,


Lake Iseo

Brescia Ghedi UN USA military airport

Modena city centre

Monte Sole, exact place of the 1944 SS massacre

Ronta Albergo la Rosa

Vicchio Il Forteto

Arezzo city hospital

Lake Trasimeno

Todi city centre

Frosinone city airport



The Four Cantons map London, Damilola Taylor 27 Nov 2000,

23 thoughts on “Tuscany investigation

  1. silvio nocerino

    Il Forteto is under the municipe of Vicchio, (one of the places where the MOF killed a couple of lovers) you may have notice a photo of a house in the post, particulars ar the guild in terracotta on the wall, that from a distance looks like the mask of a head of a weird being. The house has two very pointy pinnacles piramids. This is located in Casole by Vicchio.
    Close to Vicchio another place called Rupecanina, there is a church to St. Michael Arcangel, this village is the birth place of very important artist ‘Beato Angelico’.
    I’d suggest you first do as I did, and check oiut the Forteto website and from the image of the landscape direct your mouse over google maps.

  2. silvio nocerino

    This painting with the cross. Is the Cristo morto. There are 14 figures, one is a friar, it could be a portreait of somebody or the painter himself. One of the 10 females speaks, the inscriprion XPO then another word of 3 letters I dont know, then in Italian .: ‘LAMORMIO CCROCEFISSO.

    Albert Waited or the Red Rose designed a deck of tarot cards,

  3. silvio nocerino

    When now.
    The homicide of Pamela Mastropietro on the 31st of January ca, the prime suspect arrested man a nigerian pusher called Innocent. Here a link to a nesw from Post website, they provide a map The girl was being rehabilitated at a community of St Michael Arcangel The maps show the are in Italy.
    To quote from Gabriella Carlizzi, in realtion to the murder of the 3 yrs old child Maria Gesua on the axis Umbria o Apulia is very important esotherically, she sais because Umbrai is the land of the saints, and apulia is wher there was Padre Pio the most acerrimous fighter of stan.
    By chance yesterday while I was tracing the new Ronta line, I made a different thing, I upload it now on the post with the other pucture, Please check back you can see that one of the lines of the diagram hits the same places, that are Macerata and on the coast Civitanova Marche on the Adriatic sea.
    The diagram centers on the lake Trasimeno a volcanic lake, near Perugia, on other line passes from the mouth of the river arno near Pisa and arrives on the city of Pescara on the Adriact coast. Another line goes to Florence and Ronta again and to Venice.
    Another teenager has been killed in Milan I think last week, the surname of the man is Garlaschi, There is a direct reference to one of the more famous murder and mediatic event Chiara Poggi that happened in Garlasco near Pavia. In Garlasco there was a IG FArben factory there is an important sanctury Madonna Bozzole with a huge repetitor antenna right next to it. Mustn’t I check what else is in the ritual performed in Mlano? City of Constantine?

  4. silvio nocerino

    One occult clue about the girl killed in Milan on the 7th. She was killed by a 39 yrs old husband, in Brioschi street 93. £ times 13.
    Flip 93 and go to number 39 of Brioschi street, that is outside a church dedicated to Maria of Caravaggio.
    In Milano there has been a art exhibition of the damned painter Caravaggio, from the 29th of September (special date) untile the 4th of February. This location is on a perfec vertical to 3 important location, the Basilica of Sant’Eustorgio, whom legend says had the secret sepolcrum of the 3 Magi Kings, donated by the mother of Constantine emperor Elena in year 325 to the bishop Eutorgio, the next place the roman columns of San Lorenzo, and right up in the cccenter of the fountain outside the Csatello Sforzesco.

  5. silvio nocerino

    The news about the murder of Jessica Faoro had to appear on the news of the 39th day od the year. The 8 (infinity) th of February.

    Regarding the murder of the little Maria Gesua, Gabriella Carlizzi had predicted it with the logic that the esotheric world would need a kind of sacrifice in that period. For her the names are part important of the ritual, and this was symbolic that the sect operate as a revers of cristianity, instead of ‘from Jesus to Mary and the world’ from Mary to Jesus.
    The present omicide and dimembered body of Pamele by somebody called Innocent it is possible that can exercise occult forces that inverse the meanings.
    The surnames of the two girls are evocative. Mastropietro (sort of mastro pietro would be a profession related to stones that is pietra, and mastro because the man is a mater a man that has that profession, (mason).
    The girl killed in Milano surname is Faoro, oro is gold, fa is a conjugation of to do to make, hence kae gold, goldsmith.

  6. silvio nocerino

    When more than if.

