New Feature for Africans to Raise Money by Selling Their Peerless Bilo (Protection) Orgonite Abroad

Dooney and I have conspired with Frode in Norway (webmaster of the new Bilo orgonite website) and Katherine A in the US (one of the EW psychics who is also a businesswoman) to set up a special feature on EW’s front page that will make it easier for our visitors and contributors to buy Bilo orgonite and thus add more protection from the sewer rats agencies and occasionally needed help for our African friends to overcome the  calamities that are routinely inflicted on them by the international financiers’ proxy legbreakers in East Africa.

As you no doubt understand, the kikundi’s growing success hastens the international financiers’ accelerating downfall. No other orgonite workers on the planet experience this level of opposition and we feel compelled to do what we can to help them survive outside of prison and eventually prosper.  Starting in 2009, they began to enjoy popular acceptance and demand for orgonite in East Africa, due to their rather dramatic successes across many regions in bringing consistent rainfall back to drought-plagued farmers and for restoring the fish populations of the major lakes and coastal areas of their rather large part of the dark continent.  Their abundant energy, strategic planning,  charity (and restlessness 😉 ) finally paid off in 2009 and there was new market demand for their orgonite..

Georg Ritschl in South Africa is the first among all of us (who manufacture and sell genuine–as opposed to NSA/Google’s fake–orgonite) to actually prosper and some of us remember when he was struggling to just survive for many years on account of the same sort of opposition that our East African friends are laboring under.  It seems worth noting that part of his present prosperity is apparently based on regular sales events and discounts.  Carol and I have never done that with our products but one can’t argue with market forces 😎  and some are encouraging the kikundi to also offer sales events, perhaps tied to whatever calamity they are in need of alleviating in the moment. I think it will work as well for them as it has for Georg over the years.

Georg and I had a great time working together in Uganda, many years ago, and much of our work was directly sponsored by Uganda’s AIDS Commissioner.


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