    There is another 393 number in the case of Jessica Faoro, the date of the state sponsored Caravaggio Exhibition in Milan is 29th of September (St. Michael Arcangel feast) that is 93 days to the end of 2017.
    39 yrs man, house of sacrifice at number 93 of Brioschi street, church of Caravaggio oppoiste number 39 Brioschi street, day of the year 2018 for pubblic is the 39th day the 8th of February.
    The 29th of September is the 272nd day, I dont know yet what it could mean, (stange it is found on the blog of Cesco Ciapanna the founder of the photography magazine). There is a brand of clothing called Code 272 the E is written as oly the 3 horizontal segments without the vertical segment. A website called Biblehub has a definition of a word and it is numbered 272, this is only inferential but interesting, it is a bout a greek word AMALEO ‘ meaning disregard, to be careless about something.
    Strong’s Concordance
    ameleó: to be careless
    Original Word: ἀμελέω
    Part of Speech: Verb
    Transliteration: ameleó
    Phonetic Spelling: (am-el-eh’-o)
    Short Definition: I neglect
    Definition: I neglect, am careless of, disregard.
    HELPS Word-studies

    272 ameléō (from 1 /A “not” and 3199 /mélō, “have concern, be affected”) – properly, without concern, unaffected, viewing something as being without significance, i.e. without perceived value (“of no moment”).

    Englishman’s Concordance
    Strong’s Greek 272
    4 Occurrences

    ἀμελήσαντες — 2 Occ.
    ἀμέλει — 1 Occ.
    ἠμέλησα — 1 Occ.

    Matthew 22:5 V-APA-NMP
    GRK: οἱ δὲ ἀμελήσαντες ἀπῆλθον ὃς
    NAS: But they paid no attention and went their way,
    KJV: But they made light of [it], and went their ways,
    INT: moreover having been negligent of [it] they went away one

    1 Timothy 4:14 V-PMA-2S
    GRK: μὴ ἀμέλει τοῦ ἐν
    NAS: Do not neglect the spiritual gift
    KJV: Neglect not the gift
    INT: not Be negligent of the in

    Hebrews 2:3 V-APA-NMP
    GRK: ἐκφευξόμεθα τηλικαύτης ἀμελήσαντες σωτηρίας ἥτις
    NAS: will we escape if we neglect so great
    KJV: escape, if we neglect so great
    INT: will escape so great having neglected a salvation which

    Hebrews 8:9 V-AIA-1S
    GRK: μου κἀγὼ ἠμέλησα αὐτῶν λέγει
    KJV: regarded them not, saith the Lord.
    INT: of me and I disregarded them says

  7. silvio nocerino

    When more than if!
    What Happened On This Day – 29 September

    1994 Sinking of MS Estonia

    MS Estonia, a passenger and car ferry, sank in the Baltic Sea killing more than 800 passengers. It is considered to be the worst maritime peace-time disaster of the 20th century.
    1991 Coup in Haiti

    President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was deposed in a military coup. Aristide had been elected in a national election held 8 months before the coup.
    1972 First Canadian Satellite

    Canada launched its first ever satellite, Alouette 1, on this day from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, United States. A joint venture between NASA and Defence Research and Development Canada, the satellite was sent to study the Earth’s ionosphere.
    1954 CERN established

    The European Organization for Nuclear Research, popularly known as CERN, was established by 12 European governments.
    1941 Babi Yar massacre

    About 33,000 Soviet Jews were killed at the Babi Yar ravine in Kiev by the Nazis in a two-day massacre that started on this day.

    Births On This Day – 29 September

    1961 Julia Gillard

    Australian politician, 27th Prime Minister of Australia
    1951 Michelle Bachelet

    Chilean politician, 34th President of Chile
    1936 Silvio Berlusconi

    Italian politician, 50th Prime Minister of Italy
    1901 Enrico Fermi

    Italian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
    1511 Michael Servetus

    Spanish theologian, physician, cartographer

    What Happened On This Day – 8 February

    1971 The NASDAQ holds its first trading day

    The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations was the world’s first electronic stock exchange.
    1960 The first 8 stars are added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    More than 2400 five-pointed stars have since been embedded in the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street to honor stars of the entertainment industry.
    1950 The Stasi, East Germany’s notorious secret police, is established

    The “Staatssicherheit”, which was dissolved in 1990, is considered one of the most repressive intelligence agencies in the world.
    1910 The Boy Souts of America is founded

    3 years earlier, British General Robert Baden-Powell had founded the Scout movement in England.
    1879 Sandford Fleming proposes the use of time zones

    The later introduction of Universal Standard Time, which is based on time zones, revolutionized time keeping.

    Births On This Day – 8 February

    1941 Nick Nolte

    American actor
    1932 John Williams

    American pianist, composer, conductor
    1931 James Dean

    American actor
    1925 Jack Lemmon

    American actor, singer, director
    1828 Jules Verne

    French author

  8. Edward

    Hey Silvio, I need a tiny bit of clarification about the Maria Gesua murder. Are you saying that the accused murderer was claiming to be innocent, or that his given name was Innocent? It’s very interesting either way I guess.

  9. Silvio Post author

    Hey Edward,
    thanks for the request, I apologise for the confusion. Maria (a) Gesu’ is a different case it happened probably arond a decade or more ago. The guy called Innocent is involved with the case of Pamela Mastropietro happened on the 31st Jan 2018 in Macerata.
    The thesis that individuals could possible candidates of victims or executors is one that would baffle the rationale of most people. When you fnd patterns, like dates,, numbers, places, names, then the piecese come togheter, they must be occult, then the other side is that they ust receive a lot of media attention.
    Carlizzi was corret to say that there is Monster of Italy rather than of Florence. In the eighties in Tuscany, and aroudn Florence there were many unsolved murders of prositutes, and in one other instance a couple again.
    The definition given to organised crime that is like a octopus, you fugure many tentacles that reach everywhere departing from one central head. I think it is a wrong picture, that octpus monster not only have the tentacle it also have more than head.
    This could be an example, at some point the MOF starts mailing anonymous letters to police or others involved in the case and it uses bullets inside a index finger cut from a rubber glove. It could be full of symbolic meaning. It could be a ode to peers, it could be a threat. It could mean duel, all sorts. Then another time, you have a sect acting in umbra region claiming they are doing it, and reveal a detail (the strangleing of the doctor from Perugia). The same call card is dected to be calling the Forteto.
    One strange thing that happend now in Milano is that the media showed the ex boyfriend of Jessica (19yrs old) getting to the funeral on a special permission from his detention place, it is subtle but we have to aske everything every ingredient they add in the news recepy. Since it is not a relevant to say and point who came at the ceremony when that person is not involved in the fact. Again another tip that they are inflating giving much emotional content to the episod. There are hundred of other cases happening but they dont receive the same pubblic attention.
    . Whilst the assassin was done by a husband whose name is Garlaschi. In the murder of Garlasco of Chiara Poggi, the actual culprit is the boyfriend,

  10. Edward

    ok, thanks. that’s profound the murderers name or at least who they claim to be the murderer was named Innocent. That is definitely a sign they are manipulating the whole thing. That happens here a lot too, i had a story i was going to share but after spending 20 minutes typing it and editing it, the whole damn thing disappeared when i tried to post it. i will have to post it with my phone later. This laptop is corrupted and whenever i try to post something here with it, i have great difficulty. It has taken me another 20 minutes to post this. damn this is so frustrating!!!!

  11. Jeff Miller

    Hi, Edward – I’ve experienced it so often that my method is now forever changed to typing it up as a document saved on my laptop, then cutting and pasting it to the blog to post it. You just gotta do it.

  12. silvio nocerino

    Edward, there are symbols and numbers are powerful manifestation of invisble vibrations, it cannot be excluded also tht we astrology plays a part in events.
    You always find them in coincidences, that is why i also look at lotto as a sort of register, we could mention Bear Pubsllihing without suspecting that a few days later something else manifest and is part of the connotations, bear is 89 and is also brothers, and enemities. Yeterday there has been a double murder of two brothers and it happened near Monte Sole, in a Village called Zocca. Zocca is one of the places I would have wanted to gift in the appennins but never had a chance, I found out about it because I wanted to give orgonite to the Italian rockastar Vasco Rossi that is from Zocca.
    There is a list of occult organisations that accordin to Carlizzi, at the time, they existed and were infiltrated by the Red Rosy. Ill translate it and publish it, I think it is important to see how vast is the world of occult, and of secret organisation,, It is not a list of all occult, it is only what she had determined to have been infiltrated by Red Rosy.

  13. Silvio Post author

    There is a passage here about the Maria Gesua, that is worth knowing since it shows the comprehesivess and the depth of the approach of the Carlizzi.

    Places of reference San Giustino and San Sepolcro (Umbria). Holy week of the passion and death of Jesus. The anagramm of Gesu’ Cristo becomes Giusto Recs and recs is Rex, the Just King.
    In San Giustino lives Loitan the founder of the Church of Satam. When an authority figure was nominated (note I dont know what circumstance she refers), Loitan declared to the press to have now become converted to Chistianity by the intercession of Santa Rita.
    It can be considered as a cripted message fro Loitan to announce that he had become member of the Red Rosy, since during the feast of the saint a red rose is given as a offer to Santa Rita.
    The date of the event coincides with a period of judiciary perils, and so the sacrifice had been performed to defeat the danger.
    5th of April 2004, addind all the figures of that date produces a 7, and its figure is doulbed since one time is 7 for the peril and 7 for the ritual, 7 and 7 when multiplied is 49 that is the number of the 49 Temples of the Red Rose.
    The sacrifical offer inverts the Christian rite, it during the Easter (the Jeudaic Easter also occouring the same date for that year. The offer of Jesus to Mary and to Humanity becomes the exact contrary on the altar of the Red Rose the offer of Mary to Jesus.

    Note this other paragraph is an hypotesis and it further shows the type of logic that her intuition sees a possible consequence.

    It is possible that a part of the body has been taken as a fetish, and because it is part of the holy ritual the fetish would be kept near a holy place so that it can become consacrated and then used for a ritual (for a mass on the altar of the Red Rose).
    … Also since a baby is a ‘flower for the paradise’ it is possible that the fetish is conserved in a sacred place or that is connected with the Paradise.

    Note on this script she also affirms that there was a person witnessing that the MOF and a doctor frequented Foligno and abused a boy who later become a deviant monster. This could explain the risks for the occult organisation.

  14. silvio nocerino

    Another find on the Jessica of Milan, I mentioned there is a church of Mary of Caravaggio located near the number 39. Bearing in mind that the church takes the neme from the actual Sanctuary of Caravaggio is a important place in the area of Bergamo.
    The entrance of this church is on the other road and it is Via Borromni, there is a house next to it at number 11, to my surprise the side of the house which is visible with google street view has a sort of inverted pentragam, it is like a decoration on the wall under the roof, the front of the hous has some angular decor with a band across and they also look very angular and strange. Unexpected under the light of the day, but hey its there for free.
    About the Santa Rita, it i true her symbol is a rose, its on the website of the sanctuary Santa Rita da Cascia, in the 14th century was a small church to Mary Magdalene. The new big church was built in the 20th century.
    There is a large hotel in Cascia near the sanctuay, Hotel delle Rose, the logo is made with a circle inside a circle, the letters inside are all made with oouble lines, not all are clear, the H is readable, then thre is a sort of arch a double II. Order of friars Agostiniani. Searching ‘Santa Rita rose’ as images almost all of them have a rose flower mostly red.
    Regarding the mentione Loitan, i could not find any image of him, altough he was talked and probably partecipatd to TV programms, I found a website that sells one book of his manual, http://www.arcistreghe.it.
    Somebody made a list of all the possible religions and spiritual associations, sects, in Italy, I find this long list has been republished by at least ten blogs. It also includes the one from Loitan.

    When mind control is used to perform a ritual and a murder, one aspect is that the magic has to extend the mind control over the masses, it allso requires that people have fear and is dependent from medicine prescritions and directly from mind alterating drugs. Hence where there is black magic there are drugs (and pharma). Chemtrails and antenna, but we have learned that long time ago before.
    A film was done about the monster and it came only few weeks after the last and finaldouble murder in 1985, Apparently there are details that they could not know. Laer Holliwod bought the rights, from universal was passed to Fox with George Clooney to star in it as American writer (real person Preston that wrote the book with the Italian Spezi), Clooney also to be one of the producers, it has been announced for at least 8 years but not happened. The author of the book Spezi was also suspected, and was involved in another case happened in Perugia as a misleading the investigation. He died of cancer a few years ago. The angloamerican press always denigrated the work of Carlizzi and always support the thesis of Spezi that there was only a single person acting in all the murders. Spezi was able to pass subtle threats to varius people via the support of a magazine called Panorama whose publisher was Silvio Berlusconi.
    Bettino Craxi former PM once said during the ‘Clean hands’ scandal’when all are guillty, noone is guilty’.

  15. silvio nocerino

    On the 28th of February 2018 another tragedy, a police man shoots the wife, then the 2 daughters who were sleeping, later after being under siege by the police shoots himself.
    There are elections on the 4th of March, for the parliament and also for the Latium and the Lombardy regions, very i
    important date.
    What happened on the 28th Feb
    What Happened On This Day – 28 February
    2013 Pope Benedict XVI resigns – The pope whose birth name is Joseph Ratzinger was the first leader of the Catholic Church to resign since 1415.
    1991 The first Gulf War ends – The armed conflict had lasted a little over half a year and claimed over 100,000 civilian casualties.
    1986 Swedish prime minister Olof Palme is assassinated –
    Even though over 130 people have confessed to the murder, the case has never been solved.
    1975 A London underground train crashes into the end of the tunnel at Moorgate station
    The Moorgate tube crash claimed 43 lives and was the deadliest accident in the London Underground in during peacetime.

    One of the national political party the 5 Stars movement Fuckoff party, correct the party was started by a comedia actor it has as a symbol 5 stars and a red V which is the V for the word vaffanculo-fuckoff. The comedian started his movement 5 stars with events ‘called vaffanculo day’ they aimed at various subjetcs or problematics to tell them to go away.
    Now this party i proposing to have various females as ministers and one of them is allegedly a crime expert, a criminologists.
    I have the feeling they need a criminologist lady to coverfor past and new stanism. Here some videao related to the case of the 13yrs old Yara, a criminologist and a magistrate woman tells a lot of lies and the TV is letting them tallk. The internet is showing that there is a lot of indipendent material and sometimes accurate of individuals and indipendent researchers and press that can get closer to real investigations. Hence the 5 Stars is the there for a desperate dirt job, the other candidates to be fair seems all to be passive whores of Silvio Berlusconi.
    Keep this vdeos even if they are are in Italian. Keep your memory working.
    Also the whole area was affected by deaths of youts, priests involved in various cases, police corrupted, and mafia.

  16. silvio nocerino

    Some links
    Golden Cross Hotel Pub free house, the facade has 3 crosses like Malta alternated by four rounds, the symbol inside is not clearl due to the low res of google streetview, this article contain the word rectified in it. Innit?


    Orden Martinista Traditional
    here logo, cross and triangles up and down, rose

    A.E Waite(founder of Golden Cross was a rvolutionary martin

  17. silvio nocerino



    One of the places of the double murders is near an America cemetery of war, with streetview I found out that outside on the road there is a monument and it is a truncated pyramid. in that area there is also a Hindu temple.
    One video says that truncated pyramid has a specific meaning, since it is not a complete work and misses the top hence it is not a good omen.
    A truncate pyramid was found in one of the spots of the MOF, the media got involved as well since the author Spezi was found with the pyramid or a copy.
    Most of the places are near water and have discovere that the place of double murder of Vicchio is just spot on with the Forteto, the line I drew on the map passes exactly where the fact happened, the river bend uner the Forteto.
    Most of the muders happened on a new moon.
    A webite has a amap and the details of all the places
    A author published its theory on the internet, comparing the MOF to Jack the Ripper died shortly after.
    There blogs and news sites that keep refreshing the case of MOF 2017 also now 2018. One blog guy just to confute Carlizzi denounce about the mysterious Swiss French painter that made macabre paintings and illustrations.

  18. silvio nocerino

    I am posting some more images. First, here is the unexpected inverted pentacle on the house at number 11 of Via Borromini Milano, as it is found on google street view, this house is next the church of Maria of Caravaggio.

    The hearth of Pamela the girl killed d in Macerata , was not found with the rest of the body pieces inside the two suitcases in a field.

    (Fact alonge a given specific temporal timeline, In a system of 90 numbers lotto, 63 is more frequent than 36. in a sample of 182 draws the results is 114 times the 63 whilst quite less the 36 scoring 88 times. When the number 64 is drawn its difference to 100 that is 36 is goingi to be drawn almost always within a span with the highest likeliness from the fouth to the eleventh draw. With the exception tha it will be mostly drawn as a 63. )

  19. Silvio Post author

    More image updated
    Oops I didnt printe the image of the truncated pyramid. The area is Scopeti near the war cemetery, altough it looked like not part of the cemetery maybe for a road accident of a famaous pilot.
    The missing top is also the head, the base of the pyramid is not the head. i would like to do a a cathartic trick, we have three possible culprits for Pamela one is called Innocent as a first name whilst the other two first names are foreigner their surname is Lucky. Innocent Lucky. how about in Innuit, black humour, check da freezer, best served cold. Or in chinese?
    The catharsys is this,

    to show innocent + head.

    First you see Renzi former major of Florence, then 2014-2016 Italy’s PM. There is a little trick the first photo has a square frame that is on the wall behind the head of Renzi in the middle, in the next image it has been subsstituted, there is a photo frame of the head of state Giorgio Napolitano.
    (coming on pharmacist, the writer, the supercop)

  20. Silvio Post author

    In the image inside the tribunal the person in the front is the pharmacist Calamanredi, the writer Spezi is the man with the eyeglasses near the cage. The other images with Florence in the background are of Pier Vigna the cop.

    My Tuscany investigation ends here, before you say Silvio is never happy, found places maps and ideas, all good, I am thankful to have found the material from Gabriella Carlizzi and from indipendet sources on the web.


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